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Content Camp Brand Messaging by Jennifer Bourn Sales Page

Content Camp Brand Messaging by Jennifer Bourn Sales Page

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Content Camp Brand Messaging by Jennifer Bourn Download

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Content Camp Brand Messaging 2022 by Jennifer Bourn Torrent

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​Content Camp: Brand Messaging LogoJoin Us April 4-6, 2022 And Craft Brand Messaging That Inspires Action In Three DaysYou Are Brilliant And Skilled At What You DoYou know the solution you offer is transformational and you’re confident in the value it delivers, yet you’re struggling to sell it. Something is missing and you’re not quite sure what it is…If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place — and you’re not alone.If you’re like most small business owners, freelancers, and digital entrepreneurs, you dove into your business head-first and sort of skipped all of the underlying work that goes into defining clear brand messaging. It’s super common and why…    You have bold goals and a clear vision of where you going — and you’re passionate, excited, driven, and yes, a little impatient.    You know in your heart how fabulous your offer is and you can’t wait to start working with clients and seeing their results.    You’re doing all of the right things — networking, blogging or podcasting, posting to social media, creating freebies, hosting webinars, engaging in niche groups, and even sliding into strangers’ DMs (ew).It’s also why you’re working your tail off and not seeing much for it…    Lots of people seem interested at first but they never end up taking action or signing up.    Sales aren’t where you want or need them to be, and you’re tired of not seeing the results in your business you know you’re capable of creating.    And maybe — even it was fleeting — you thought of throwing in the towel and getting a job and maybe making this a side hustle.Here’s the thing: When you’re the creator, you spend months or years thinking about your business and how you are going to help people — and you spend hours upon hours agonizing over every little detail and nuance, getting it just right.So, when a potential client shows interest, you tell them ALL. THE. THINGS.This leads to overwhelming prospects with too many details and failing to explain the frustrating problem you solve or the deep desire you satisfy — and because those are the things that drive buying decisions, they’re uninterested in learning more or taking the next step.Yikes! Let’s fix that, shall we?Welcome freelancers, solopreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, content creators, bloggers, and side hustlers!I am Jennifer Bourn — creative, doer, designer, content creator, and mentor to freelancers with big dreams and bold goals. I am thrilled you’re here, checking out the upcoming Content Camp workshops.I hope you’ll join us for one, two, or all three immersive, interactive workshop events…    Content Camp: Brand Messaging    Content Camp: Website Copy    Content Camp: Content Marketing…so you can expand your reach, gain visibility, land more (and better) clients and customers, build your email list, increase revenue, and attract exciting opportunities.If you have any questions, please reach out!Effective Communication Starts With Clear Brand Messaging, And Clear Brand Message Starts With Content CampTo attract more clients and make more sales, you must communicate clearly and in a way that makes your brand and offer immediately relevant.Before anyone else can understand your brand value, how you can help, and if they’re a good fit, YOU have to understand your brand value, who you serve, what you have to offer, why it matters, the results you create, and how those results can impact lives and businesses in meaningful ways.For someone to feel confident hiring you, buying from you, learning from you, or joining your email list and community:    They need to relate to your message and connect to your story on an emotional level.    They need to feel like you understand them — that you’ve been where they are and know what they’re going through.    