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Get Seven Figure Freedom by Michael Killen

Get Seven Figure Freedom by Michael Killen

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Download Seven Figure Freedom by Michael Killen

Download Seven Figure Freedom by Michael Killen

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Seven Figure Freedom by Michael Killen torrent

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​Seven Figure Freedomare you ready to save over $43,955?    Lifetime access to Seven Figure Freedom (Value $4764)    BONUS #1: 12 Months of coaching and support (Value $25,844)    BONUS # 2: Over 200 private training calls and recordings ($7880 value)    BONUS #3 Two free licenses for your team (Value $7940)    BONUS #4 Write and publish your first best-selling book (Value $1497)Seven Figure Freedomis a unique membership that helps funnel builders, marketing consultants, and agency owners double their revenue in 90 days without sales seeming difficult, advice overwhelm, or sales tied to working hours so they can achieve financial freedomSkip to contentSkip The Bullshit. How To Choose The Best And Most Effective Sales And Marketing Tactics For Your Funnel BusinessHow A Dead-Broke, Overwhelmed Marketing Freelancer Changed His Entire Funnel Business And Sold $10,000’s Of Funnels From Just One Hour A Week Anchen le RouxAnchen Le RouxI started just after leaving my day job so Sell Your Service has been very much part of the growth of my company. I’ve grown about 55% each of the last 2 years. So I’ve come from having a dream about running my own thing to where I’m now starting to experience the freedom of living a life where I make the rules.Robert-Simmons-Marketing-ConsultantRobert SimmonsThe content is killer. I love that everything is able to be rebranded and used with my own clients. seems with that much content the quality would be only so-so, but that’s just not the case.emilie-grauEmilie GrauMike’s course is great because he gives tactics and mindset goals. I used to struggle with finding a niche and creating attractive and scalable marketing packages. Not any more!What if you knew your funnel business was going in the right direction?If you’ve got one hour a week I guarantee you’ll feel more confident about the future of your marketing funnel business (and your own confidence in yourself).If you’re fed up with all ‘theory’ and no practice, I’ll show you exactly what’s working in my funnel business and dozens of others.No theory, all practiceNo hypothetical ideas, just tested practices and experience and evidenceI know what it’s like to want to build a successful business and provide for your family.I wanted total clarity and confidence in my business, I wanted to know that “this is going to work” and that I was on the right path to success.Overwhelming amounts of dataThere is so much INPUT nowadays. Everyone has an opinion on marketing. Everyone has the next tactic or “hack”. And it’s overwhelming.Lack of growthOverall, it’s frustrating because you feel like you’re not growing. Every goal feels just out of reach. It’s like you’re wading through treacle and it’s exhausting to just move a few steps.Mike KillenHey, I’m MikeI teach sales confidenceMike Killen is an international speaker, author and motivates funnel builders to find hidden benefits to their products and services that are so desirable, they can’t help but sell moreI was letting family downI used to feel like I was letting everyone down. My family, my girlfriend, my staff. I was constantly worried about the impact of my decisions and would work myself into the ground trying to do everything.But at the end of the day, I never finished my ‘to-do’ list. I couldn’t take care of all the bills, we weren’t going on holiday, I didn’t feel like I was contributing my fair share.Sleepless nights worryingShould I advertise more? Or should I be creating productised services. Or software?Should I be networking or join a mastermind group? I was trying everything and nothing, terrified that I was doing the wrong thing.What am I doing wrong?I’d look around and see all these other agencies and marketing businesses talk about how great their business was. How they were “crushing” it. And yet, I seemed to be working harder.What the fuck was I doing wrong?Just want a comfortable lifeI didn’t want to own the world. I didn’t want to become a multi-millionaire. I just wanted a comfortable life. Why was that just out of reach?12009595_1689955371233917_4187529209824787268_nSteve BentleyI now have much more confidence in my ability to add value to clients through a variety of funnels (content, launch, squeeze, sales, webinar), so my confidence in myself, and my ability to convey my true value, keeps growing.Most funnel builders think they can do it aloneThe single biggest mistake I see funnel builders make, is thinking that they can do it alone.They can’t afford to hire anyone to do the work, and they can’t find a partner to share the business with because no one else “get’s it”.So they bury themselves in work and try to grind it out by themselves. Not realising that they’re killing themselves in the process.There is a better way, with people who get you and understand your business.Learn from people that have done itBe with people that are doing itTrain with people who want to do itMore opportunities are going to fly your wayYou have to be equipped to take advantage of them.Have you ever felt that there are so many