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​ENROLLMENT HAS CLOSEDAre you ready to start building a profitable audience on social media today… and every single day after that?Join Influencer School, the 12 week guided coaching and certification program designed to help you gain full clarity on your personal brand, learn how to create easy, consistent content, build an audience of engaged followers and create a full-time income from social media.Join The WaitlistYou’re craving REAL freedom.You’re sick of scrolling and watching everyone else become successful.You know you’re meant for more, but honestly? The idea of doing it is confusing, overwhelming and uncomfortable.You’ve spent SO much time on the follower rollercoaster (follow, unfollow, up, down) that you’re nauseous and the idea of creating YET another Instagram post that gets no engagement is heart wrenching.Can you relate?What if I told you there was a better way?A secret roadmap that the World’s top influencers, creators and online entrepreneurs have been using for years, and I’m opening it up for you to follow…You see, building a personal brand, creating engaging content, amassing an influential following and making money online doesn’t need to be so confusing or overwhelming.Just like becoming a nurse or a lawyer… there’s a tried and true roadmap that you follow to the destination. Sure, it takes betting on yourself, hard work and focus… but you know that if you set your mind to it, you can make it happen. Am I right?Inside Influencer School, we take you through a 3-part journey so that at the end of it, you’re clear on exactly what your brand is, how to create content with ease, how to build a following of your ideal clients and ultimately monetize your audience successfully.You’re going to learn from experts who’ve been there and done it, many times over, with results that are replicable.THIS SCHOOL GETSREAL RESULTS.Join The WaitlistLET ME GUESS,you’ve already tried SO many things… Spending forever writing and rewriting the perfect Instagram caption… Editing the perfect picture for your grid and deciding not to post after all… Trying to get consistent on stories but feel like you’re talking to no-one… Scrolling TikTok trying to understand as a millennial how to actually do it… Trying to do all of the things but never seeming to see any of the results.Or… maybe you actually have seen some success, but you’re at a place where everything’s plateaued and you really don’t know what to do about it.If things haven’t been working out for you so far…it’s because you’ve been doing one or more of these things wrong:#1You’re working without a roadmap.You’ve been throwing things at the wall, but nothing has stuck. You’ve listened to countless podcasts, watched so many YouTube videos and applied a tonne of strategies but it feels like nothing is working for you. You are looking for a clear, easy to follow roadmap that can show you the way. #2You’re stuck in the procrastination loop.You don’t know what to post, so you procrastinate on posting, which feeds your self doubt. You’re in a loop of procrastinating and doubting yourself which leads to stagnation and a lack of progress. You’re looking for a system to pull you out of this loop and help you get momentum.#3You’ve lacked real consistency.You start + stop, start + stop, start + stop… you just can’t seem to stay consistent. You know that it’s key to your success, but something is holding you back. You’re ready for mentorship, support and accountability to help you get back on track and actually stay there, for good this time.#4You gave up too early.(and you know it)Because you couldn’t see the success that lay around the corner for you, you let the feeling of deflation, embarrassment and failure get to you and ended up giving up way too soon. You’ve seen the people that stuck with it continue to win, while beating yourself up about letting yourself down. #5Fear of judgement is keeping you stuck.You’re nervous and feel worried about what people will think, you’re even questioning if you have anything worth sharing! But deep down, you know that you do and you know that if you can just get to the other side of the nerves and fear of being seen, you can add so much value to the world.#6You’re consuming rather than creating.You’re spending more time scrolling and wishing you had success, than actually creating content & watching your presence grow. It can be so easy to get stuck in the comparison trap when you’re consuming at a high level, but the idea of creation has you feeling overwhelmed. #7You’re letting the tech go to your head.Lights, cameras… in-action and paralysis. Sound familiar? The good news is you don’t need to know how to produce content at a high level to do well on social media, but stick with us and we’ll teach you all the insider secrets that even the most technologically challenged can grasp.#8You’re just not going all in, and you know it.Right? You just haven’t committed to doing whatever it takes and going all in. Something’s always holding you back, it feels like you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. You’re ready to ease up on those breaks and just go for it once and for all. You just need to know how.