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New Generation Mastery Program by Brandon Lucero Sales Page

New Generation Mastery Program by Brandon Lucero Sales Page

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New Generation Mastery Program by Brandon Lucero Download

New Generation Mastery Program by Brandon Lucero Download

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New Generation Mastery Program by Brandon Lucero Torrent

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​Imagine Where Your Business Would Be If You Mastered Your Messaging a Year Ago,Just Like Some Of Our Past Students and Clients:02:07HIT PLAY and Hear what James Wedmore, Carrie Green, Caitlin Bacher, Rick Mulready, Mel Abraham, and More Have Experienced With The New Generation Mastery Content, Messaging, and Strategy!SUCCESS STORIES02:21’After implementing his strategy and the messaging and getting my unique methodology dialed in, I was able to have a six-figure launch.’Do you have a brick-and-mortar business? Are you curious and dabbling in the online and digital space? Then you’ll love to hear what Connie has to say. If you’re like Connie, sometimes investing in a mentor to help you get clear about your message and learn how to make sure it’s truly authentic to who YOU are is all it takes to get to your first 6-figure launch. And yes, you heard her right… she got EVERY question answered. If you know me, you know I will sit on a call or be at a mastermind as long as I need to be to make sure everyone’s questions are answered.- Dr. Connie Jeon, founder of Alkaline Wellness’I got so much clarity on what I was doing and what I was selling, and my communication skills went to the next level.’01:54’With some of the exercises in New Generation Mastery, there have been huge mental breakthroughs. So now I’m a lot clearer on my message and I have a lot more confidence.- Thomas Jordan, host of The Power Of Video Podcast04:10’I Started Doing $60k Months After Using This Style Of Content”I didn’t know how to get them to pay attention and I didn’t know how to get them to recognize that I could help.  I was blown away after hearing Brandon Lucero speak… and it was a missing piece of my marketing arsenal that I didn’t even know was missing…. it’s been life changing.’- Ashely Shaw, founder The Fitness Leader Institute  ‘Brought 135 Students Into Our Program In Our Biggest Launch Ever For This Product & Generated $204K In Sales’03:01 ‘The results speak for themselves […] If I can have this kind of result from just a small fraction of the program, it blows my mind what’s possible.’- Laura Phillips, founder of Love To Launch01:42’We’ve More Than Doubled Our Audience Size’ ‘Our weekly content is getting more engagement, shares, and organic reach than ever before, so clearly the methodology is working.’- Jack & Dena Hirsch, founders of Accelerated Sales Success’$20k in 3 weeks just by implementing your initial strategies’Andrea was able to generate $20K in 3 weeks just by implementing our initial strategies from the New Generation Mastery. She was also able to hire a virtual editor to take over her editing and she did it in 2 weeks with our PDF outline and instructions. She’s able to roll out 3-4 videos per week without it requiring any of her time.- Andrea Maxim, founder of MAXIMized Business>> CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE CASE STUDIES, RESULTS, FROM VIDEO 4X STUDENTS! <<Wondering If New Generation Mastery Is The Right Fit For You?Book a FREE 15 Min Call The NGM Team Book A CallARE YOU REALLY GOING TO STAY UNHEARD?HOW MUCH LONGER ARE YOU WILLING TO WAIT TO HAVE A CONNECTED AUDIENCE WHO BELIEVES IN YOUR MESSAGE JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO?AND HOW MUCH REVENUE AND IMPACT ARE YOU LOSING BY WAITING AND NOT LEARNING HOW TO CREATE DEMAND?WELL…IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE ME, AND THE 7-FIGURE ENTREPRENEURS I WORK WITH, THEN YOU PROBABLY REALIZE YOUR COMMUNICATION, MESSAGING, ABILITY TO CREATE DEMAND AND SALES ARE WHAT FUEL YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS…… AND WAITING MIGHT BE KEEPING YOU SAFE BUT IT’S ALSO KEEPING YOU STUCK.UNLESS YOU PLAN ON GIVING UP ON YOUR BUSINESS AND DREAMS THEN YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD… WHAT BENEFIT DO YOU GET FROM MOVING FORWARD WITH UNCLEAR, INEFFECTIVE, AND BROKEN MESSAGING & CONTENT?IT’S TIME TO SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY, BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE, AND DO IT POWERFULLY AND EFFECTIVELY.AND IT’S TIME TO LIVE IN A REALITY WHERE YOUR PASSION OVERPOWERS YOUR FEAR AND WHERE YOU MAKE MORE SALES BECAUSE YOU STAND OUT BY STANDING FOR SOMETHING AND COMMUNICATE IT CLEARLY & POWERFULLY.IT’S TIME FOR NEW GENERATION MASTERY, WHERE YOU STAND OUT FAST, GROW AN AUDIENCE THAT LOVES YOU, CREATE DEMAND, AND MAKE SALES BECAUSE OF HOW POWERFUL YOUR MESSAGING AND CONTENT BECOME.LET’S BREAKDOWN THEAND SEE HOW THIS IS GOING TO TRANSFORM YOUR MESSAGING AND CONTENT:SECTION   1Invisible Messaging ElementsThe most vital part of effective messaging is invisible to most. In fact, most people skip over this because they want things like language patterns, frameworks, scripts, messaging strategy, effective content types, etc and we will give you ALL of those. However, after working with over 1,000 students we realized the people who ALL saw the best results were tapping into 7 invisible elements… some of them were doing it by accident. Well, we don’t want you to do it by accident. We want you to take advantage of these elements, be intentional and use them NOW! This section FUELS the rest of the course and KNOWing these elements helps bring bigger results, faster.SECTION   2Demand-Creating Messaging EcosystemSome of the biggest reasons most unheard entrepreneurs have messaging and content problems are because their messaging is scattered, it’s not consistent, they’re NOT clear on their message themselves, they don’t know the specific problems they solve, and they are NOT effective in how they communicate in their content. We solve all that by creating, dialing in, and helping you grow and evolve your messaging ecosystem. This shows you exactly what to say, how to say it, and build an ecosystem that allows all the RIGHT messaging elements to hit your audience so that you connect, build demand, and stand out no matter where someone experiences you and your content online. This takes all the guesswork out of what to say and leaves you ONLY saying the right things, at the right time, to the right people. SECTION   3Unique & Engaging Content StructuresThis is more than just creating effective messaging… it’s about turning it into content that gets engagement, creates demand, stands out, builds automated connection, and PULLS in the EXACT audience you want.  