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Fitness Content Creator by Marsha Coles Sales Page

Fitness Content Creator by Marsha Coles Sales Page

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Fitness Content Creator by Marsha Coles Download

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Fitness Content Creator by Marsha Coles torrent

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Skip to main contentFitness Content Creator    ENROL NOW    Sign InTaking the hassle out of content creationA graphic design and content creation course with a library of ready-made templates for fitness professionalsLike so many fitness professionals it’s very likely that you spend hours trying to create content, often staring at your screen wondering what to postYou don’t have hundreds & thousands to pay a graphic designerAnd you certainly don’t want your content to look dull, and not catch the attention of your followersGraphic design and content creation doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, time consuming or even frustrating!    Poorly designed content will always impact the engagement that you receive on your social media channels    All the hours that you waste trying to improve on your own, will take away from the valuable time that you should be dedicating to your clients    If you don’t develop your own style and present a brand that people can relate to, you will always look exactly the same as everyone elseBUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAYI HAVE THE CREATED THE SOLUTION FOR YOUThe main reason why I created Fitness Content Creator was to not only provide you with extremely high-quality content templates that you can use immediately, but I’m also going to teach you how you can personalise and update them on your own!Sella IordanidiOnline CoachI wish I had this earlier…This is a MUST for every Fitness Professional!As a fitness professional, content creation, graphic design and branding are very important aspects of the business; especially if you are looking to differentiate yourself and show authority on social media. And more often than not, it take lots of time, energy and mistakes before you can start producing decent looking and professional content.Marsha’s knowledge on the subjects is the best you will get, and in the course, she will not only show you the “How To” but also educate you on the ‘Why’ behind everything. The course offers an abundance of value, full of templates that will make you stand out. And on top of that, this course will show you exactly how to modify the templates so literally anyone can learn to make top-level designs! It has literally everything you need to succeed: from what software to use to where to find and outsource the best content.Plus it will give you an exact framework on how to plan your content creation. I highly recommend it to anyone in the industry. With Fitness Content Creator you will go from zero to pro, and your brand will be elevated to new heights!JAMES BUTTERFIELDFitness coachI couldn’t recommend it enough! You only have to look at Marsha’s work to see that she knows her stuff, and if social media is important in your business, you’d be stupid not to do this course and level up your content.Before completing the course, my content was a bit of a mess! It needed revamping to bring it in line with my brand, and also to look a lot more professional and engaging. After following Fitness Content Creator, I now have a much better idea of how and why to create content that has the maximum impact, and also fits with my values and brand image.The main thing I liked about it was how well it was structured, and each chapter covered the subject in a detailed yet relatable way.The three main benefits I found were, content creation that is relevant and prompts engagement, how to layout your posts to make them easier to digest for followers, and finally, the templates are worth the price of the course alone, you’ll never be short of inspiration!The most surprising thing to me was how much time you can save by adding structure to your content. With the tips and tricks you will learn, the hours you will save can be spent on other areas of your business.Meet your instructorHI, I’M MARSHAHi, my name is Marsha Coles. After over 14 years working in design industries, I decided to launch my own business, to combine my passion for graphic design and my love of fitness. As I started to work with more fitness professionals, I realised how rewarding it is to empower coaches, helping them to overcome the anxiety of posting on social media by providing them with inspiration, new ideas and guidance.I quickly developed a passion and motivation for helping fitness professionals just like you to create better graphics that are reflective of your brand and business. I have helped thousands of coaches to increase engagement on their social media channels, and ultimately helping them to work with many more clients. I now want to help you to create better looking social media graphics and content, that I know you want to create, so that YOU can connect a lot easier with your followers.Let me help you take the hassle out of your content creation and teach you to become the Fitness Content Creator that I know you can be!Here’s what’s included inside Fitness Content Creator:12+ HOURS OF VIDEO LESSONS – TAKING YOU THROUGH THE FUNDAMENTAL STAGES OF GRAPHIC DESIGN AND CONTENT CREATION4 CORE CHAPTERS WITH 22 LESSONS & 12 PDF DOWNLOADSINSTANT ACCESS TO OVER 200 PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED EDITABLE CANVA TEMPLATES INCLUDING:    10 How-To Carousel Templates    10 List Carousel Templates    10 Storytelling Carousel Templates    15 Client Testimonial Templates    9 Client Testimonial Carousel Templates    16 Client Results Graphics Templates    6 Client Results Carousel Templates    10 Quote Carousel Templates    19 Double-slide Carousel Templates    23 Single Carousel Graphic Templates    37 Single Infographic Templates    10 Double-Slide Infographics Templates    10 Fitness Challenge Graphics Templates    4 Fitness Challenge Carousels Templates    4 Free Guide / Lead Magnet Carousels Templates    6 Special Offer / Sale Templates    2 Training Guide Promotional Graphics Templates    6 Giveaway Single Graphics Templates    4 Giveaway Carousel Templates    15 IGTV Covers    10 Reel Covers    3 IG Live Graphics    5 IG Story Promotional Graphics    Variety of IG Story Highlight CoversPRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP AND COMMUNITY WHERE YOU CAN ASK ME QUESTIONS AND NETWORK WITH FELLOW FITNESS PROFESSIONALSACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE BONUS MATERIAL    How To Increase Engagement On Instagram Guide (35 page E-Book)    Exclusive Icons, Gradients, Graphics and Emojis Which You Won’t Find Inside Canva (20 page Canva file)    100 Suggested Heading Ideas To Help Increase Engagement Within Your Content    Coaching Services & Pricing PDF (13 Page Canva File That’s Yours To Edit And Give To Your Clients)    