They need to trust and believe that you can help overcome obstacles and achieve their goals faster or easier than if they were to keep going on their own.How do you make that happen? With compelling, persuasive, effective brand messaging.Twanna Toliver’Content Camp is the best investment you can make to solidify your brand story and develop a content plan that will save you time and effort in the long run. I gained actionable tactics that I could implement immediately to outline, create, and share valuable content for my community.’Twanna ToliverToliver Creative GroupMarcy Diaz’Jennifer provides so much material and all of it is pure gold. She has so many ideas and ways of working and the worksheets, examples, encouragement, and speakers were outstanding. If you have difficulty coming up with topics to write about, Content Camp is a great value.’Marcy DiazAmethyst Website DesignKristen Lepine Dos Santos’Content Camp brought me so much clarity and exceeded my expectations. The live workshops were a phenomenal format and a lot of fun! Jen and the other facilitators were generous and authentic and the materials, prompts, examples, help, and feedback were really valuable.’Kristen Lepine Dos SantosKnow Thy FoodBrand Messaging Is The Foundation For All Communication, Marketing, And Content Creation In Your BusinessWhen you get your brand messaging right, you pique the interest of the right people, attract the right leads, and land the right clients who are happy to pay your full rate and can’t wait to get started.Clear brand messaging powers:    How you speak about what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for.    How you communicate your uniqueness and competitive differentiation.    How you help people realize you’re the best choice to eliminate pain or meet desire.    How you shape brand perception, your reputation, and what you’re known for.    How you connect with others through your story and experiences.Relevant, resonant, emotion-driven brand messaging is the secret to capturing the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, which is why I created Content Camp: Brand Messaging.Content Camp: Brand Messaging dedicates three days of hands-on workshops to clarifying your brand and creating your brand messaging.Together, we’ll work on your brand and establish a strong foundation that supports your biggest goals and dreams.    On day one, you’ll define your audience, their problems and desires, and what matters to them the most.    On day two, you’ll align your offer with your audience to ensure it is positioned as a no-brainer for ideal clients.    On day three, you’ll tie all of your work from days one and two together to craft powerful messages and build a strong foundation for your brand, website copy, content, and marketing efforts.Plus, because every workshop combines training and interactive Q&A, you’ll have help available every step of the way. This means you can make significant progress without worrying about getting stuck or not knowing what to do.It’s time to say goodbye to overwhelming conferences that leave you hanging and not knowing what to do, and hello to step-by-step training, worksheets, and personalized support.More importantly, it’s time to say goodbye to ineffective messaging and wasted time, and hello to confident messaging that makes ideal clients seek you out and ask to learn more.Save $300 With A Content Camp Bundle!SAVE BIG with the All-In Bundle, and attend Content Camp: Website Copy and Content Camp: Content Marketing too! It’s like getting one entire three-day Content Camp workshop FREE!Content Camp: Brand Messaging $299Sign Up Now!ORContent Camp Three-Event Bundle $599Sign Up Now!Payment TypesBrand Messaging Day 1 AgendaYou’ll focus on your audience and understand them on a deeper level to uncover what motivates them to hire you, buy from you, or learn from you.8:30 am – 8:45 am PacificKick Off And Opening RemarksGet the lay of the land for the entire Content Camp event, instructions for all workshop and review sessions, and guidelines for participation. Receive tips to reduce overwhelm, stay focused, enhance participation, and ensure the best results.9:00 am – 10:00 am PacificDefine Your Audience And Ideal BuyersBroad messages aimed at everyone attract no one and if your ideal clients can’t relate, they won’t buy. In this workshop, you’ll identify your target audience and its micro-segments so you know exactly who you’re selling, speaking, and marketing to.10:15 am – 11:15 am PacificUncover Your Audience CharacteristicsUnless you’re a parenting coach, it doesn’t matter how many kids your ideal client has. In this workshop, you’ll brainstorm, organize, and document relevant audience characteristics to ensure your brand messaging resonates with the right people.11:30 am – 12:30 pm PacificUnderstand Your Audience Buyer JourneyMap your ideal client’s buyer journey and what they need to know, learn, and feel at each stage. In this workshop, you’ll learn the type of messages that turn strangers into fans, fans into prospects, prospects into leads, and leads into clients.1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PacificIdentify Your “That’s Me” StatementsIt takes time for people to form a connection with you and understand why they should hire you. In this workshop, you’ll create a collection of “That’s Me” statements to accelerate the process and show ideal clients you get them like no one else does.2:45 pm – 4:00 pm PacificExtra Support From Content Camp LeadersFeeling stuck? Fancy a