#9You’re convinced you don’t have ‘it’.You’ve tried all the strategies, you’ve put the work in, but feel confused and defeated because you’ve also seen no change in your results. You’ve convinced yourself this must be true, but part of you knows it can’t be, because you see people with less talent than you succeeding.CAN YOU RELATE?Join The WaitlistAnd it doesn’t look like we’ll be going backwards.It’s time to adapt, pivot and most importantly… create your own security.In a time when everyone’s figuring out their “new normal” – there’s a place for you to skip normal and create something extraordinary.It’s become clear in the last couple of years that we need to stop relying on employers for security, paid ads for revenue or stable economies for stable businesses.It’s time to take control back and own your future.The people who built audiences and communities have been the strongest in the online business world during the most turbulent times.Instead of worrying about rising advertising costs, they were able to show up and serve as experts in the areas that they’re passionate about.Not only making money and feeling secure during an incredibly unstable time, but making a real impact on the world and supporting people through a time when they need it most.Building an audience and community is a bulletproof wealth and impact strategy.It allows you to show up in the world, actually making a difference, and not having to worry about where your next paycheck is going to come from.Having thousands of followers on social media isn’t reserved for celebrities or TV personalities, it’s available to women, just like you who are looking to create their own version of success.Let this be a time you look back on with gratitude for the turning point it brought about for you.IntroducingJoin The WaitlistInfluencer School is the proven growth and monetization system for influencers, brands and entrepreneurs, where you’ll learn to create engaging, viral content, attract your ideal audience and generate revenue organically through the power of social media.Influencer School is a 12 week guided coaching and certification program, put together by a handful of experts with a wealth of experience across content creation, production, audience growth, online business and monetization. Learn from professors who have actually been there, done it & taught others how to do it too…Professors with a combined:TAKE A PEEK INSIDE OUR CLASSROOM…Ready to finally get ahead?Join The WaitlistCheck out your curriculumInside Influencer School, you’ll gain access to the curriculum listed below, as well as weekly LIVE tutoring calls with your professors, so you can graduate with honors (and the results) you enrolled for.Mindset of an Influencer 101You know what they say, if you master your mind, you master your life. To do this, there are 3 Stages of Mindset Mastery we teach to bridge the gap between where you want to be and where you are right now. Most creators and social media users get stuck on lofty goals — securing the swipe-up feature or getting verified. While goals are part of the 3 stages, they miss out on the other two and set themselves up for failure before even publishing their first post. Let’s make sure you’re ready to achieve and maintain massive success by buckling into the Mindset of an Influencer. You’ll also get a crash course in The Creator Economy, so that you know exactly how to plug into it and generate the wealth you deserve.Lecture Hall Highlights Overcome the #1 block for growth and monetization Learn the 3 Stages of Mindset Mastery and the missing piece to achieving your biggest goals Study the 100 Billion dollar creator economy and find the white spacePersonal Branding 101The key to a personal brand is that at it’s core, it’s a source of joy and inspiration to both you as the creator and the followers that subscribe to your account. In this lesson, we’re going to help you find the overlap in your passion, skills, and effortless excellence to align with the demand of your dream niche (and don’t worry, we’ll help you figure that out too).Lecture Hall Highlights: How to do competitive research to stand out from what’s already been done Find your dream niche and position yourself at the top of it Identify the 5 types of influencers on Instagram to determine your typeBusiness FundamentalsIf you still think being an influencer is someone who just sits around waiting for brand deals to drop in their lap – think again. In this lesson we’re breaking down the Cashflow Quadrant, so that no matter what career path you take, you know exactly how to get ahead financially. But more than understanding personal and business finances, we’re digging into the strategy behind making money as an influencer and how to optimize your tax returns. We dive into organic traffic and just how powerful it is to be able to generate attention online and leverage that attention to change your life and the lives of your followers.Lecture Hall Highlights The best paths to financial freedom for ANYONE (influencer or otherwise) The 7 different avenues to making money as an influencer Understanding online business and how to generate trust + attention