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​Congratses! Below’s Taylor With Important Next Tips for Optimizing Your Payments Over the Following 21 DaysIf you’re genuinely devoted to stopping you 9-to-5 as rapid as feasible… So you can make Inbound Closing your full time hustle… As well as begin making daily, $980 compensations as early as today…Allow me reveal you just how I can hand-deliver you pre-vetted customers with cash-rich, rewarding and also successful services… … that are currently pre-sold on your reputation and also skill!Sounds like a great way to short-cut the procedure, right?Well, as Payton discussed to you on the last web page… The Incoming Closer isn’t the only organization that I possess and also run. I likewise possess a $21MM business where I educate on the internet services just how to expand from hix-six or 7 numbers, to $10MM and also past, making use of incoming advertising and marketing and also closing procedures… In overall, I have 757 company owner that trust me as their coach, and also each and every single among them count on Inbound Closers to aid their incoming leads relocate forward.The poorest of these company owner bill $9,800 for their high-dollar deal…The majority of them draw in 7-10 incoming leads each day that obtain a call… As well as all of these company owner would certainly make excellent customers for you!Just envision if I attested your reputation and also skill.As their coach, these company owner currently follow my guidance to a “T”… So you can wager your lower buck you’d land your very first customer… As well as begin swimming in those $980 compensations the minute I attach you.That seems like the fastest path to a 6-figure year, right?Well at this moment, I’m sure you’re most likely questioning… “Just how do you intend on attaching me with these pre-vetted and also pre-sold customers, Taylor?”That’s a wise inquiry… As well as you most likely recognize that I desire the most effective for my mentees… So I believed long and also hard concerning just how I might produce an unique atmosphere… Where I might attach pre-vetted company owner with our most fully commited Incoming Closers.At initially, I didn’t recognize just how I might make certain the team remains superior on both sides… Yet at some point, I generated the excellent system for the work… A “Client-Connection Mastermind”Inside this mastermind, you’ll locate a tiny team of our most fully commited Inbound Closers… That either gain 6 numbers or even more now, or will certainly remain in an issue of weeks… As well as greater than 312 pre-vetted company owner (my individual customers) that fulfill 3 standards:    They bill a minimum of $5,800 for their high-dollar deal    They draw in 7-10 incoming leads each day minimum    As well as they’re proactively working with closers like youEach of these company owner are carefully picked especially due to the fact that they are looking for Inbound Closers like you… They spend a minimum of $18,000 to obtain accessibility to this link solution… And also as you can see below, they require closers like you badly.Every screenshot you attend the right reveals a pre-vetted local business owner…  Almost asking to bath you in $980 compensations… Since we have a scarcity of Inbound Closers in the team right now.Take Heather as an example… “We are working with once more… several possibilities throughout a number of business… typical settlement is $70-150K each year… with possible as high as $200K”Or take Pete… “We’re working with… way too many cause take care of… you obtain base salary, plus compensations”Or just how around Sterling… “Searching for closers… make $12-20K monthly prior to bonus offers while transforming lives… we have one individual now and also he made $10K last month”As well as below’s Tanner… “Searching for one more closer… $10K ticket rate for our deal and also we obtain concerning 500 applications from incoming leads on a monthly basis”Also if you shut 5% of Tanner’s leads… which is reduced when you follow our manuscript… you’re considering nearly $25,000 in compensations per month.Pretty insane, right?And those are just a small-handful of the superior customers you’ll locate in this group.Even I hire closers out of this team, As well as you’ll have very first dibs  on possibilities to join my individual group when I welcome you insideJust have a look.“Employing 3 brand-new closers… 500-700 applications monthly… my leading 2 people make $25-30K in compensation monthly”That’s right, $30,000 monthly… Actually, below’s Cole that began around $7-8K a month collaborating with me… As well as rapidly got to greater than $40K per month.Pretty amazing, right?And indeed, also as you enjoy this video clip now… There’s a great chance I’m uploading in the team, working with brand-new closers… Since we often have way too many leads, and also also couple of individuals to shut them.Just picture what your life would certainly appear like if I provided you the exact same chance I provided Cole, and also you gained $40,000 monthly too!I’m informing you, that’s a genuine opportunity with the best customer… As well as I’ve got 312 clients waiting for you in this group, including myself.I’ll show you how to qualify for a spot in just a second… But first… I want to show you a few examples of new closers I invited into to this group, and then connected them with their first clientSo they could start closing consistent high-dollar deals right away… Just like any of the people you see in this screenshot.As you can see… We’re flooded with new ‘wins’ everyday.Take David M for instance… David went through our Inbound Closer trainings… And quickly proved he was