fresh perspective? Need help? Want to get feedback on your work? In this final workshop session of the day, you’ll be able to pick the brains of Content Camp experts and get direct feedback and support for your brand.Brand Messaging: Day 2 AgendaYou’ll focus on what you’re selling and the value you deliver to remove obstacles and position your offer as an irresistible must-have for ideal clients and customers.8:30 am – 8:45 am PacificKick Off And Opening RemarksShare your Day 1 Ah-Has and accomplishments and get the lay of the land for the second day of Content Camp. Receive instructions for all workshop and review sessions, guidelines for participation, and tips to stay on track and get the support you need.9:00 am – 10:00 am PacificAlign Your Offer With Your AudienceTo make your solution or offer irresistible to ideal clients, it must stand out from competition as the obvious and only choice to help them reach their goals. In this workshop, you’ll define the must-have “what’s in it for me” factor for your offer.10:15 am – 11:15 am PacificIdentify The Value Of Your OfferDeciding the features to include in your offer is far easier than communicating its benefits. In this workshop, you’ll flip the script to turn features into benefits, explore the results possible for clients, and identify the greater impact your offer will have.11:30 am – 12:30 pm PacificOvercome Objections That Prevent A YesBenefits are important but so is understanding the obstacles and objections that prevent a yes. In this workshop, you’ll explore the reasons prospective clients feel hesitant, identify what’s at risk if they say no, and learn to overcome objections.1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PacificWrite Your Offer Description And Benefit BulletsYou know what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and the value you deliver. In this workshop, you’ll create a compelling offer description and benefit-driven bullet points to communicate effectively with ideal clients and inspire them to take action.2:45 pm – 4:00 pm PacificExtra Support From Content Camp LeadersFeeling stuck? Fancy a fresh perspective? Need some help? Want feedback? Step into the hot seat and share your progress with Content Camp experts to get direct feedback, tips, new ideas, and support so you can move forward with confidence.Brand Messaging: Day 3 AgendaYou’ll use your audience and offer clarity to craft potent, compelling brand messages that capture attention and persuade the right people to take action.8:30 am – 8:45 am PacificKick Off And Opening RemarksShare your Day 2 Ah-Has and accomplishments and get the lay of the land for the last day of Content Camp. Receive instructions for the day’s workshops, guidelines for participation, and tips for crafting brand messaging that attracts ideal clients.9:00 am – 10:00 am PacificEstablish Your Brand Voice And LanguageTo gain recognition and be remembered, you must be consistent with how you talk about what you do. In this workshop, you’ll focus on your brand personality and its tone, words, phrases, and statements to establish a clear, unique brand voice.10:15 am – 11:15 am PacificCraft Your Marketing Message And Elevator PitchShow up as the sought-after, brilliant, experienced, professional you are and own the value you create. In this workshop, you’ll create a powerful brand marketing message that communicates everything ideal clients need to say yes with confidence.11:30 am – 12:30 pm PacificCreate Emotion-Driven Benefit And Risk StatementsCombine the benefits of saying yes with the risks of saying no to emphasize the value and impact of your offer. In this workshop, you’ll use the benefits/risks brainstormed on Day 2 to craft persuasive statements that amplify your brand message and sales copy.1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PacificWrite Your Powerful, Personal Brand StoryLeverage a brand storytelling framework that positions you as a trustworthy, helpful guide. At the end of this workshop, you’ll have a personal brand story that builds trust, connects with ideal clients, and makes them think, “It’s like you’re reading my mind!”2:45 pm – 4:00 pm PacificShare, Practice, And Get Feedback On Your Brand MessagesAre your brand message, benefit/risk statements, and personal brand story clear, concise, and compelling? Step into the hot seat and share your message, statement, or story to get direct feedback and suggestions from Content Camp experts.Set Yourself Up For Content Camp Success With Three Mini Prep ExercisesGet all the knowledge of your brand, business model, and offers out of your head so you have everything you need at your fingertips.I want you to walk away with your entire Brand Messaging Guide complete. That means making sure you’re prepared to work on your business, focus on your brand, and participate fully in Content Camp on day one. To do that, I’ve got three mini pre-event prep exercises with workbooks that walk you through the exercises step-by-step!Three Mini Prep Exercises:    Review Your Brand Assets:    You likely already have marketing materials, profiles, and copy written for your brand. This exercise walks you through the process of assessing the messaging you’re already using to promote your offers and market your business.    