onlineContent Creation 101The reality of social media is that it’s always going to be evolving. There will be new features, trends, formats, and even tech tools that surface in this rapidly growing creator economy, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t have the fundamental knowledge of content creation. No matter what changes happen, new features surface or tools pop up for content creators, the 4 step Content Creation Process we teach, will continue to work for you.Lecture Hall Highlights: Learn how to structure your pre-production process to rank in results long-term Nailing the art of scripting & shot lists to create dynamically engaging content Why (and how) to create a distribution strategy to ensure your hard work gets noticed Instagram 101Let’s take the personal brand we mapped out in your Freshman Year and grow it using the power of Instagram. We’ll walk you through the business of using Instagram and how exactly to monetize your following starting, with account fundamentals like nailing your bio and narrowing your account.Lecture Hall Highlights Strategically craft your account name to get found by your dream followers Select the right profile picture to humanize your brand and gain trust Optimize your bio to super attract your audience to you and keep them coming back for more.Instagram Feature FundamentalsGrid posts, reels, IG videos, stories, highlights, and captions…oh my! So many features, so little time to leverage them all in a cohesive strategy that maintains consistency, while growing your brand. In this class, we’re going to help you clarify your content strategy and which features you should use to hit your goals.Lecture Hall Highlights: Get the scoop on the two most important accounts to follow to get an edge on your content strategy Learn the best ways to stay ahead of feature changes so you can capitalize on them instead of falling into overwhelmInstagram Growth TacticsWant to know the difference between average business posters and highly paid influencers on the app? It’s understanding the fundamentals of intrigue marketing and how and when to use them in your social media strategy. In this lesson, we’re teaching you everything we know about consistency, virality, collaboration and connection to skyrocket your growth.Lecture Hall Highlights Narrow in on which growth tactic is best for your personal and professional goals Learn to identify viral posts in your niche and create your own repeat viral content formula How to connect with other creators for support and collaboration (and how to differentiate between the two)Photo & Video FundamentalsDirecting professional-level photo & video doesn’t actually have to be left to the professionals. In this module, we’ll show you the basics needed to shoot attention-grabbing, entertaining and highly engaging photo and video content that you can do yourself. From equipment recommendations to posing and finding the best light, we’re going to help you learn the content creation skills needed to stand out and show your best self. No more tech overwhelm.Lecture Hall Highlights: Learn how to direct and compose incredible photo & video content from both your phone and DSLR camera Understand the basics of composition, lighting and posing to nail the shot and captivate your viewers Learn our process for batching and editing, so you can work smarter not harderInfluencer LegalLike any business, you want to make sure you’re knowledgable and well protected when it comes to the legal aspect of generating revenue online. From taxes to copyright to contracts and partnerships, we’re going to show you the non-negotiables of influencer legal so you can grow your brand with peace of mind.Lecture Hall Highlights How to pay yourself as a business owner The one thing that will save you thousands in taxes Understanding copyrights so you can post with confidenceSelling ProductsWhen it comes to selling products, it can be easy to fall into the overwhelm of wondering what to focus on. In this lesson, we’re going to dive into how to sell products for your business and how to know when is the right time for it. There’s more to selling products than just announcing it’s available and waiting for sales to roll in which is why we’re digging deep into product ideation, creation, and sales strategies to support your long-term growth and brand success.Lecture Hall Highlights: Knowing what to sell and why Crafting your offer and finding your influence for long-term sales How to go from self-employed to business ownerAffiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing doesn’t deserve the reputation it’s been given, which is why we’re showing you the right ways to approach affiliate marketing that, when done correctly, can be the most hands-off way to generate revenue. In this lesson, we’re covering everything from finding aligned products to affiliate for to how to market them.Lecture Hall Highlights How to find the best low-ticket to promote for affiliate revenue Affiliating other creators high-ticket products How to align your affiliate sales strategy to your social media strategyBrand Deal MasteryIf you’re not quite ready to begin building your own products or are wanting