That content can be done through video, images, live streams, podcasts, and more! We show you how to create HYPER ENGAGING content through all those mediums. You get to choose what type of content you want and we will show you how to put it together with your powerful messaging, language patterns, titles, scripts, copy, and more. You will never have to guess what to say, how to say it, and how to put it into content. After publishing hundreds of podcasts, images, videos and producing millions of impressions and views we have tested what content, titles, messaging, scripts, and styles work best in today’s online world. That’s what this section is all about.SECTION  4FAST Exposure – Get Eyeballs On You Quickly!In this program, you will begin to master your messaging, create demand-creating content, stand out, pull in the right audience, and more. But, I want it to happen quickly. I don’t want you to spend years posting, testing, and tweaking. I want you to do it quickly, easily, and affordably. We are going to walk you through our process for posting, driving TARGETED views overnight, testing, improving, tweaking, and evolving your message & content fast. You don’t have to waste years hoping people find your dialed-in content. We will show you how to do it so you get eyeballs on you literally overnight!’I’ve Become a Leader In My Space and… I Finally Feel I Connected My Messaging On a Whole Other Level’02:11Kayse Morris More Than 3x’ed Her Business & Had Her Biggest Launch That Hit Well Into Multiple Six-Figures.A few years ago Kayse came to us to change her content, messaging and take advantage of this shift. After going through this shift with our messaging process and content methodology, in a year’s time, she has more than 3x’ed her business, she had her biggest launch of her life that hit well into multiple six figures, and most importantly created an audience who believes in her message just as much as she does…in fact, her audience has rallied behind her “CEO Teacher” movement and message so intensely that they printed out her message and put it in their office, on their walls, and even reposted it on social media. She’s also been invited to be on panels at events like Kajabi with people like Rick Mulready, James Wedmore, and other 7 figure entrepreneurs.WANT A LOOK INSIDE AND SEE WHAT’S WAITING FOR YOU?4 MESSAGING & CONTENT BUILDING TRAINING SECTIONS!HERE’S AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT THE NGM COURSE13:54HERE’S A HIGH-LEVEL OVERVIEW OF THE COURSE…>> Each module has its own video trainings from me, worksheets, exercises, templates, frameworks, and more…! <<S E C T I O N  1DISCOVERING  YOUR  INVISIBLE  MESSAGING  ELEMENTSMODULE 1The ‘Invisible Elements’ You Will Need[7 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] These are the secret ingredients to unlocking powerful communication, messaging, and content. This module taps into our philosophies, psychology, principles, and secrets around humans, energy, and how the mind works. Understanding this and going through it yourself will catapult your messaging and communication to an entirely new level. AND… you will be able to shut off the external world so you can move past fear, find the hidden elements of your message and remember who you are, and operate with full personal power.MODULE 2The Power Concepts – Powerful People Create Powerful Messages[3 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] To truly create mind-blowing content you need to understand how and why your audience thinks the way they do. You need to understand how YOU and they both create their version of reality. When you understand this it becomes easy to unravel the part of their reality that causes pain and/or suffering. This is the foundation of what creates mind-blowing content and a POWERFUL version of you that leads to a discovery of powerful messaging.S E C T I O N  2BUILD  THE  MESSAGING  ECOSYSTEMMODULE 1The Journey To Expect[3 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] In this module you will see the entire map and pathway to becoming a New Generation Entrepreneur with mastery over your messaging and craft. We’ve identified and mapped out 6 phases everyone will go through and what is required to move out of each phase. After this module, you will know what phase you’re in, what to expect, and a pathway to get out of it as you navigate through the program. We also set expectations around testing, tweaking, and evolving your messaging and our philosophy around creating powerful and effective messaging.MODULE 2Building The Ecosystem Foundation[7 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] Discover ALL 11 messaging elements and more through a series of training, worksheets, and exercises that go to the CORE. Messaging needs to be consistent. It should be effective and engaging no matter where someone is consuming it. They should automatically like you, want to work with you, and love your content. But, that only happens after they experience very specific elements. This is called your messaging ecosystem. With it, you will know what to say and how to say it without having to think. It should be automatic and effective! This is the foundation to all great messaging and we have multiple pieces of training, worksheets, and exercises to pull it all out for you. We will cover everything from your struggling avatar and Future Paced Hero, to forming your Unique Solution, specific library, deeper purpose, common enemies, and more!MODULE 3Language Patterns + Frameworks[11 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] Learn the 26+ language patterns we use to PULL people in, create demand, and speak to the subconscious. Not sure how to communicate your message? We will fix that in this module! We will be diving deep into our language frameworks designed to speak to the subconscious of your audience. We show you how to get specific and speak so it lands clearly and creates automatic attention, demand, clarity, and engagement from your audience. You simply take all the messaging we help you pull out and plug them into these proven frameworks I have used to sell millions. S E C T I O N  3TRANSFORMING  TO  CONTENTMODULE 1Content Types, Plans, & Ratios[4 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] As you likely know, we shouldn’t be doing 100% of any type of content. We need a mix of content types, topics, and styles. We give you our most effective styles of videos, live streams, images, podcasts, and more! We have over 25+ different content styles and formats between images, videos, podcasts, and more you can use with our messaging philosophy! We break down the most effective ways to create multiple types of content with your new messaging. With these content types and ratios, we create an effect inside our brand that gets our audience to automatically be drawn into us, like us, want to work with us, and feel like they are a part of our message. MODULE 2Creating Powerful Topics & Titles[4 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] There is a science to pulling out the right video topics and avoiding the ones that could hurt your brand and messaging. We have all the title formats broken down for you! After creating thousands of videos in tons of different niches we’ve found the perfect process to identify the video topics for the fastest results. You will leave this module with a powerful list of topics that all fall within your messaging ecosystem and create demand for your offer and stand out so you get eyeballs on you fast!MODULE 3Thought Reversal Content[8 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] Thought Reversals are a content concept we created and developed over the past 4 years. It’s the fastest and easiest way to stand out, shift perspectives, communicate differently, create demand, and be seen as a thought leader. Understanding Thought Reversals alone can transform your content and marketing. Inside, we dive deeper