Understand Your Audience:    To create messages that capture attention and help people identify as a perfect fit, you need to speak their language. This exercise will help you uncover important insights from your audience and customers that will power your messaging.    Discover Your Unique Brand Story:    There may be other people who do what you do but there is no one that does it like you. This exercise will help you brainstorm the unique experiences, stories, value, and qualifications you bring to the table.Save $300 With A Content Camp Bundle!SAVE BIG with the All-In Bundle, and attend Content Camp: Website Copy and Content Camp: Content Marketing too! It’s like getting one entire three-day Content Camp workshop FREE!Content Camp: Brand Messaging $299Sign Up Now!ORContent Camp Three-Event Bundle $599Sign Up Now!Payment TypesWhat’s Included In Content Camp?Everything you need to understand your audience, clarify your offer, and create powerful brand messaging that attracts your ideal clients.1Workshop Sessions12 Interactive WorkshopsLive Workshops, Review Sessions, And Q&A To Get You Unstuck And On Your WayEach day of Content Camp: Brand Messaging features interactive workshops with training, instructions, frameworks, formulas, prompts, examples, and live Q&A so you can get the help you need when you need it.2Content MarketingLive Reviews And SupportAn Opportunity To Get Extra Help Or Feedback On Your MessagingEach day ends with live support and hot seats. Content Camp experts are available to answer questions, help you get unstuck, and get your messaging done. Have a draft ready? Submit it for review and get on-the-spot feedback.3Content Camp WorkbookA Comprehensive WorkbookEverything You Need To Take Action And Create Your Brand MessagingA comprehensive workbook provides training, exercises, instructions, frameworks, formulas, prompts, worksheets, and even examples so you know what to do, why you’re doing it, and exactly how to do it, step-by-step.4HeadphonesReplays + RecordingsEverything In Content Camp Is Recorded And Available For Two WeeksAll brand messaging workshops and review sessions are recorded. Video replays and audio MP3s will be available through the end of the year so you can revisit any workshops you missed or exercises you didn’t finish.5Prep Assignments And Homework3 Mini Prep ExercisesPrepare For Content Camp And Set Yourself Up For Amazing SuccessMini Prep Exercises get you in the right frame of mind for Content Camp: Brand Messaging and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running on day one and get the most out of the workshops, without feeling overwhelmed.6BinocularsKeyword Research TrainingWhat You Need To Know About Researching Keywords For Your Brand MessageTo help you maximize the effectiveness of your brand messaging, the folks at Pathfinder SEO have created a special pre-workshop training that walks you through the ins and outs of doing keyword research for your brand!Plus, Get A BONUS Training From The SEO Experts At Pathfinder SEO!Learn how keywords releate to branding and how to identify the right keywords to include in your brand messaging.Pathfinder SEO Brand Keyword Research BonusSearch engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for your website copy, sales and landing pages, and blog posts or podcast episodes. Identifying the right keywords for your brand can also enhance your brand messaging and make it more effective — but doing keyword research for a brand is very different than doing it for website copy or marketing content.That’s why my friends at Pathfinder SEO have partnered with Content Camp to provide three unique, SEO-focused keyword research trainings — one for each Content Camp event.    The Content Camp: Brand Messaging SEO training walks you through the process of doing keyword research for your core brand.    The Content Camp: Website Copy SEO training covers the process of doing keyword research for individual web pages.    