opportunities and potential niches and products, that you don’t know where to start?The 2020’s are only going to get more confusing as increasing numbers of tactics, partnerships and tools will be shown to you.If you’re not sure which one’s to choose (and more importantly ignore), you’re going to start hundreds of races without finishing any.Hyper competitive marketplace with lower barriers to entryThe number of businesses competing with you is growing exponentially.DIY software, Funnels As A Service and more marketing funnel agencies are competing for your customer’s attention and money.If you’re not standing out from the crowd by being different, you’re going to struggle to find customers.Environment dictates performanceThe people around you all impact your performance. If you’re not getting positive feedback and support from the environment around you, it’s detrimental to your businesses growth.High performing athletes hang out with other athletes. Top sales people hang out with other top sales people. Great funnel builders hang out with great funnel builders.How About A Weekly Call?Join the only weekly call program designed exclusively for marketing funnel businesses like you.Thursdays at 2pm UK, every weekMy name is Mike Killen and I’m a sales confidence coach for funnel builders.I motivate businesses to find hidden benefits to their products and services that are so desirable they can’t help but sell them.I work with funnel builders to inspire enough confidence so that they take action. And I want to help you take action, today.Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting access to     Finally unleash the inner motivation and productivity that has been lurking within you all along (even if you feel unmotivated)    Immerse yourself in a group of funnel builders who have achieved what you want and who believe you can do it too (they’ll even share how they got there)    4 marketing funnels that you must sell (and one you must avoid) to attract high paying valuable customers    Your customer’s opt in pages should convert at around 50%. Here’s what they’re doing wrong to choke their conversion rates [Call #95]    How brand-new marketing agencies attract five and six-figure projects even if they’ve never built a marketing funnel before (veteran agencies hate this)    Beginner funnel businesses usually waste their time with this branding activity instead of focusing on the top three business development activities (that will generate revenue) [Call #21 and #73]    WARNING: you may already be making these three sale mistakes that are eroding your revenue… And your mental health [Call #93}    Common proposal danger! Avoid this deadly ‘proposal poison’ mistake that many marketing agencies make (and that drives customers mad)    Why giving the customer time to “think your offer over” never works and the hidden phrase that customers love to hear that gets them to sign up TODAY    Why Gen Z content creators never struggle with scalable income (and what you can do to copy them)    The easiest way to write a marketing funnel proposal in under 20 minutes (that also has a higher conversion rate) [Call #117]    Quickly and easily identify what your customers want to buy, how much they’ll spend and why they want to buy from you    The hyper-desirable marketing funnel that’s lightning fast build and sell to your customers, that they want to buy (and how much to charge for it)    Stop! What never ever to say to a customer who says you are too expensive (and why they’re secretly telling you they want to buy)    The absolute worst way to end a pitch and the alternative (underground) way to get customers to sign up there and then (without hard sales tactics)    (ClickFunnels hates this) The secrets behind marketing funnel software. Always look for these three dangerous “too good to be true” tell-tale signs.    The bizarre lie taught about proposals and why 99% of funnel builders are leaving money on the table (and how to edge out 99% of the competition even if you have higher prices) [Call #120]    The truth behind productivity. Why productivity is about doing less, not doing more.    How Ryan Deiss sells marketing funnels and what he does with every single customer    What Daniel Priestley and Miles Beckler have taught me about Facebook advertising and how they do it (for a fraction of the price) [Call #104]    If you’re exhausted chasing new opportunities and ‘the next big thing“ I’m going to tell you exactly what you should be focusing on with just a few minutes a week    Do you work alone most of the time? This could be the most important weekly call you ever join. With other like-minded funnel builders who share your problems and success.    Get Facebook ads for free. Include a thank you page after every optin with a small $19 product and use the revenue to pay for cold traffic to the opt in page (called a self liquidating offer)    Your customers don’t need more traffic (even though they think they do). Instead you need to audit their CRM and create new offers to their current customers and you’ll see MASSIVE returns much much faster.    