into what they are, powerful scripts & templates, TR frameworks, how to use them, how to identify the ones that will work for you, and the 4 different Thought Reversals styles you can use in content, copy, webinars and more. We have script templates, pull and play scripts, and worksheets that you can simply follow for effective messaging. MODULE 4Connection Content[5 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] Connection content is a hidden concept because most people will look at it as ‘motivational’ or ‘inspirational’ content but it’s deeper than that. This is where you build a deep connection with your audience because you are intentional with releasing certain values, beliefs, and identities into your messaging ecosystem. This is where you get your audience to automatically like you, love you, and RALLY behind your message. We give you all our scripts, frameworks, exercises and more so you can nail connection no matter what type of content you’re using! You’ll find exercises, scripts, templates, worksheets, and more to NAIL your connection content based on the right values, beliefs, and identities. MODULE 5What To Do Content[7 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] What To Do content is our way of saying Educational content. This does NOT mean tutorials. We have 6 different ways to create educational content and only 1 of them is a tutorial we call ‘The Persuasive Tutorial’ because it pulls people in, engages them, and speaks to their subconscious while you go through your tutorial. If you’re ready to learn how to teach while creating demand instead of boring or overwhelming your audience then this module is for you! We have all the templates, exercises, worksheets, frameworks you need to get started today!S E C T I O N  4EXPOSURE  STRATEGIESMODULE 1North Star Platform For Your Intellectual Property[2 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] Not sure what platform to use? Where do you post? Our answer may surprise you. We don’t care! We want to guide you through a process to uncover what is right for you, your business, and your message. Some people thrive on YouTube, some on IG… maybe it’s a podcast? We will show you how to find out what platform you need and how much you should be posting there in order to broadcast your IP, message, content, and unique solution!MODULE 2Turning Content Into Marketing Goal[3 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] I never want you to guess with your messaging or marketing. You should KNOW what will work, especially when you go into a launch. In this module, we focus on testing your messaging, webinar titles, marketing, and more. We then show you how to take the data and craft messaging, titles, and communication you KNOW will work before you ever launch. This is where we show you how to take your messaging and content and turn them into golden launches, ad campaigns, and more. This is KEY to evolving your communication, messaging, content, and marketing!MODULE 3Organic Posting Strategy[1 VIDEO – Click Here For A Course Tour] Just like platforms, we don’t focus too much on the ‘perfect’ posting plan because there isn’t one. I’ve seen people thrive with all sorts of different posting plans. This is about you and what you want. You want to post once a day, great! You want to post once a week, awesome! You want to post 3 times a day, sweet! We will show you how to post and grow organically with whatever posting policy you want to create! We will give you options, recommendations and then guide you to grow with your content and message with whatever posting strategy you choose!MODULE 4Paid Posting Strategy[3 VIDEOS – Click Here For A Course Tour] Now that your content is created, scripted, designed, and posted it’s time to speed up the process. Although organic is great, it can also be slow. Let’s get you nearly instant views from the people who would LOVE your content and make sure they see ALL your content. This is how we get your views for a penny then make sure your viewers then see a thought reversal, connection, and what to do video one after another regardless of the platform they are on. You will be everywhere to the right person.This is also where we start to test your messaging so you can adjust and evolve it quicker. It takes the guesswork out of what part of your message works and which one needs more tweaking. We have an entire process to run you through!AND…YOU GET LIFETIME ACCESS!This means you get all new versions of the program AND our New Generation Mastery LIVE event in the Fall of 2022!PLUS…You Get ALL THESE BONUSES FOR FREE: STARTING WITH…B O N U S  1LIVE TRAINING: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MESSAGING AFTER YOU LAUNCH ORRELEASE CONTENTMessaging is something that is ALWAYS evolving. It is something that gets better and stronger over time. However, most people don’t know how to improve it, where to improve it, identify what’s wrong, or interpret data to bring your messaging to the next level.In this LIVE call, I will be working through our process on how to evolve your message, pay attention to data, and know what to improve on when things are working out the way you thought they would.B O N U S  2HIRE YOUR FIRST EDITOR TEAMFOR NEW GENERATION MASTERY(OVERSEAS OR IN HOUSE)YOU SHOULDN’T be making all the content yourself. Do you think successful people became successful because they did everything themselves or did they become successful because they did the things successful people did? They relied on a team and when I was broke I created a system that pumps out amazing videos on any budget. We are going to give you everything from our job postings, on-boarding, sites, and processes to hire your first editor so they are GOOD and reliable. Everything from where to find them, how to find them, what to pay them, and how to bring them on is all included.   This will be training and resources to hire your first virtual or local editor depending on what you need!B O N U S  3LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE MASTER YOUR MESSAGING 3-DAY EXPERIENCE REPLAYWe always walk our talk. Sometimes the best way to learn our messaging philosophy is to see it in action. That’s why we are leaving our 3-day event up for you to watch anytime you want! As you go through the program and discover your messaging, learn the language patterns, and create your content you can come back and watch me putting it into action. You can see firsthand what I did, why I did it, and how I did it so you can do the same thing!B O N U S  4LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE MASTER YOUR AUDIENCE AND OFFER BOOTCAMP REPLAYSI want to give you our two most powerful Bootcamps. These are what we used to create demand for our main event, the 3-day Master Your Messaging workshop. Yes, these Bootcamps will help you with your messaging… but that is what the program will do. Instead, I recommend you go through the program. Learn our philosophy and come back and watch them. You will see how we created demand, how we added value, the language patterns I used, frameworks I used, and more. You will literally see all our messaging elements used inside these Bootcamps so you can watch firsthand how to do it yourself!B O N U S  5MESSAGING IN A FUNNELMessaging needs to keep the end goal in mind. Everything needs to be connected and your content needs to be connected to your