to add an additional revenue stream to your business, brand deals can elevate your business revenue potential. Brands are constantly looking for influencers to promote their products and services and influencer marketing is quickly becoming a top priority for companies selling online. If you’re able to show that your audience trusts you and matches the target market for the brand, you can start getting paid by brands no matter what your audience size is.Lecture Hall Highlights: How to craft a media kit and perfect your pitch to land the deal How to calculate your earning potential with brand deals How to create content that keeps brands coming back to work with youEnroll today and you’ll receive the following extra creditBONUS CLASSESInstagram may be where you begin building your influence, but when you’re ready to expand to other platforms, we’ve got you covered.YouTube Course(Valued at $1497)YouTube is a powerful search engine that can expose you to millions. In this extra credit class, we’re showing you the essentials to succeeding on YouTube including how to develop a winning channel idea, SEO, growth hacks, hooks & production.TikTok Masterclass(Valued at $497)We’re taking you behind the scenes of the explosive-growth app to show you how to replicate success for yourself. Attend this class to learn how TikTok works, understand the different video formats and create your personal viral growth game plan.Careers In Social(Valued at $297)If you want a career in social media, you’re going to need experience. In this class, we’re teaching you how to position yourself as an expert (even if you’re still a student), & how to leverage your personality to land a job in the creator economy.Join The WaitlistGraduate Social Media Certified If you’re joining the Creator Economy in service to it (i.e. social media manager, designer, copywriter, integrator, VA, OBM) – any position that requires you to have knowledge of the social media space…Being Certified In Social Media by the #1 media company for female entrepreneurs will ensure you rise to the top and land any position with ease.You’ll even have the option to apply to work with the BossBabe team!(Value $297)Enroll today and you’ll also receive the followingDONE FOR YOU BONUSES30 Done For You Captions(Value $97)These captions are designed as templates that you can continue to edit & reuse over and over again + fit into our Audience Growth System.365 Instagram Story Prompts(Value $297)365 IG story prompts so you have done for you story content for the entire YEAR. Say goodbye to post paralysis for good!Dream 50Brand Deal Template(Value $197)Systemize your brand outreach process and land your dream 50 brand deals with our proven brand outreach template.100 Reel Ideas(for any niche)(Value $297)Access to our database of 100 Instagram Reel ideas for any industry. ( + learn how to create them with ease)Social Competitor Matrix(Value $297)A full social competitor matrix document, so you can analyze what works (and doesn’t) in your space. Research = Results.Creator Economy Database(Value $997)A complete database of the Creator Economy so you know exactly what tech to use & when. Plus exclusive discounts on our favs!YouTube Content Planner(Value $297)A custom YouTube Content Planner designed to make the content creation process simple and easy.Growth + Monetization Roadmap(Value $1497)This flowchart will ensure you always know EXACTLY what you should be doing and when. Brand Reach Out Scripts(Value $197)Steal our tried and tested template reach out scripts so you can begin monetizing with ease.Join The WaitlistPLUS AN EXCLUSIVE MASTERCLASS WITHViolet Benson, Founder of Daddy IssuesViolet is an immigrant that had all the odds stacked against her. – Now, she has 2 degrees, is in the top 0.1% of the creator economy, and has built one of the largest media pages on the internet. She and the Daddy Issues brand have amassed over 5 million loyal followers across social media platforms in just a few years. For the first time ever, she’s sharing her growth hacking strategy exclusively inside Influencer School.(Value $297)ENROLL TODAY FOR ACCESS TOHave a question for us? Raise your hand and have it answered in The Student Lounge, our exclusive community for Influencer School Students, Professors, and Alumni to hang out, collaborate and ask questions. This is where you’ll receive access to weekly live tutoring sessions directly from your professors. Replays, live events, challenges and graduation awards will all be hosted within The Student Lounge classrooms. Graduation awards you say? Yep! We’ll be hosting a graduation ceremony upon completion where students will receive their Social Media Certification, as well as epic Graduation Awards. Join The WaitlistVeronica’s audience engagement has skyrocketed while her posts go viral!’THANK YOU so much for helping me step up my social media game. For a long time I felt like nothing I posted got seen by anybody other than my mom and boyfriend LOL. I started following all the tips and my IG engagement has BLOWN up. I literally went from getting 60-100 likes on posts to getting thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments. I’ve never boosted a post and I’ve grown my following so much in the past couple months and I’m so excited because they’re not just randoms, they’re actually very niche specific and super engaged. Thank you again so much!’