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Organize & Automate 2021 by Nesha Woolery Sales Page

Organize & Automate 2021 by Nesha Woolery Sales Page

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Organize & Automate 2021 by Nesha Woolery torrent

Organize & Automate 2021 by Nesha Woolery torrent

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Organize & AutomateSimplify Your Online Service-Based Business in Just 14 DaysOn the side of your regular routine!“10 hours freed up every week”“Clients are becoming referral machines”“Double the income in half the hours”Which of these results do you want? This what my students have achieved with this course, and you can too.Enroll NowJoin todayheader.jpgDOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?You started your own service-based business because you craved freedom, wanted to spend more time with your family, and you love working from the comfort of your bed. I mean, workspace. *Cough cough*There’s just one problem…Working for yourself is stressful.Your clients are late providing you with EVERYTHING, from the files you need so you can start their project, to the feedback you need at various stages.When you eventually receive your client’s feedback, it’s one vague sentence that doesn’t help you at all.Your projects finish, but your clients are still emailing you with millions of questions.And getting them to pay you on time is like tearing yourself away from a 4-hour binge session of This Is Us: not going to happen. *That show is awesome.*Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to get a day job? Leave all the payment-chasing and following-up to someone else and just collect your payslip at the end of each month?I know you sometimes think about that because I used to think about it too.Despite those thoughts,you’re no quitter.This business was your dream and there’s no way you’ll give it up without a fight, right? That’s why you’re here, reading this.You know that if you carry on down this path to burnout, your business won’t last long.Organizing your business now is the key to regaining your sanity and creating a sustainable business you’ll love running for years!Nesha-Woolery-Business-Mentor-Designers-Web-120.jpgYOU ARE CAPABLE OF CREATING A BUSINESS THAT IS FUN AND EASY TO RUN, EVEN IF…    You’re great at being creative or strategic… but suck at getting organized.    You’re busy with client work and can only spare one hour a day for a couple of weeks to organize your business.    You’ve taken a million other courses (but never finished any).    I’m here to help you organize your business once and for all, and together it will only take two weeks. (But you can take longer if you want!)Two weeks to a business that brings you peace of mind and inner calm.Two weeks to a process that blows your client’s minds and leaves them raving about you to all their friends.Two weeks to working fewer hours. (Think of the time you’ll now have to go to the gym, travel or play with your kids!)    Here’s why you’ve struggled toget organized until now…You thought:    ‘I have client work to do. I can’t fit this in, too!’    ‘I don’t have time to experiment with lots of new tools and find the best ones for me.’    ‘I need to focus on marketing, not organizing.”fade1.jpgBut your decision to hold off on getting organized until now was a stroke of genius, even if you didn’t realize know I sound hypocritical saying that, but hear me out.There’s no point in wasting your precious time trying to piece together systems from various bloggers and YouTubers. Think of the days you’ve wasted doing that.With this course, you’ll have everything you need to organize your business in one place. Untitled design (15).pngLife-altering waysyour business is about to change…Nesha-Woolery-Business-Mentor-Designers-Previews-5-2_preview.jpeg     Imagine…… You have an organized, simple business that allows you to spend less time slaving for clients and more time:    Creating and selling courses and ebooks so you can make money while you sleep.    Scaling your business and growing your team.    Hanging with your husband and kids.    Traveling the world and drinking passion fruit mojitos on the beach! (C’mon. You know that drink is the bee’s knees.)Nesha-Woolery-Business-Mentor-Designers-Web-86.jpg    Imagine your process is so streamlined…• Your clients never forget to provide files and feedback on time.• Late payments become a thing of the past.• Nothing falls through the cracks and gets forgotten during projects.• Your clients rave about you after the project is over because you not only provided them with amazing work but also an incredible experience.How will you accomplish this? Organize & Automate™ will help get you there. Use my 10-step framework to go from overwhelmed to organized in as little as two weeks!blue.pngThe+Graphic+Stylist.jpg12.pngbg.pngHere’s what you’ll learn insideOrganize & Automate™ Nesha-Woolery-Business-Mentor-Designers-Web-82 (1).jpgModule 01: ProductivityYou’ll create a One Page One Year Business Plan and a 90 Day Plan to help you understand the money-making tasks you should focus on. Then we’ll break your plan into smaller goals!brooke-cagle-WHWYBmtn3_0-unsplash.jpgModule 02: Inbox ManagementYou’ll categorize your inbox, set up a labeling system, install 27 pre-written email scripts to help you tackle tricky client situations, and much more.Screen+Shot+2019-07-11+at+4.51.04+PM.pngModule 03: Project ManagementYou’ll learn how to use my favourite project management tool – Asana – with your clients. Learn how to create todo lists, send messages, share files, create due dates and even convince and train your clients how to use Asana.Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 1.15.01 PM.pngModule 04: Client OnboardingIf you want to impress potential clients, you’ll love this module. You’ll streamline processes like your appointment scheduling and consultation process, learn how to recognize and avoid nightmare clients, create an onboarding page and a welcome page, and more!Nesha-Woolery-Business-Mentor-Designers-Web-86.jpgModule 05: Project HandoffIn this module, you’ll implement my STAR framework to give your clients a memorable sendoff and have them wanting to work with you again (and refer others to you, too!)christina-wocintechchat-com-vLwH8bWoi_8-unsplash.jpgModule 06: Social MediaThis module will teach you to schedule and automate strategic social media posts so you can have a bigger impact on social media than you have right now… and do it in less time.nick-morrison-FHnnjk1Yj7Y-unsplash.jpgModule 07: Content CreationStreamline and speed up your content creation process so you never have to scramble to create last-minute, unstrategic content again.Screen+Shot+2019-07-15+at+11.54.06+AM.pngModule 08: File OrganizationTake on my Simple Filing Structure and learn how to quickly organize your messy files and folders so it no longer takes you forever to find what you (1).jpegModule 09: TeamWhether you have a virtual assistant or you’re thinking of getting one, this module will teach you how to set up and lead regular team meetings, automate the on-boarding of new team members, track the profit you make from each team member (even ones with admin-only responsibilities!) and more.Screen+Shot+2019-08-06+at+1.40.49+PM.pngModule 10: Tracking Business GrowthYou can’t get your business where you want it to go if you don’t know where you are or how fast you’re growing. Tracking your numbers using my Growth Tracker Template will help you understand what is and isn’t working in your business and make decisions based on facts, not emotions.Which of these results would you like?    10 hours freed up each week.    Clients are becoming referral machines.    