No more revenue droughts. Just join us every week to see how we are generating revenue and how you can copy us    Stop awkward sales meetings! Feel 100% confident in your offer, abilities and price (even if the customer is giving you a hard time)    Feel like you’re going crazy with a customer? We’ve seen it ALL and will tell you when you’re right and they’re wrong (and what to do about it)    The fast track advert your business needs to prevent lead scarcity. And, it costs less than a cup of coffee    The single most important phone call you can make once a week that WILL convert leads into customers    Better than generating new leads. Try this product creation exercise to generate recurring, scalable income from current customers for 1/10th the cost of advertising    Sorry, but networking like that sucks. Your friends WANT to refer you. Use this simple lead generation framework to attract dozens of qualified, interested leads who want to buy marketing funnels [Call #71]    Yawn! Chatbots, ads or web design? Uncover the truly profitable niche that almost all funnel builder ignore (and even hate) but that YOU would love and make money in    Do you rely on referrals? Are you afraid of picking up the phone? You’re literally leaving money on the table that low value funnel builders are picking up easily    Creating “to do lists” is good for productivity, right? Wrong! Sorry to let you know but you need a “Stop List” to truly become effective (without waking up at 5am)    Surely you need to spend ages on writing a proposal to get it right? Absolutely not! Instead, let the customer write the proposal for you and tell you exactly what they’ll buy (and it only takes 20 minutes)    What you can do TODAY to get more leads on a call with you (and increase the chance that they’ll buy)    (Corporate businesses hate when you do this) Avoid tyre-kickers, low value customers and price hagglers. Genius sales advice from some of the best sales/marketing people in the industry.    Low performing Facebook ads? What you need to change TODAY to save thousands of dollars in wasted clicks and how to create ads that convert and work    Hesitant about your offering? Avoid “impostor syndrome” using this simple re-frame technique (that top level speakers use)    Are you aiming for 8? 8% is the MAGIC number when it comes to sales, leads, emails and audience size    (Ad businesses are trying to stop this) Where to find your ideal customers favourite band, restaurant, YouTube channel and author for FREE and how to target them    The email copy framework that generated me $7485 in one afternoon, when I sent it and to how many people (less than you might think)You’ll get instant access to our live calls plus all the below.LIVE CALLSEvery week we have a live coaching call. Thursday’s at 2pm UK time, once a week. Mike covers a range of topics, from sales and closing to scalable income and product creation.Me at the office about to present a live coaching call!    What if Mike was in your office once a week, every week? How far can you see your business going, with real time live feedback on what you’re working on?    Outstanding results come from habit. Let’s guarantee one hour a week where you get live feedback, input and answers to all your funnel business questions    Do you work by yourself? Are you the director or founder? If so you NEED to bounce ideas off people who have been where you want and to get real life feedback    Eliminate fear and doubt from your business and get clarity on where you’re going by following people who’ve done itTOPICSAll our calls are specifically designed for funnel businesses to succeed and grow. Discover hidden benefits to your services, find your motivation, sales tactics and much much funnel coaching sales calls topics    Confidently increase your prices and easily justify a $25,000 price tag (even if you’ve never sold a $25K project) [Call #7, #43 and #112]    Banish low value clients forever with a simple framework that only lets high budget customers work with you [Call #116]    Effortlessly get more done every day by creating secret clones of yourself [Call #106]    Five hidden places find customers and advertised of them (your competition have no idea about) [Call #103]    35 killer niche combinations. The 5 x 7 niche hack that funnel builders ignore but that yield massive results [Call #65, #66 and #90]WORKSHEETSFor almost every call we create a specific worksheet to follow with each call. All our worksheets are open to use for you, your customers and for you to white label and funnel sales coaching worksheets    The “Who Not What” statement that instantly answers when people ask “what do you do?” and get’s potential leads to to say “tell me more” (use this at events and you will generate leads)    Use this simple XYZ statement to summarise your niche. ‘I work with X type of businesses with Y type of problem and we help them achieve Z“    Never waste money on hiring again! The fundamental mistake you must avoid whenever you are hiring and how to hire people who won’t screw it up    Effortlessly create a library of templates, swipe files and worksheets for your customers by using our archive of white label exercise worksheets    And many many morePRIVATE MEMBERS AREAJoin our coaching member exclusive Quip channel with further bonus content, weekly accountability and private chat function for other funnel builders just like funnel coaching sales private membership    Environment dictates performance. If you’re surrounded by funnel builders who have achieved what you want and believe you can get there too, you’ll grow faster than you realise.    