- VERONICA TORRESTHIS IS FOR YOU IF…     You’re prepared to put in the work to scale your brand or business to the next level… you just need to be told exactly what to do because right now you’re doing all the right things, and getting all the wrong results.      You’ve been waiting for the day to wake up to IG notifications (as well as Stripe and PayPal notifications) to confirm that your follower count and bank balance have grown in your sleep like we do, and trust that with our help, you will be very soon.     You want to find your niche and zone of genius, then be able to position yourself as an expert, an authority and a thought leader, but just don’t know where to start and want to learn from someone who’s built the know, like, trust factor for themselves and thousands of others.    You’re ready to start leveraging your time more so you can really scale what you’ve started, but know you need someone to tell you where to direct your energy, to help you come up with a not-to-do list.    You’re ready to learn how to grow your audience organically with paying clients (no bots or ad spend required). You’re fed up with wasting money (as well as time and energy) trying to reach your ideal client avatar online and still can’t seem to find the people you want to solve the problems of.Join The WaitlistFAQ1. How much time is required?By the end of Influencer School, you’ll be able to confidently and consistently grow your online audience and know how to completely sell out your programs or products.2. I don’t plan on using Instagram. Will this still work for me?Yes! While Instagram has been instrumental in the success of my personal brand as well as the explosive growth of BossBabe, I understand different platforms will work for different people, which is why we’re also covering YouTube and TikTok in your Bonus Elective of Influencer School. Many of the foundational lessons in branding, content creation, and video marketing will help you find success on any platform, though.2. I don’t plan on using Instagram. Will this still work for me?Yes! While Instagram has been instrumental in the success of my personal brand as well as the explosive growth of BossBabe, I understand different platforms will work for different people, which is why we’re also covering YouTube and TikTok in your Bonus Elective of Influencer School. Many of the foundational lessons in branding, content creation, and video marketing will help you find success on any platform, though.3. I work in a very saturated industry or niche. Will this still work for me?If you work in a saturated industry, Influencer School was made for you! Building a brand that highlights your authentic personality is the key to building a community of people that know, like, and trust you — no matter the niche! So if you’re needing help to stand out, Influencer School is exactly what you need to gain traction in your market.4. I already bought IGA. How is this different?While there are crossovers between IGA and Influencer School (both speak to social media usage and personal branding) there are many differences mainly in the approach to these creator platforms: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Influencer School is more in-depth and strategic when it comes to understanding the creator economy and your place in it, from start to finish. If you’ve already purchased IGA, please reach out to us for a special gift!5. I’ve studied social media for business before – how is this different?Social media is radically changing – not only the way in which we use it to connect and communicate but specifically how we use it for business and branding. Influencer School focuses on the pillar concepts required to succeed on social media as a creator, someone that builds an audience around a topic to monetize. This is a much different approach than what has previously been taught when it comes to social media and we’re so excited to dive into this with you inside Influencer School!6. What if I have a tiny audience? Is Influencer School still right for me?What I love about both the creator economy and Influencer School is that it is FULL of possibilities for any person, of any market, of any size audience. As someone that started on social media from nothing, I teach from a ground-up perspective, making this perfect for those just starting out or who only have a small audience.7. What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?We’re here to help you every step of the way, including when you get stuck! This is why we included 12-weeks of live coaching, mentorship, and Q&A study halls – so no matter where and when you need help, we’re here for you. If you need help outside of our 12-weeks together, consider joining The Société for ongoing support and accountability.8. Is there a community with Influencer School?The Student Lounge for Influencer School is like the dormitories in college; here for you to reflect, study, collaborate, and celebrate with your fellow Influencer School