committed to becoming a world-class closer… So, I invited him into our Client-Connection Mastermind… Vouched for him… And then hooked him up with my client, Aleric.Aleric runs a marketing agency where he charges $9,800 for his high-dollar offer, and he averages about $230K per month in new business… Problem was, he had too many leads to handle himself, and wanted to hire a closer right away.That’s when I connected him with David.Within weeks, David started earning his first commission checks… And since Aleric does more than $230K in business per month, I’m sure you can see why David earns an easy 6 figures in commissions per month…  In fact, if you do the math on what you could make closing for Aleric… Since the industry minimum is a 10% commission… That would be $23,000 in commissions per month,deposited straight into your bank accountNot too shabby if you ask me… But that’s just one example.How about Kaleo M?Like David M, this Kaleo went through our Inbound Closer trainings too… And qualified for a spot inside the Client-Connection Mastermind…  Because he wanted to start earning commissions right away.So after seeing his dedication, I vouched for him… And invited him into the groupJust a couple days later…One of my clients, Andrew, reached out saying he needed closers…So, after getting more details from him, I went ahead and posted his opportunity in the groupAs you can see from the post, Andrew wanted somebody who knew their way around the real estate industry…Because he’s a consultant who teaches people how to move their real estate business online.Well, as it turns out, Kaleo has experience in real estate… So it was a perfect match.That’s when I connected the two of them… And a couple days later, Kaleo shared this “win” with our members in the Inbound Closer Mastermind Group:“Just landed my first closer job… It’s 30-40% commissions on a $2,500 product… 40+ inbound leads per week”Now, $2,500 might not sound like a lot… But with 30-40% commissions, that comes out to quite a lot of money.In fact, if you do the math, that comes out to exactly $1,000 in commissions per close… And when you factor in how many leads Kaleo gets per week; more than 40… Even if Kaleo only closes 20% of his calls… He’s averaging just over $32,000 in commissions per month!Are you starting to see how “rinse and repeat” these results have gotten?I’m telling you, you’re no different than these guys… Because they followed the exact steps you’re following right now.But we’re still not done… Because I’ve got time for one more example.This is Anthony A.Anthony went through our trainings to become an Inbound Closer… And like both David and Kaleo, he stood out to me…  Because, although he had never been a closer before… He showed a level of commitment that’s rare among people with no experience.So, I invited him into the Client-Connection Mastermind… Let everybody know he was an up-and-coming badass with a future… And days later, a spot opened up on my personal team!That’s when I posted in the group… And said, “If you have drive and stay coachable, I’ll make you rich”.Anthony jumped on the opportunity right away… Because, although he was nervous at first…  He knew my companies do a little over $1.2MM in revenue per month… And he wanted a piece of that money.Now…  Obviously Anthony didn’t get rich right out the gate… But soon enough, he started clearing $10-12K in commissions… And if you look closely at this screenshot to the right, you’ll see how Anthony recently closed $56,400 in just two days… Which comes out to exactly $5,640 in commissions for just two days of work.Today, Anthony pockets just over $29,000 in commissions per month!Pretty insane, right?Especially considering he had never been an Inbound Closer before… But that’s just what happens when you qualify for a spot in this Client-Connection Mastermind.I’m sure you can see why our most successful closers jump at the opportunity to earn a spot inside this group, right?Just imagine if I Invited you into the group… And you had high-caliber clients practically handed to you on a silver planner… Because I turned you into a world-class, closing master… Vouched for your credibility and skill… And then connected you with an a-list client!It’s simply the fastest way to start earning those thousand-dollar commission checks… And turn this into your full-time, six-figure hustle as soon as possible.So at this point, I’m sure you’re probably asking… “How do I qualify for access to this group, Taylor?”“How are you going to turn me into a world-class closer?”“And how are you going to vouch for my credibility and skill?”Well first, you’re right… This group is not for dabblers.These are my personal clients who trust me as their mentor… So although you’re a verified badass for investing in yourself today…  And you’re clearly committed to becoming a 6-figure closer right away… If you want me to connect you with my personal clients, and vouch for your skill… Then you’re going to have to prove you’ve got what it takes to get big results for my clients… And I need to make sure sure you’re armed to the teeth with the most advanced Inbound Closing mentorship on the planet.There’s just no other way.That’s why I want you to ask yourself… Are you truly committed to releasing the breaks on your earning potential… And becoming a world-class closer who rakes in massive profits for your clients… And consistent, high-dollar commission checks for your bank account?Does that sound like somebody you’re willing to become?Are you hungry for the 6-figure income you deserve?I thought so, and I believe in you…Because you’ve already proven you’re invested.So here’s how to qualify for your spot in the group:I want to