Why being a “lone ranger” solo business owner almost never works and WHO you need to around to improve your business performance    Don’t sabotage your business. Get told exactly what to do, by people who have done it (and dodge all the useless middle bit).ACCOUNTABILITYEvery week we have accountability and I’ll track where you are with your goals. Live calls each month for updates and tracking to keep you on target for what you want to funnel sales coaching leads dashboard    I can prove that you’re growing month on and month and with 4 easy to measure numbers, I want to hold you accountable for every goal you’re working on (held at the end of the month)    Inject adrenaline into your marketing funnel business even if you think it’s stalled (careful with this one)    Why beginners struggle to kickstart their marketing funnel business and what you can do to accelerate your growth (even if you’ve got no idea where to start)ACCESS TO ALL PREVIOUS RECORDINGS AND CALLSAccess hundreds of previous calls, recordings, worksheets and exercises PLUS bonus content and training from previous weeks valls.smartmockups_k5wkwm49    Discover dozens of business tactics that have been battle tested in the real world, JUST for marketing funnel builders like you    How I went from dead-broke to completely confident that I was making the best choices for my marketing funnel business (my entire process plus documentation)    Delve into our archive of real world examples of what’s working in other marketing funnel businesses (and copy what they’re doing)Get access to all this and more buy clicking the “Join Now” button belowJust $3970 Gets You 12 Months Of Coaching PLUS Lifetime Access To The Self Paced Content>>JOIN NOW<<Live coaching calls every weekMonthly accountabilityPrivate access to me and other funnel buildersThe feeling that you’re FINALLY with good peoplePraise from funnel buildersjami lelercjamileclerc.comJami LeclercI have a structure every week that forces me to stay on track, learn new things and also exchange with other entrepreneurs in the same boat as me. Business wise I now know what niche to go after and know how to build all kinds of different funnels for those customers. I feel like now I am in a stronger position and ready to take action.paul kouwenclickmarketingsolution.comPaul KouwenMike is very giving person and he will make sure that if you invest your efforts to learn, he will be there to make sure you get value.emilie-grauslowpreneurs.comEmilie GrauMike’s coaching is great because he gives tactics and mindset goals. I used to struggle with finding a niche and creating attractive and scalable marketing packages. Not any more!Leave any time.No tie ins, no upsellsIf at any point you think the coaching is poor quality, low value or you’re not getting anything from it, you can leave at any time.No upsells or downsells, no hidden “cancel” buttons. No questions asked.You’re not tied into any contracts and you can leave at any time.Sell Your Service – Seven Figure Freedom    Join today for just $3970    Get this weeks coaching call link sent to your email    Join a live coaching call this Thursday at 2pm UK time    Get access to the private members area (plus some more bonus content)    Join us on a motivation accountability call at the end of the month    Download our individual worksheets with each coaching recording    Listen to the audio recordings for each coaching call    Watch as many coaching call recordings as you wantClick here to join for $3970>> JOIN NOW <<You need to join a group of funnel builders sooner or laterYour network is your net worth.You know that the only route to growth is to surround yourself with the right people.People who understand.People who get you.People who are funnel builders.This is the only coaching programme on the planet specifically designed for funnel businesses.Serious funnel builders take serious actionJoin here for just $3970JOIN HERESome funnel builders aren’t willing to workChanging your life and making improvements is hard work. It’s venturing into new territory and I’m going to be with you every step of the way.Most funnel businesses would rather make do their life and make excuses why they can’t change. Funnel builders who are serious about their business, do serious work.Even if you join for just 30 days, wouldn’t that be worth $397?Over 120 recordings.Leave any time.Guaranteed live calls.>> JOIN HERE <<WIN_20190312_09_54_26_Pro1Money comes and goesUnlike most other resources, it’s abundant and I have found time and again that nature abhors a vacuum.The fastest way to start to find $3970, is to pay for something extremely valuable with $3970.The universe WILL provide you. The fastest way to afford $3970, is to spend $3970.Worst comes to worst you can leave, no string attached.Can you imagine fumbling in another meeting or sales call.Or seeing another opportunity and wondering if you should take it?Or going down another tactic path and knowing if you’re making the right choice?And thinking “if only I could ASK someone”?THIS is that chance. I’m offering you the chance to work alongside me and other funnel builders.You deserve this.Join here for just $3970>> JOIN HERE <<FAQCommon questions about the weekly coaching programmeHow much is the coaching? ExpandWhat do I get? ExpandAre there calls in each time zone? Expand$3970 seems like a lot… ExpandDo you teach how to build funnels? ExpandWhen is the first call? ExpandWho is the coaching for? ExpandAre there any upsells? ExpandHave more questions? Shoot me an email [email protected] or join the Facebook group!2021 Sell Your Service Limited 

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