The Content Camp: Content Marketing SEO training reviews the process of doing keyword research for specific pieces of content and campaigns.Meet Your Workshop LeadersGet to know the experts you’ll be learning from and working with during your three days at Content Camp.Jennifer BournJennifer Bourn, Designer, Content Strategist, Business MentorWith 23 years of experience, Jennifer Bourn leverages her graphic design, web design, and copywriting background to help small businesses build brands, create content, and grow profitable online platforms. Known for her ability to make the complex simple, Jennifer has parlayed her experience into webinars, workshops, business training programs, and online courses that help freelancers build sustainable, enjoyable, profitable businesses that support the lifestyle they desire.Chris LemaChris Lema, General Manager at LearnDash, VP at NexcessWhether telling a story from stage, on a website, or in a blog post, Chris Lema knows which words to use to get people to act. It’s a skill he’s refined over the last thirty years, and one he’s been sharing for the last ten years. Unlike gifted copywriters who can’t explain what they’re doing, Chris has helped countless entrepreneurs with their website copy, speeches, and landing pages. As a VP at Nexcess, he’s often found at conferences, on stage, continually refining the communications strategies he’ll share with you.Kelly AzevedoKelly Azevedo, Founder of She’s Got SystemsKelly Azevedo is the founder of She’s Got Systems. She is an experienced online business strategist, systems expert, and implementation master. For the past 10 years, Kelly has worked with successful online businesses to build powerful business backend systems that deliver long-lasting results. She teaches systems for marketing and launches, hiring and team management, and the customer journey, all to help entrepreneurs create more freedom and build stronger businesses.Andrea Noel’Content Camp provides useful, useable information at an affordable price. The virtual format was done flawlessly and the information and personalized feedback helped me understand my ideal client and feel way less overwhelmed about creating content to market my business.’Andrea NoelA Noel CreatesLee Drozak’Every session was well thought out and well planned. It was informative and the attention to detail was like none other. I gained tons of tips to help with the creative process, useful information to streamline and organize my content, and ideas to create better content.’Lee DrozakWP Site SuccessLindsay Halsey’Content Camp is an immersive, workshop-style event that gives you the time to learn and do. Attendees are engaged and collaborative. Get off the fence and sign up — live events are a great way to grow your skills, meet new people, and take action.’Lindsay HalseyPathfinderSEO.comLearn More About The Content Camp Virtual Workshop Events And Snag A TicketContent Camp single event tickets are $299. Join us for one Content Camp event, two events, or get the All-In Bundle and attend all three Content Camp events.Content Camp: Brand MessagingContent Camp: Brand MessagingDefine a powerful, clear message that resonates with the right audienceApril 4-6, 2022Everything you need to define and clarify your brand message so you can speak powerfully and confidently about what you do and why it matters, in any medium. Get formulas, frameworks, directions, prompts, examples, live support, and message reviews.Get A Ticket For $299!Content Camp: Website CopyContent Camp: Website CopyWrite website copy that turns browsers into buyers and subscribersJune 28-30, 2022Everything you need to write compelling, persuasive website copy that makes your offers irresistible. Get step-by-step frameworks, directions, prompts, examples, and worksheets, live support, and copy reviews for all of the most common web pages businesses need.Learn MoreContent Camp: Content MarketingContent Camp: Content MarketingCreate a content marketing plan to increase traffic, visibility, and reachSeptember 27-29, 2022Everything you need to increase website traffic and organic reach with content marketing so you can grow your email list, attract more clients, and make more sales. Get frameworks, formulas, directions, resources, examples, live support, and strategy/content reviews.Learn MoreContent Camp: Brand Messaging FAQsIf you have a question about Content Camp, I have an answer for you!What are the Content Camp workshop dates again?Content Camp: Brand Messaging is April 4-6, 2022. Content Camp: Website Copy is June 28-30, 2022. Content Camp: Content Marketing is September 27-29, 2022.I want the bundle but is there a payment plan?YES! If you’re all-in and want to attend all three Content Camp workshops but also want to spread out your investment, you can take advantage of the three-payment plan option and split it into three easy payments of $200.Are the workshops recorded? How long will I have access?Yes, all live workshops and review sessions will be recorded. The video replays and downloadable audio recordings will be available through December 31, 2022 in case you have to miss a workshop or want to revisit a training. For ongoing access to all Content Camp: Brand Messaging materials and twice-monthly copy review sessions, Content Camp Alumni can join Content Creators Club.How is the workbook provided to attendees?The workbook is provided in PDF