classmates. Community is hosted on Circle. Upon sign up, you’ll receive your community access email as well.9. Is everything available immediately?The Freshman Year will be available immediately upon purchase with the Sophomore and Junior years releasing 4 and 8 weeks later, consecutively. Please note, the bonuses listed are released in the year they are relevant to. 10. Is there a guarantee?We’re making it as easy as possible to try out Influencer School and make sure it’s a fit for you with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it and see ROI, simply provide us with a copy of your completed PDF workbook from ‘Freshman Year’ module showing that you gave the program a good faith effort before deciding it wasn’t right for you and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.Join The WaitlistFINALLY, A SCHOOL THAT DELIVERSREAL RESULTS.Join The WaitlistTHE BOSSBABE30-Day Money Back GuaranteeWe’re so confident in the results that you’ll see if you implement what you learn, that you’re backed by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.If you’re on the fence, or if other courses have left you feeling skeptical, then we want to give you every confidence that Influencer School is different. We want you to experience how possible it is for you to implement and see results.We’re making it as easy as possible to try out Influencer School and make sure it’s a fit for you with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it and see ROI, simply provide us with a copy of your completed PDF workbook from ‘Freshman Year’ module showing that you gave the program a good faith effort before deciding it wasn’t right for you and we’ll happily issue you a full refund.You’ve got nothing to lose, and SO much to gain.For more details, click here.READY TO GROW AND MONETIZE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA?    Influencer School Curriculum (Value $997)    12-Weeks Live Coaching (Value $1997)    Social Media Certification (Value $297)    Student Lounge Access (Value $997)    Social Competitor Template (Value $297)    365 Days of IG Story Prompts (Value $297)    YouTube Course (Value $1497)    TikTok Masterclass (Value $297)    Brand Deal Template (Value $197)    100 Done for You Reel Ideas (Value $297)    30 Done for You Captions (value $97)    Creator Economy Database (Value $997)    YouTube Content Planner (Value $297)    Violet Benson Masterclass (Value $297)    365 Days of IG Story Prompts (Value $297)    Media Kit Template (Value $297)    Growth & Monetization Roadmap (Value $1497)    Careers in Social Media Masterclass (Value $297)TOTAL VALUE $12,049ENROLL TODAY FOR:Join The WaitlistI have generated $30K through IG!“When I started I had approximately 500 followers and now I have 1680.Through Instagram I have generated $30,000 dollars.”- LILLIAN GORDON2021 THE BOSSBABE SOCIÉTÉ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED – TERMS OF USE PRIVACY  DISCLAIMEREARNINGS DISCLAIMERAny earnings or income statements or examples shown through our website are only estimates of what might be possible now or in the future. There can be no assurance as to any particular financial outcome based on the use of our website. You agree that I am not responsible for your earnings, the success or failure of your personal or business decisions, the increase or decrease of your finances or income level, or any other result of any kind that you may have as a result of information presented to you through our website. You are solely responsible for your results. This website is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Facebook, Inc. or Instagram, Inc.

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
Immediately after the payment, you will get a link to download the product (like a google drive folder). The link will be sent to your email account immediately, and you can always get the link on your account history too.

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The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

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We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the complete course you ordered and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours. Please get in touch with us if you want a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 24 hours

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Yes, send the information from the course you want to our chat or email at [email protected]

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You get all the content immediately; You don’t have to wait.

How can I get support from you?
We are confident provide for all of you an excellent service. If you have any problems, please contact us via Live chat. If we are not online, send us an email at [email protected] We will solve the problem quickly as possible!

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Facebook Group Access
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Mastermind or calls.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get this course?
NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

Is my credit card secure?
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