offer. Your funnels should be a continuation of the messaging that works inside your content. Don’t reinvent the wheel. We will guide you on our process for creating effective messaging throughout your entire funnel and remove the guesswork on what may work.This training shows you how to pull people in with your content and use the NGM messaging all the way through your entire funnel. When you see this, it will blow your mind how simple this can be and how destructive lure marketing can be (lure marketing is where you are luring people with juicy headlines at every step of the funnel). Let’s create demand throughout your entire funnel so people are begging for the next step.B O N U S  64 LIVE QUARTERLY GROUP CALLS WITH BRANDONWe don’t want you to do this alone. We are giving you 4 group calls where you can ask questions, let us look at your work, get a hot seat and get updates from Brandon on the newest trends we are seeing with content. This is where you get coaching from Brandon to ensure you are on the right path with your content and messaging. What happens after these 4 calls? Well, we aren’t promising anything but we will likely continue with 4 quarterly calls every year we launch this program and you will get free access to those as well. You could very well get more than 4 calls!Yes, you will get access to the recordings if you can not make the calls live. B O N U S  7PRIVATE NEW GENERATION MASTERY FACEBOOK GROUPWe don’t want you to do this alone. You get lifetime access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get updates, and see everyone’s progress! Brandon and our coaches are always in this group answering your questions firsthand!This group is designed to support you in implementing the New Generation Mastery and guiding you through mistakes, challenges, and internal battles or fears you may have.PLEASE NOTE – This group is not for script reviews from Brandon or the NGM team, that is for our mentorship level. BUT, other members can review them AND you can ask about messaging guidance and messaging questions from Brandon and the team inside the group.B O N U S  8PSYCHOLOGY OF THE VOICE: SPEAK POWERFULLYThis may be one of the most powerful bonuses you get but it’s also one of the things almost ALL entrepreneurs never realize is important. Look… New Generation Mastery will give you the messaging, language, content, and strategy but you might be using tones, speaking fluctuations, voices, and communication styles that push people away subconsciously. This bonus with New Generation Mastery student, Tracy Goodwin, will show you how to speak so you can pull people in and convey your message with subconscious POWER. She has coached teams at massive companies and brands and online entrepreneurs like James Wedmore. B O N U S  960-Day Accelerator Plan & Fail-Proof GuidanceWe created a 60-day accelerator plan for everyone in the program. We are guiding you through the entire program, walking you through it, and giving you tasks to do each week. It will all be recorded and you can move through this accelerator and guidance plan at your own pace.We call this accelerator ‘New Generation Mastery Bingo’ because we make it fun! We give out prizes and gamify the entire experience! Throughout the 60 days, you will have four separate bingo boards – one for each section of the New Generation Mastery program. Each board will be dripped out to you throughout the 8 weeks and the time given for each section will vary – some sections are relatively short and will only take you a ~week to complete, while other sections are longer and will need more time for you to create and test content before you can mark off that box. The prizes we give out are valued at over $15,000! Who knows… you may win prizes just by going through the program!B O N U S  10LIVE TRAINING: PRODUCTION & VIDEO OUTSOURCING WORKFLOWWe have built a content MACHINE. Matt, our Chief Creative Officer, has built a system and workflow that allows us to upload video and it gets fully edited and back to us in multiple formats and styles. With these workflows, you’ll be able to set up a video system so you don’t have to touch anything yourself. You should be able to upload your filmed videos to Dropbox and have a process that gives you completed videos ready for posting. This is how we are able to create hundreds of videos without Brandon or even Taylor (COO) having to micromanage or be in the process.In this live training, our Chief Creative Officer Matt will walk you through everything you need to know and help you with any questions you may have along the way.B O N U S  11LAUNCHING A PODCAST USING THE NEW GENERATION MASTERY METHODWe’ve been adapting the New Generation Mastery for podcasting and have seen our students crushing it by adapting this into their podcast strategy.You’ll have access to a recorded workshop breaking down how we structure a podcast with this.BONUS: FREE ADMISSION TO OURANNUAL NEW GENERATION MASTERY LIVEDetails: Dates will be announced soon! This event will be held as a virtual event!WARNING: This event will NOT be giving more tactics and funnel strategies. We already know you get enough of that, and you already know you can find most of that for free online. What we want to give you is a transformative experience that taps into the power of MESSAGING. New Generation Mastery LIVE will be focused on the thing no one is talking about… probably because it’s that thing most people don’t even see. That’s why we call it the “invisible.” 01:07Over these three days, you will witness (or experience for yourself) hot seats with breakthroughs like never before because we don’t believe in fluff content, we believe in you making your impact and addressing the core values of you, your business, and of your audience.You will have the opportunity to interact and get to know other entrepreneurs like yourself who are looking to separate themselves from the rest in their industry. BE PREPARED: The way you look at your business, life, and content will NEVER be the same after this event.HAVE A QUICK QUESTION ABOUT THE PROGRAM? TEXT US!+1(805)669-9421The Million Dollar Messaging Mentorship level gets you lifetime access to the New Generation Mastery program and the most 1:1 access to Brandon and his team you can possibly have. It is an annual program that includes all the following features, masterminds, 1:1 sessions, and bonuses. The annual date starts from the day you have your first 1:1 call and at the end of the year, you have the opportunity to renew, if you choose not to renew you will still have lifetime access to the entire New Generation Mastery program. MENTORSHIP LEVEL ONLY: Million Dollar Messaging Crafted by Brandon LuceroAs you know, Brandon has helped create scripts, messaging, and copy for some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the online space and helped them see results they’ve never seen before because of his ability to craft powerful messaging. He can see the things they can’t see and craft them into powerful content. Until now, the only way to have Brandon work on your messaging was by being a high-end retainer client. That’s what this mentorship level is all about. You get to work with Brandon and his team to figure out your messaging, scripts, etc. You will have a series of 1:1 calls with our mentor coaches who have been personally trained by Brandon. With monthly hot seats, and masterminds