format. Attendees can visit the Content Camp: Brand Messaging Workshop Headquarters to download the workbook file one week prior to the event. For those who like to work digitally, all worksheets are also provided in Google Docs or Google Sheets formats.What do I need to participate in Content Camp?Each workshop will guide you through carefully-planned exercises step-by-step and the workbook contains everything you need. Plan on downloading and printing the Content Camp: Brand Messaging workbook in advance. Most attendees have it printed/bound somewhere like The UPS Store or FedEx Office, others put it in a binder.You can stream/access the workshops from any device like your smartphone or a tablet, but there are some that will be easier if you are at a computer with access to files. You also may want your favorite pencils/pens, highlighters, a yummy beverage and snacks, and maybe even some sticky notes!Can bring my virtual assistant or team to Content Camp?YES! It’s a brilliant plan to have anyone working on your brand go through Content Camp: Brand Messaging with you so you can collaborate on the exercises and ensure everyone is on the same page. Each person who participates, however, must have their own ticket and unique login. Reach out for group pricing.What happens if I bought a ticket but can’t go to Content Camp?All Content Camp: Brand Messaging ticket sales are final and non-refundable. You may transfer your ticket up to two weeks prior to the workshop start date. After that, tickets are locked down and no longer transferable.Have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page?Ask me anything about Content Camp: Brand Messaging or the Content Camp Workshop Bundle! I’m happy to answer questions and help you figure out if one or all of the workshops can help you achieve your goals.How do the workshops work when attendees are remote and not in the same room?All workshop sessions are split into two sections:    A 15-20ish minute pre-recorded workshop training with instructions    A hands-on group working session and live Q&AYou can choose to watch the training and instruction session and then work on your own, or you can hop into a shared Zoom Room to work alongside other attendees and ask questions.My advice is to be careful of spending too much time worried about what other people are doing and asking. Make Content Camp about advancing YOUR goals and YOUR business.Everything is recorded and available to revisit for TWO WEEKS after the event. This means you have permission to be selfish. You can mute the workshop portion, get your work done, and jump in only when you have a question, then come back and listen to questions asked by others later on.How you do Content Camp is up to you.Lynn Pearce’Content Camp was one of the best virtual events I have ever attended. It didn’t rely on anything gimmicky to keep you engaged and all the presenters delivered amazing content. It is the perfect opportunity to step back from the day-to-day of your business and apply some great ideas on how you show up in the world and communicate with clients.’Lynn PearceMarathon Walking for Real WomenShayla Miguel’Content Camp was well thought out and truly catered to attendees. I learned formulas and methods to produce impactful content that inspires action, developed a customer-centric perspective, and gained greater clarity on the value of my services. The resources given took the guesswork and dread out of content creation and propelled me into action.’Shayla HamiltonShaylamiguel.comChrysti Tovani’This was well organized and everything about it added value. So many lackluster online conferences have left me disappointed. Not the case with Content Camp. You owe it to yourself and your customers to be the best at what you do! Content Camp puts you in charge of your content and helps you attract people that you love to work with.’Chrysti TovaniChrystiTovani.comApril Sullivan’I’m a digital marketer and even I struggle to clearly articulate what I do to my own audience. The brand positioning workshops were the best part. No matter what your industry is, you’ll get many helpful tips and the opportunity to work on your business at Content Camp.’April SullivanEntreleverage.comTara Claeys’What I have loved about Content Camp is the amazing amount of organization that has gone into this program. The material helps you think things through from beginning to end. It’s also been a great opportunity to focus on what I’m doing with my business and where I want it to go.’Tara ClaeysDesign TLCJared Poindexter’Content Camp has really given me a great foundation and the building blocks to improve my brand messaging and content. I’m so stoked to apply what we covered to my day-to-day marketing efforts. I highly recommend Content Camp to anyone building a platform.’Jared Poindexter

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