Double the income in half the hours.    Time and freedom to travel the world.These are just some of the results students have experienced aftergoing through Organize & Automate™. Listen to their stories below!HERE’S WHAT students ARE SAYINGABOUT ORGANIZE & AUTOMATE™…Camille.jpg17.pngThe+Graphic+Stylist.jpgfire.png18.pngAlarice.pngtwitter.pngLindsey.jpegFacebook chat.pngolive kind words.PNGemail.pngOMG.pngMoriah.png12.pngjade rennie.pngother courses.png19.pngCami Farey.pngJesse.pngCorey.pngAllana.pngEvelyn.pngTarah.pngKarla.png13.png16.pngUntitled design (6).pngThere’s more…you’ll also get $740 worth of bonusesas a free gift when you join!Bundle – Simple Sales School (11).pngBonus 01Dubsado Bonus course(value $247)Dubsado is a client process management tool that allows you to handle contracts, quotes, invoices, questionnaires and more – all from one place. This bonus 18-lesson video course will show you how to set it up in just one day and provides you with templates, scripts and more to make the setup simple! Copy of Copy of How To Create A Welcome Packet.pngBonus 02Private Facebook Group (value $197)Sure, you can get through some courses without a community. But a course about getting organized isn’t one of them. You’re going to want a place where you can ask tech questions and quickly troubleshoot problems. In this community, you’ll have access to me and the other students!Bonus 03The Template Pack (VALUE $247)The Template Pack includes 45+ scripts, templates and workflows to make organizing your business fast & easy! Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Offer WITH fast action bonus (4).pngCopy of Copy of How To Create A Welcome Packet (3).pngPay In Full Bonus!Copy & Paste Welcome Page Template (value $49)Don’t spend two days creating the perfect welcome page. Use my template to get it done in one hour!ALL TOGETHER YOU’RE GETTING $1337 WORTH OF VALUE!Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Offer WITH fast action bonus.pngblue bg.pngOk, but how much is my investment?Organize & Automate™ isn’t some expensive $2k program you’ll have to pay off for the next 12 months, or some time-intensive group mastermind that costs a whopping $5k.It’s a small investment in yourself that will pay off big time in your future.One that will allow you to stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time and bring inner calm back to your business and your life!It’s a transformation that will help you amaze your clients and turn them into brand cheerleaders that happily tell their friends and followers to hire you.When you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for your peace of mind (and referral rate), then it’s an easy choice.IMG_5810.PNGIMG_5817.jpgIMG_5816.jpgIMG_5843.PNGIMG_5844.PNGYou can join Organize & Automate™ for 4 monthly installments of $174 or get $100 off when you pay in full.Join Organize & Automate™ today4 monthly installments of $174(Just $174 today)Join TodaySave $100 when you pay in fulltrusted-badge_large.pngUntitled design (15).pngNesha-Woolery-Business-Mentor-Designers-Web-68 (3).jpgWondering who I am?Hi there! I’m Nesha. I’ve taught 850+ students how to simplify and organize their businesses, but I haven’t always been so organized.    I used to work 60+ hour weeks and not even make the equivalent of minimum wage.I could have earned more by waitressing in Pizza Hut.It felt like the dream business I had started had turned into a time-sucking, joy-draining nightmare. I’m no quitter, though.I went from being a stressed-out wreck who worked 60+ hours a week for less than minimum wage, to working three days a week and having my first £100k year.How?I started working smarter, not harder. And I want to help you do the COURSE IS FOR YOU IF… You sell an online service (like web design, virtual assistance, coaching, writing etc.) Or your service is provided in-person but you manage your clients online (like photographers!) You’re an established business but you are really unorganized and you feel stressed and unprofessional. Or you are a new business owner and need help setting up your systems and processes so that you can feel confident and ready to take on paying clients. You don’t enjoy organizing your business and need someone to show you how it’s done, step by step.THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU IF… Your business is 100% in-person and not based online at all. You mainly sell products, not services. You’re an advanced business owner who is already pretty organized and using most of the systems I recommend. You run a studio/agency or you have employeesJoin Organize & Automate™ today4 monthly installments of $174(Just $174 today)Join TodaySave $100 when you pay in full.trusted-badge_large.pngUntitled design (15).pngMore time. More money. More peace of mind. This is what I want to help you accomplish.Untitled design (14).pngUntitled design (15).png 7-DAY 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEI understand you may have been burned by disappointing courses in the past, and I give you my word this isn’t going to be one of those. But I get it. There’s risk, uncertainty and fear when it comes to investing in yourself. You may have doubts like, what if this doesn’t work? What if it’s a waste of my money?!That’s why there is a 7 day 100% money back guarantee. If you try this course and can honestly say it wasn’t worth your time, all you’ll need to do is email Kirsty at [email protected] and we will happily and promptly give you a full refund.Got questions? I’ve got answers!Have a pressing question you need answered before joining Organize & Automate™?Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to my customer support assistant, Kirsty, using the box on the bottom right corner of the screen, or email [email protected] so we can help you!+ I don’t know if I’ll have time to go through this course. I have client work to do!+ Are there any costs associated with this course?+ Who is this course for?+ Will I get access to future updates?+ Do I have to use Asana AND Dubsado?+ My budget is pretty tight right now. I’m not sure if I can afford this.+ I never finish courses… so I don’t know if it’s worth enrolling.+ Will this course work for me?+ Do I have to use the tools you feature? Or can I apply your trainings to the tools I’m already using?+ Do I have to use Dubsado if I join this course?+ When does this course start and finish?Untitled design (15).pngSo now it’s time for you to make one of two choices…jon-tyson-PXB7yEM5LVs-unsplash.jpgThe first choice is to simplify your business by yourself. Continue wasting months Googling tech tutorials and trying to piece together your business systems and processes painfully and stressfully.OR, if you already know you want to simplify your business in the fastest way possible so you can focus on what’s most important – finding clients and growing your income – then the choice is obvious: join us inside Organize & Automate™ and start your transformation to a simple, calm business that doesn’t give you stress AND amazes your clients.Simply click the button below and I will be waiting for you on the inside!But choose quickly.Because this registration period won’t be open forever…Organize & Automate™ is only open until TONIGHT at midnight eastern… that’s less than 24 hours from now! After that it’ll be quite some time before we open enrollment again.You’ll miss out on the chance to simplify your business and gain back your peace of mind and time.You CAN do it. With the right tools, the right mindset, and the right support, you’ll be able to do this in no time so you can focus on growing your business without overwhelm.Don’t waste another minute feeling like a stressed amateur.