with Brandon. And… If you need more calls in order to dial everything in, then you will get them. TWO-DAY PRIVATE MASTERMIND EVENTVIP DAY (Mentorship Students Only) Before The New Generation Mastery LIVE Event We view our brand as the testing grounds to see what works, what doesn’t, and as soon as we find a new trend, tactic, format that works very well we bring that to our mentorship students first. You get a behind-the-scenes look into our business and what’s working and what’s not.With that said, we host annual masterminds just for our mentorship students. This event is a two-day event filled with new updates, behind the scene looks, hot seats, new training (if needed), and direct in-person help.This is the second mastermind you get in this program. We will be going through the newest content, ads, and strategies that are working with our clients.This includes ad types, ad strategies, new funnels, content ideas, filming styles, and anything else you need! This day is spent fine-tuning your stuff and see what is working for everyone else.MENTORSHIP LEVEL ONLY:6 1:1 Mentorship Calls with the New GenerationMastery Senior CoachesYes, you will have 1:1 opportunities with Brandon during hot seats, but you will also have calls with our highly skilled coaches who have implemented NGM themselves in their own businesses to help you implement it within yours, and we provide enough calls to ensure you have everything dialed in.Sometimes students need 6 calls and sometimes they need more. This will depend on how well you progress through the program. All of these calls will be 30 minutes long. Call #2: The Unique Methodology CallCall #1: The Avatar Identity CallHave an experienced coach who has helped hundreds of students review and discuss your avatar identities with you. This is 30 minutes of high level 1:1 time for you to get assurance, guidance and feedback on your two avatar identities.  Your unique methodology is your north star for your content, it fills the demand gap you built between your Struggling Avatar and Future Paced Hero. It is the fuel to your messaging ecosystem. You will work with the same coach you did for your Avatar call to make sure your methodology is clear, unique to you, and is defined enough to start fueling your content. Call #4: The Scripting CallCall #3: The Messaging Ecosystem CallThis call leans into that old saying of “give a (wo)man a fish, s/he will eat for a day. If you teach a (wo)man to fish, you feed him/her for a lifetime.” This scripting call if anything motivates you to write those scripts (Thought Reversals and Connection Pieces) and during the call our scripting coach, Katie Soy, will review them to make sure you’ve nailed down the frameworks, SOM patterns, and concepts. By the time you’ve completed call one and two you should be ready to establish a messaging ecosystem. Where your content, no matter what platform you are focusing on, is consistent, building connection, being polarizing, building demand, and attracting your struggling avatar to your world. This call is meant to make sure all the pieces fit together and that your content ideas are potent enough to be effective. Call #6: The Second Round ReviewCall #5: The Facebook Ads CallGet your content out there. This call is to help Facebook Ads beginners set up and scale the ad strategy we teach inside the NGM Effect course. Our FB ads coach is an expert in Fb Ads and is well versed in the NGM Methodology.By the time you are ready for call 6 you are getting a review of new scripts and content ideas based on what you’ve learned from the first batch you put out, because knowledge is in the knowing! This is your final 1:1 call and you spend the rest of your time in the mentorship program implementing, learning, evolving, and actively participating in group calls, the facebook group, masterminds, etc. Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up By NGM Team Quarterly Group Calls with Integrator, Taylor, On Systems, Team Growth, and Social MediaWe will set up your entire NGM ad process in FB so you can target the right people right off the bat. This will help you avoid any target mistakes, set up mistakes and allow you to get the right person at the right time the first time. Every 3 months Taylor will be hosting a live group call on two of these topics each call. Systems will be focused on automating and systemizing your content creation and distribution process so it’s as hands-off as possible for you, the entrepreneur. Team Growth will be focused on anything from hiring, onboarding, interviewing, team structure, how to find an integrator, how to figure out who your first hire should be , etc. The Social Media call will be all about how to repurpose content into tried and true pieces that are incredibly easy to create. Quarterly Facebook Ads Call Full Workflow Set Up Inside Your Project Management SoftwareInside our agency, we focus on messaging from point a to point z, meaning we are running all of our clients content, ads, re-marketing, funnels, etc. These calls are to go over Facebook’s ads as a WHOLE. Meaning all optins ads, re-marketing ads, targeting, sales ads, etc. These calls go beyond just running your NGM content and give you deep dives into how we are running our clients’ ads from point a to point z (aka the sale). If you need help setting up your project management software with our workflows we will help you with that and in some cases we will just do it for you!We’ve set up our process inside software like Asana, and other PM software and we will help you set up yours.Yes, you get the workflows inside of NGM but if setting up processes aren’t your strong suit, just let us set them up for you inside the mentorship program!Every Other Month LIVE Group Scripting CallsMonthly LIVE Group Mentorship Calls with BrandonWe host monthly group calls inside the mentorship group! You ARE guaranteed a hot seat with Brandon every month on these calls!These calls are for YOU and we bring in some TOP guest speakers for you on these calls. You tell us what you need and Brandon finds the best talent to come in and help you through those problems.These calls are also a place for you to ask questions and have hot seats to work through your messaging, get more help, and get the latest updates on what is working. If you need help with scripting after your 1:1 calls, Katie will be hosting, group calls where you can ask questions, get script reviews and see any new training Katy may have for you.These calls are designed to ensure your scripts are POWERFUL, on point and you are FULL of confidence in your ability to deploy the New Generation Mastery. Private Mentorship Members Only FB GroupAccess To The Lucero Mentorship Master LibraryUnlock our vault to 40+ call recordings that are lead by experts like Brandon himself, our Facebook Ads Manager Terrell Brown, James Wedmore, Manifestation Babe, Shannon Irvine, Rick Mulready, Mel Abraham, and so many more incredibly entrepreneurs who share their knowledge on their area of expertise. Each call is clearly labeled and time-stamped so you can navigate our library with ease and on an as needs basis. The mentorship group has it’s own Facebook group to get more personalized help.You have access to Brandon, our coaches and team inside this group for help and guidance. You can ask questions on messaging, script reviews, ads, and anything else that may come