Additional Bonus Templatesbuy nowbuy in 3 instalments x3 monthly payments of £97WHAT COACHES are saying about fitness content creator:Alan BrennanTransformation CoachI signed up and never looked back. The content delivered is exceptional and opens up so many doors on creating professional and engaging graphics, which I now know is the key to growing a social media platform. I would recommend to anyone.Before buying Fitness Content Creator, I was missing something to really make my content stand out. From a design perspective, I wasn’t happy with what I was creating. My biggest issue was the design element within my content, along with correct sizes and margins to use when creating posts. Marsha explains all of this inside Fitness Content Creator and opens a whole new way to look at Canva.I’ve already increased my engagement and following on Instagram using the strategies and designs that Fitness Content Creator provides. The detail within both the course and the templates is excellent. What surprised me the most was learning how easy it is to create professional and stand-out content, as I saw on Marsha’s page.I’ve gathered a new knowledge of graphic design, and understanding of Canva, together with so many new content ideas. Fitness Content Creator will teach you all the small things you may be missing to create better graphics. If you want to improve your content design skills and up-skill with Canva – then it’s a no brainer.Nathan BennetPT & Online coachI would honestly recommend this course to anyone in the fitness industry experienced or not. This will take your content to the next level!Before starting Fitness Content Creator I found that my content was getting boring and lacking structure. Throughout this course, Marsha has provided a massive amount of detail and specifics behind exactly how to not only create posts but also make them look professional and appealing to my audience.The step-by-step guides throughout each chapter are easy and manageable to follow, and I have learnt loads of new things that I never even thought of before! This has made my content better and also given me loads of ideas for future content. The templates provided have also given me the tools, ideas, and structure to create content myself that will get people to interact on my socials.Fitness Content Creator has given me the insight on how to aim my fitness content at my audience and make people want to buy into my business and work with me. There is a bundle of new things you will learn, and it will give you a more efficient way of creating your posts!I’m going to help you achieve the sameFITNESS CONTENT CREATOR CONTENT CURRICULUMHere’s what you will learn:    1    CHAPTER 1 – Content Design Essentials    How To Use This Course    Lesson 1: Things To Note Before You Start    Lesson 2: How To Mix Templates With Your Own Content    Lesson 3: Principles Of Great Content    Lesson 4: Top 15 Rules Of Graphic Design In Content Creation2CHAPTER 2 – Content Design Applications3CHAPTER 3 – How To Design Your Content & Templates4CHAPTER 4 – How To Plan Your ContentLearn the principles of graphic design for InstagramLearn how to use your personal photography & branding together with effective headings, icons and copywritingMaster contentcreation usingCanvaLearn how to use Canva in the best ways – creating graphics that catch your audience’s attentionLearn how to create various types of graphic contentCarousels, Infographics, Quote graphics, IGTV covers, Reel covers and more!Learn how to create your content quickly & effectivelyUse my creative shortcuts to fast-track content creation so you can save timeFitness Content Creator will save you time so you can focus on being a great coachAre you readyto become a fitness content creator?JOIN NOWPRICE:£289Buy now!buy in 3 instalments x3 monthly payments of £97Secure Checkout100% secure checkout powered by Stripe.Dan OgdenFitness coachHaving worked my way through Fitness Content Creator – I can honestly say it was a great investmentMarsha is superb at what she does and has put together an amazing course which not only shows you how to make your own impressive graphics, but she has also built a ton of drag-and-drop templates that you can use and adjust to suit your own branding and message.I’ve already been putting some of what I’ve learned to the test on my Instagram and have been getting some great feedback.I highly recommend you get yourself enroled in Fitness Content Creator!Andrew BaylisPT & Online coachFitness Content Creator is a life long resource of tremendous value. I would highly recommend this course for anybody who is looking to grow their fitness businessBefore starting Fitness Content Creator, I would spend ages on design, but was never happy with the finished product. Now I feel confident in creating eye-catching content that engages my existing and potential clients. I found this course has helped me to become more creative, whilst teaching me fundamental design lessons. Ultimately it has helped me to create more content with less stress, and a finished product I am proud of.The Fitness Content Creator templates are so easy to use and adjust for your brand, whilst also inspiring design ideas of your own. They’ve really helped to give me a structure to work around when designing. I’d definitely recommend this course to other PT’s as it’s helped me to half the time I spend on creating content, whilst getting a real professional look.100% UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEEIf you genuinely feel that I haven’t provided you with highly engaging templates, I’ve not been able to save you a lot of time with your content creation and teach you how to design high quality graphics, I will happily refund 100% of your investment.Frequently asked questions    Q1: Do I have to have prior graphic design experience?    No you don’t need to have any prior design experience. (However, it would be beneficial if you can understand the very basic fundamentals of the Canva design software.    Q2: Do I have to have Canva Pro?    No, you don’t need to have Canva Pro – you can use and edit the templates with a Free Canva account.    Q3: How long will the course take to complete?    You will be able to study the video material in 12 hours, however developing the skills that I teach you and personalising the templates is a longer process that you should take your time over.    Q4: Can I use the templates right away?    Yes they are ready for you to use immediately within your content.    Q5: What additional software do I need?    No additional software is required!    Q6: I’m not good at design, will FCC work for me?    Yes – I have designed the course so that you can use the designs with minimal design experience. However, you will be learning new graphic design skills as you go through the course.    Q7: If I’m not happy with the course what can I do?    If you’re not completely happy with the investment that you made, please refer to my money back guarantee above.

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