help you build on everything you’ll learn in The Inbound Closer program… … by certifying you as a master closer who works under the mentorship of the best closer on earthThat’s right… The best closer on earth.He’s my friend and closing mentor, Eli Wilde. (That’s him to the right, next to me in a red shirt)Eli closed more than $100 Million in high-dollar sales last year alone… He’s worked in the background as Tony Robbins’ lead closer for 15 years… And today, he’s the lead trainer for Tony Robbins’ personal team of Inbound Closers… Helping his team rake in millions of dollars in commissions per year.Again, Eli is hands-down the best closer alive today. His track-record proves it… And once you have his advanced closing methods downloaded into your brain… You’ll be so effective at raking in massive profits for your clients that… … I’ll have no problem certifying you as a master closer, and allowing you access to this Client-Connection Mastermind Where I’ll practically hand-deliver clients to you… And vouch for your expertise.Here’s how it goes down:Inside this Certification Program, you’ll learn every nuance for becoming a world-class Inbound Closing professionalIn modules one and two…  We’ll optimize your belief system and mindset… Using a 2-step, high-performance program for identity-reengineering… So you can become more confident in life, and on the phone… Rewire unconscious beliefs that have kept you trapped in a limited existence… And install a clear vision that pulls you into a future you design.Your friends and family will be shocked when they see your transformation… And you’ll command respect from everybody you interact with.In modules three and four…  You’ll learn the fundamentals of leadership and conversation-control… By walking hand-in-hand with Eli through successful closes you can model… And the exact closing system he used to close $100MM in deals for Tony Robbins last year.This system has already helped my team add a combined $760K to their annual income… And has helped new closers, like you, accelerate to $15K months within weeks.In module four, Eli’s breaks everything down for you, literally word-for-word… Which means the moment you get on the phone for the first time… You’ll feel like you’ve been closing 5-figure deals for years.Finally, in modules five through seven… Eli will coach you through his “9-figure closing script”… The advanced closing script he developed after closing more than 3,300 high-dollar deals… Along with his advanced methods for client attraction, and how to structure your first high-commission deal… So you can maximize your effectiveness, and your earning potential, from day one.As you can see… This certification program has everything you need to become a master closerThat’s why our best closers are always the ones who get certified… And it goes without saying… I trust Eli’s coaching more than any trainer on the planet… Which is why I’ve made it a requirement for any closer who works with my clients.So here’s exactly how you get Certified, and added to the Client-Connection Mastermind, as early as today:    The moment you complete your 6-Figure Closer Certification Program…     You get an official certification that shows you’re a qualified, Master Closer…     And you get your instant, exclusive invitation into the Client-Connection Mastermind… Yes, you can become certified as early as today…  And get added into the group immediately… Where I’ll connect you with more than 312 pre-vetted business owners who have joined that group specifically because they’re searching for certified closers like you.So yes, if you want to start earning your thousand-dollar commissions right away… And you’re ready to become a certified, world-class closer who earns six figures or more… Then I’m sure all of this sounds like outstanding news already… Because it’ll fast-track you out of your 9-5… But I have even better news for you… Because right now, if you’re watching this video, that means we have a shortage of closers in the groupYou see… Although our best closers always get certified, and join the group… Normally it’s quite a challenge to become one of the certified few… Because normally the 6-Figure Closer Certification Program goes for $2,000… And I like to limit the number of closers we certify each month… Because I don’t want too many closers in the group.Otherwise we’ll run out of business owners… And the closers who do get certified won’t be in high demand.That makes sense, right?Well here’s the good news:We also don’t want too many clients and too few closers… Because that means we wouldn’t have enough closers to go around, right?Well, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this… So I’ll just lay it out for you:I recorded this video specifically for when we have too many clients…  And not enough closers to go around!Yep, you’re only seeing this video right now…  Because the shortage of closers has shot demand through the roof… And that demand has forced me to temporarily lower this $2,000 investment for youThat’s right… Since you’ve just committed to becoming an Inbound Closer… Since you’ve proven you’re hungry for those job-replacing commission checks… And since you made the smart decision of investing in yourself at the perfect time… One this page only…     You get the 6-Figure Closer Certification Program today…    You get your official, Master-Closer Certification as early as today…     You get instant, lifetime access to the Client-Connection Mastermind…Everything today, for just one easy investment of $997.That’s a 50% discount, and you’re in for life… Plus you ROI with just one commission check :-)You see, this is my way of investing you as an Inbound