up. We are here!Master Your Sales Mechanism 4 Part TrainingIn this 4-part training, Brandon goes over the Sales Mechanisms in depth. You will have access to the recording training. Want to create the MOST powerful webinar, workshop, or Bootcamp that PULLS and CREATES DEMAND? I break down the 4 part process including the theme, title, promise, format, and language patterns! This is a BRAND NEW training, only seen by mentorship students. It was our exact process that lead to $40,000+ in sales in 60 days with our evergreen webinar.MENTORSHIP LEVEL ONLYWE TRAIN YOU AND/OR YOUR TEAM IN UNDER 120 DAYSThe mentorship level is designed to get video and the New Generation Mastery installed in your business quickly regardless of what level you or your team is at. We’ve had people who have taken their social media manager or asst. and run them through the mentorship program and at the end of 90-120 days their team was planning their content, writing script, and running all their videos for them. This mentorship level is a 120-day program that will take you or your team or both and get video working correctly, with all the right workflows, and do it in the quickest amount of time possible.The program is structured with a weekly training and homework assignment each week. You may go through it faster or slower if you want. The goal is to have everything set up and to take you or your team from ZERO to fully running with video, strategy, and messaging within 120 days or less.And you can start it ANYTIME you want! If you join at the mentorship level the 120 days start when you book your first 1:1 call with us!The goal is to get everything up and running in 120 then work with you for the rest of the year perfecting and evolving your messaging.IS THE MENTORSHIP RIGHT FOR YOU?BOOK A CALL WITH OUR TEAM AND FIND OUTRemember!THIS ISN’T JUST A CONTENT/VIDEO COURSE…Content is the vehicle that delivers the message and although video is a great way to do that, we go BEYOND just and focus on ALL content like images, live streams, podcasts, and more… but it’s really about communication and messaging!This is about creating CLEAR, DEMAND CREATING messaging that is distributed quickly, effectively, and cohesively through your entire brand (or ecosystem).This messaging needs to be integrated into all content, funnels, ads, emails, and more. This is why we focus on creating effective content which includes, images, podcasts, videos, live streams, and even funnels, ads, webinars, video series, and more.This is an entire system, framework, scripts, and process for uncovering the most powerful communication and messaging you can create all wrapped up in any form of content you choose, including video and more.(But, if video is your thing… we have you covered too)REAL REACTIONS, VOICE MESSAGES, AND COACHING FROM THE MENTORSHIP LEVEL01:16’In less than an hour I had 300 new followers.’Erica Fern is a mentorship student who recently created a video on TikTok using our methodology and got INSTANT results. Just using ONE pattern of communication led to hundreds of new followers!If your clients or audience are not responding like this to your content then you’re doing something massively wrong. Let’s fix that.Kat is continually hitting $25k months with her NEW messaging and communication!01:59When Kat came into the program, she thought she already had all the tools and formulas she needed to succeed, until it actually came time to script out some videos and she realized that her messaging wasn’t dialed in. This led her to change her framework, website copy, and even program which led to her continually hitting $25K months!00:52’You helped me create a methodology.’Carrie is a mentorship student who was having trouble creating content topics to explain what she does in a way where it was clear and still created demand. After dialing everything in she got over 500 beta testers into her program and it was the easiest launch she’s done. She’s been able to build a multiple 6-figure business once she changed her messaging around!Bob Helig Doubled His Revenue In 12 Months to $4 million/year!02:09’I started talking about it and people said, ‘OMG That’s ME!’.’When Bob came into the program he was seeing traction with what he was doing but it felt “off”, “all over the place” and he knew he knew there was something he couldn’t see. He knew he had something more powerful to offer but wasn’t sure what it was or how to communicate it. After working with us through the New Generation Mastery process EVERYTHING shifted. His audience was repeating his messaging back to him, they wanted what he had to offer before he pitched anything, and his messaging, content and brand were finally HIM. He found power in his message and content and you can have that too.01:36Within 4 Month Rose Was Hitting $106,000+ Months!’I started getting between 3 and 8 inquires into my DM’s a day’.Rose experienced almost instant demand for her course like never before after implementing what she’d learned in New Generation Mastery philosophy. Simply by changing her communication, content, titles, and messaging everything started to shift. People automatically understood it and wanted it. She is the perfect example of being able to monetize your audience, no matter the size because she didn’t have a big audience when she joined… but now she is growing that FAST!WHAT MEMBERSHIP IS RIGHT FOR YOU?NEW GENERATION MASTERYMILLION DOLLARMESSAGINGSTANDARDENROLLMENTMENTORSHIPENROLLMENTLifetime Access To The New Generation Mastery  ProgramPDF Downloads, Templates, Video Workflows, and TrainingVideo Scripts For Thought Reversals, Motivation, etc.Engagement Secrets For Video That PULL People InTraining For YouTube, Facebook and InstagramFull Video Outsource Training and Hiring a TeamMembers Only Facebook™ Group4 Group Coaching Calls With BrandonNew Generation Mastery LIVE EventBonus Training CallsPrivate VIP Day Before The New Generation Mastery LIVE EventMillion Dollar Messaging Crafted By Brandon6 1:1 Calls With The NGM Senior CoachesFull Workflow Process Set Up For You By The NGM TeamScript Reviews By Our Scripting Coach, Katie SoyFull Facebook™ Ad Set Up For New Generation MasteryCreative Director Training For Your TeamWe Train Your Team To Deploy This For YouPrivate Facebook™ Group Just For Mentorship MembersQuarterly Calls with Integrator, Taylor, On Systems, Team Growth, & Social MediaPrivate Mastermind EventAccess To The Lucero Mentorship Master LibraryBrandon’s Bonus Sales Mechanism Coursedayshoursminutesseconds0005015312 X $29712 X $1,297ENROLLMENT ENDING IN:Standard EnrollmentMentorship Enrollment12 X $297Mentorship 12 X $1,297OR 6 X $579OR 6 X $2,445OR Pay In Full and Save $1,673OR Pay In Full and Save $477(8 Spots Available)200% Money Back Guarantee Secure CheckoutWe know if you do the work, and follow our step by step methodology, you will, without a doubt, create videos that will have better engagement than any other you’ve created before. If not, we guarantee 200% money back!If you want to join the program I don’t want money to be the problem. I want you to have this training now. If you need a smaller payment plan, I understand. That is why we partnered with a company that will offer you payments longer than a 12-pay, drastically decreasing your monthly payment. Just apply with them, and choose the terms you want. As long as you apply before cart closes we will honor