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
Immediately after the payment, you will get a link to download the product (like a google drive folder). The link will be sent to your email account immediately, and you can always get the link on your account history too.

Is the course complete, or is it just a demo version?
The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

What is your refund policy?
We will send you a full refund if you don’t get the complete course you ordered and we can’t solve the problem in the following 24 hours. Please get in touch with us if you want a refund. Your refund request will be processed within 24 hours

How can I trust you?
We show screenshots from the course, give you a video sample, and show you the folder where you will get access to download the course; that is proof that we have the course.
Also, you don’t need to trust us; you will be protected by PayPal buyer protection; if we don’t send you the course, you can ask Paypal to give your money back

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Paypal and Crypto coins
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What if my product has problems?
If your course has a problem, please send us a screenshot and tell us the problem. Then, we will solve the problem.
We will send a full refund when the problem can’t be resolved.

Can I ​Request courses I found somewhere?
Yes, send the information from the course you want to our chat or email at [email protected]

​Are all of the ​courses available straight away, or is it time-released (drip fed)?
You get all the content immediately; You don’t have to wait.

How can I get support from you?
We are confident provide for all of you an excellent service. If you have any problems, please contact us via Live chat. If we are not online, send us an email at [email protected] We will solve the problem quickly as possible!

What is NOT included?
Facebook Group Access
Support from the course creators
Mastermind or calls.

Do I need to purchase anything else once I get this course?
NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

Is my credit card secure?
Yes. We’ve partnered with PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, and 256-bit encryption. So in layman’s terms: Your credit card is secure.
Card information is stored ONLY by Paypal secure server (We never have access to your payment information)

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