Closer… Because once you’re in, I’ve got 312 pre-vetted business owners who need you… And they’re eager to shower you in $980 commission for helping them… Which means you’re bound to start earning a 6-figure income, almost overnight.So, if you’re ready to become a certified, world-class closer… And you want to take the fastest and surest path to raking in those high-dollar commissions… Then click the button below right now. YES! I Want Pre-Vetted Clients Hand-Delivered To Me! (Just One Click, And We’ll Add Your $997 Investment to Your Order Immediately, So You Get Instant Access to Everything We have actually Talked About Today)We’ll upgrade your order the moment you click… And you get instant access to everything you see on this page… Plus, just like before, you’re 100% protected by my guarantee for life!You’re covered by my unconditional, 100% money-back, lifetime guaranteeI want to make sure you never have to risk a penny with us… Because I know what it’s like when you don’t have a ton of money in the bank… And for that reason, I want you to feel safe when you invest in our programs… So you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to upgrading your order today.I’m so confident you’ll start swimming in those $980 commissions within weeks… That I’ve done everything I can to make sure you say “yes” to this upgrade.So again, if you want to start earning your thousand-dollar commissions right away… And you’re ready to become a certified, world-class closer who earns six figures or more…  Then click the button below right now.YES! I Want Pre-Vetted Clients Hand-Delivered To Me! (Just One Click, And We’ll Add Your $997 Investment to Your Order Immediately, So You Get Instant Access to Everything We’ve Talked About Today)When you click the button, it’ll upgrade your order automatically… You’ll get instant access to the 6-Figure Closer Certification Program… Where you can earn your official, Master-Closer Certification as early as today… And get lifetime access to the Client-Connection Mastermind.Sounds like a fair deal, right?Well you’re right, it is!But I feel the need to stress… There’s a good chance you will only see this 50% discount one time, and that one time is right here on this pageAs I told you before… Our most ambitious, smart, and determined closers almost always take this upgrade… Because they see how much this Certification Program will accelerate their results… And they want every advantage they can get… When it comes to landing that first high-dollar client… Earning those thousand-dollar commissions as fast as possible… And becoming a full-time, certified, and badass closer.That sounds like you, right?I’m guessing you’re one of those people who’s determined to replace their 9-5…  And becoming a full-time, 6-figure closer right away.But here’s the thing… Since you’re seeing this video right now… It means hundreds of those highly committed closers like you, are seeing it too… And you better believe they’re taking advantage of this temporary discount… Because they want access to the group before the demand balances back out… And while my clients have a desperate need for closers.Does that make sense?Do you see why it’s smart to upgrade now instead of waiting?If you wait, I can almost guarantee you’ll never see this 50% discount again… Because everybody who sees this video knows… With the program you just purchased, you’ll be well on your way to quitting your job… And I have no doubt you’ll make Inbound Closing your full-time hustle soon enough… But when you take advantage of this discount today… And you’ve obtained Eli coaching you… And an official certification to show potential customers… And a whole army of pre-vetted and pre-sold clients, desperate to pay you thousand-dollar commissions for helping them…  It’ll feel like your whole life has reached a new level… Almost like you’ve supercharged your value to the marketplace… Becoming a respected and in-demand professional almost overnight… And unlocking the breaks on your 6-figure potential in a matter of weeks.And you know what that means, right?It means you’re on a path to mastering the most in-demand skill in business… Earning more money than most neurosurgeons after 8 years of schooling… And you’re able to fund an extraordinary life for you, your friends, and your family… While you have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.Life doesn’t get anymore fun than that… So if you’re ready to leave your old life behind for good… And become a certified, in-demand, and world-class closing professional… Who seizes opportunities, takes control over their future, and lives life on their own terms… Then go ahead and click the button below right now… And let me upgrade your order, and your potential…     You get the 6-Figure Closer Certification Program today…    You get your official, Master-Closer Certification as early as today…     You get instant, lifetime access to the Client-Connection Mastermind…Everything today, for just one easy investment of $997.YES! I Want Pre-Vetted Clients Hand-Delivered To Me! (Just One Click, And We’ll Add Your $997 Investment to Your Order Immediately, So You Get Instant Access to Everything We’ve Talked About Today)Remember, you’re covered by my guarantee for life… And I’m almost certain you’ll never see this 50% discount again… Because the lower price will balance out the team, and also I’ll need to charge $2,000 again.Makes sense, best? We simple can’t leave this investment at $997 forever… So the only method you can lock in this 50% discount rate, is by taking action currently.

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

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