your purchase.Apply HereWe Take ALL The Risk and Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is. We GUARANTEE You Results!We know if you do the work and follow our step-by-step methodology, you will, without a doubt, create messaging and content that will have better engagement than any other you’ve created before. If not, we guarantee 200% money back! Or if you’re just starting out we guarantee you build a remarketing audience on Facebook of at least 5,000 people.This is my commitment to you. I want there to be ZERO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join New Generation Mastery!I believe in this program so much that I am willing to risk my own money that you will get results!We do require that you put in the work. You must complete the entire course, put in the work, give it a solid effort, let us review the work, and even let us help write a script before we give a 200% money-back guarantee. We will look at your old content vs your new content following our process, if your engagement is not better then or you haven’t built a remarketing audience of at least 5,000 people on Facebook then Brandon will personally work with you to improve it. If he can’t get it improved then we will give you 200% of your money back. New Generation Mastery just plain works and we will pay you if it doesn’t and if it doesn’t you can email us at [email protected] We stand behind our product. WILL YOU HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS AS OUR PAST STUDENTS?Book a FREE 15 Min Call With Our NGM TeamTo See If You’re Someone Who Will Succeed With New Generation Mastery.BOOK A CALLIf Our Clients Are Seeing This Kind Of Growth; What’s Possible For You When You Have Access To The Same Thing They Do?SUCCESS STORIESNearly 1,000 Optins Per Video: Carrie Green’s Story02:55Before working with Brandon, Carrie was doing most of her videos herself with little results. It felt like her videos were all over the place with no intention or strategy. After working with Brandon, her video process is now hands-off and has an intentional strategy that’s building her email list and re-marketing audiences on Facebook. She is averaging just under 1,000 email opt-ins per YouTube video, gained over 600,000 views, blew past 33,000 subscribers, and has a prepped and primed re-marketing audience on Facebook ready for her next launch.James Wedmore’s First $1,000,000+ Launch With Brandon’s Video Influence and Persuasion02:05Your message and video are only as effective as your scripting and influence. If it’s not dialed in it may be why your videos aren’t getting the shares, reactions, views, and results you wanted. Even though James’s last video series did over $800k in a single launch, he hired Brandon to re-script and help write his entire video series so he could properly use influence, ethical persuasion, scripting, and communication-based on how the brain processes info to create demand for program Business By Design. These frameworks, methods, and scripts are used inside our clients’ and students’ videos and marketing.03:30Caitlin Bacher – $1,000,000+ On Her New Coaching Program With NGM Content!Caitlin was in the process of creating her new group coaching program and was having trouble creating the messaging (and content) that would help her stand out, build a following and generate sales. After dialing in her positioning and messaging, we decided to combine Thought Reversal videos with How-To content allowing her to quickly build an engaged audience on Facebook while creating demand for her new program at the same time. Her goal was to have it generate $1,000,000 by the end of the year and she is on pace to surpass that goal!Rick Mulready – 100,000 People In an Engagement Audience in 3 weeks and Highest EPL Ever!01:57I have known Rick for a while now and had the pleasure of helping him out with his mini video series for an upcoming launch just a few months ago. After only a few days of running his videos that we helped him create, Rick saw amazing results, building an engaged audience of over 100,000 people and having over 1,000 new members join his Facebook Group. The New Gen team was able to achieve these results with Rick because of the New Generation Mastery, scripting effective content based on his Avatar, having a quick (and fun) shoot with Rick and his team, and then taking the videos through our production workflow process.03:15Mel Abraham – It’s Mind Blowing and It BLOWS Away Anything I Have Ever Done Before!Your positioning in the marketplace can make or break your audience growth, sales, and business. Mel knows that which is why he teaches businesses and entrepreneurs how to become thought leaders. The problem is that finding your messaging can be difficult and that’s why Mel pulled us in! The New Generation Mastery and Lucero team went to work and created some of the most powerful content Mel has ever produced. We were able to find how his unique message and get it out there in a way he hasn’t seen before and in 3 days we were able to produce 6 months of purpose and ROI-driven content!OUR STUDENTS ARE LOVING THE TRAININGS AND ARE GETTING RESULTS FAST!Understanding How To Communicate From Your Audience’s Perspective and To Their Subconscious Will CHANGE Your ResultsFOR LIFE.  The concepts in this program reveal how to access certain levels of communication that you could never access before. These are skills you will use for the rest of your life… no matter what business you start or pivot you make.When you combine this communication with the alignment of YOU and YOUR message you access new levels of POWER…. as you can see from these students:’All the big speakers and influencers ALL do this stuff but we just didn’t know that until Brandon came along.’I’ve never come across anything this powerful before! If you’re on the fence. Stay there because I don’t want anyone else to have this information!’Kirsch Mackay01:34’I thought messaging was copywriting. But, I realized it’s about WAY MORE than the words you use.”It’s about understanding your message, who you are, and doing things in your way but in a way that stands outs! It’s about creating something different but is in alignment with you!’Kirstin Maahs’People could not wait to buy. They were asking ‘When Are You Going To Open Cart?!’01:35Before I met Brandon… my launches were blah and my messaging was all over the place.Just by applying a few things I had my best launch ever. It felt on point. People were resonating with it and were asking me to buy before cart was open!’Kelly Northcott – Mentorship StudentWHO IS THE NEW GENERATION MASTERY COURSE FOR?Online EntrepreneurLocal Business Owner(Including Realtors! This means ANY business that wants more LOCAL customers in their area)Service ProviderCoach or Coaching Program EntrepreneurCourse CreatorThe New Generation Mastery course is designed for the entrepreneur who already knows video is a required part of growing a business in today’s world. If you think it’s my job to convince you that video is the answer then New Generation Mastery is NOT for you. So, who is it for…- 1 -You are an entrepreneur at heart, who wants to create an impact with your message and your product/service. You know that you have something that can transform a corner of someone’s life by either motivating them, alleviating pain points, solving problems, inspiring them, or all four.  AND/OR- 2 -You are familiar with online marketing, social media platforms, organic growth, paid traffic, etc. but you are looking to streamline your process. You want your marketing plan and output to be strategic and intentional. AND/OR- 3 -You want to be seen as a thought leader in your niche, providing insights and tools that are actually going to help your audience. As a thought leader, you want to connect and engage with your audience and not just have high a number of disconnected followers on your platforms. AND/OR- 4 -You want to get out of the day-to-day weeds of content creation, video editing, production, and live posting. Instead, you want a process and strategy that will make your marketing easy, structured, and effective so you can start spending time on higher-level business ideas and concepts.AND/OR- 5 -You’re just tired of doing everything all the gurus told you to do and nothing seems to work. You’re tired of trying to convince people to listen and to buy…. you’re just tired and ready for people to finally listen, understand, and want to work with you.HAVE A QUICK QUESTION ABOUT THE PROGRAM? TEXT US!+1(805)669-9421Mentorship EnrollmentStandard Enrollment12 X $297Mentorship 12 X $1,297OR 6 X $579OR 6 X $2,445OR Pay In Full and Save $477OR Pay In Full and Save $1,673(8 Spots Available)200% Money Back Guarantee We know if you do the work, and follow our step by step methodology, you will, without a doubt, create videos that will have better engagement than any other you’ve created before. If not, we guarantee 200% money back!Secure CheckoutIf you want to join the program I don’t want money to be the problem. I want you to have this training now. If you need a smaller payment plan, I understand. That is why we partnered with a company that will offer you payments longer than a 12-pay, drastically decreasing your monthly payment. Just apply with them, and choose the terms you want. As long as you apply before cart closes we will honor your purchase.Apply HereHAVE A QUESTION? CONTACT OR CHECK OUT OUR F.A.Q’SYou can get a hold of us using live chat on this page or emailing us at [email protected] This Work For a Local Business?Yes! The New Generation Mastery works on an international level. In fact, some of our clients get recognized on the street due to the exposure of their videos. When you take the New Generation Mastery methodology and apply it to local marketing it’s like adding gasoline to a fire. Just be prepared to get recognized in your local area. Do I Need a Product In Order For This To Work?NO! In fact, putting out content will help you dial in your messaging, test what works, and give you an audience who you can survey and tell you what to sell to them. New Generation Mastery works for you no matter what level you’re at because it’s about evolving you from where you are. It is not designed for a certain person at a certain level. I Am Starting From ZERO. Will This Work?YES! Like we said above, New Generation Mastery works for you no matter what level you’re at because it’s about evolving you from where you are. It is not designed for a certain person at a certain level. This is about growing you as fast as we can regardless of where you are at. Do you think you would grow faster having access to New Generation Mastery or trying to do it all yourself?I’m Afraid Of The Camera and Video Scares Me!First of all, that’s not a question. BUT, what’s more important… playing into your fear of judgment or making an impact and growing the business you know you want to grow? Everything in your life that seems easy now was once something that scared you. What benefit do you get from being scared? What benefit would you get from being courageous and doing it even if you’re scared?Is Video Too Technical?Well… you shouldn’t be doing the videos yourself! That is why we developed pillar #4! It’s all about having the workflows that push out video for you so you don’t have to! It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out because I started when I was broke living my in-laws. I was forced to find the cheapest ways to produce video on any budget and what most failing unheard entrepreneurs never realize is that not spending the money on things you know you need in order to grow your business is what keeps you broke.I Already LIVE Stream. Will This Work?YES! In fact, live streaming is one of the video types we recommend. We tell everyone to start with 1-2 video types that they want to use and live streaming is one of those types. The process will remain the same but you just need to do it live instead of pre-recorded. I Have a Podcast. Do I Need This?YES, if you want more downloads. Podcasts are also another video type we recommend in the program (if you already have a podcast). The problem with podcasts is that the podcasting platforms don’t have advertising set up. This means you either have to rank in iTunes or you have to drive the traffic to your podcast on your own. That’s where the New Generation Mastery methodology comes in and that’s why most of our podcasting students see massive increases in downloads, like Angus Pyke who saw an 800% increase in his downloads. Do I Have To Use Video?No. This is not a video course. It’s a messaging course helping you get to the invisible layers of messaging, communication and content. Content can be done in the form of video, podcast, images, webinars, challenges, ads, emails, funnels and more. We do cover video but we also address podcasting, funnels, images and more as well!BY THE END OF NEW GENERATION MASTERY YOU WILL:Have a system that other entrepreneurs have used to build hundreds of thousands of leads, millions of views, millions in sales, and make an impact that only the next-level entrepreneurs can make. Be able to communicate in a way where your audience will nod their head agreeing with you because you’re communicating how they process information.  Grow your email list, audiences, following and business on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.Be able to create content that gets engagement, creates demand and is integrated so deeply in who you are that you attracts a tribe of people who 100% aligned with you and what you stand for…. all while they know you’re the answer before you have even made an offer.THESE RESULTS, VIDEO QUALITY, AND ACTIVITY ARE TYPICAL:VIDEOS MADE USING THE NEW GENERATION MASTERY FORMULAS:Carrie Green52K subscribersBusiness is Changing – Entrepreneurial Motivation and Inspiration By Carrie GreenCarrie Green52K subscribersHow To Focus and Be Super Productive – Get Rid Of Your Overwhelm!Caitlin Bacher7.65K subscribersWhy Moms Make The BEST EntrepreneursStandard EnrollmentMentorship Enrollment12 X $297Mentorship 12 X $1,297OR 6 X $579OR 6 X $2,445OR Pay In Full and Save $477OR Pay In Full and Save $1,673(8 Spots Available)200% Money Back Guarantee Secure CheckoutWe know if you do the work, and follow our step by step methodology, you will, without a doubt, create videos that will have better engagement than content your created before the program. If not, we guarantee 200% money back!Privacy Policy | Terms of ServiceChat with Team LuceroLive SupportCustomer SupportChat startedLucero TeamHi there! Do you have any questions we can help answer about the New Gen Mastery Program?Type a message here…

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
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