The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever

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The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever Sales Page

The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever Sales Page


The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever! Download

The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever! Download

The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever Torrent

The Bible of Pleasure Become Her Best Ever Torrent

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​$169The Bible of Pleasure: Become Her ‘Best Ever!’ByMasculinity Rediscovered    70% of all women NEVER reach Orgasm during intercourse with their partner.    Look, brother.    Most women are used to AVERAGE sex and BELOW-AVERAGE foreplay (if at all)    They forget about a sexual experience soon after it happens.    Because it’s very plain.    In fact, many of your girlfriends and wives might even be going through it.    Of course, you’ll say-    ‘But I’ve never had any complaints.’    That’s Because Women DON’T Want to Hurt YOUR Ego.    she’s used to boring sex anyway- so she thinks that is the norm.    More importantly, it’s always easier for her to just look for somebody who CAN give her good sex.    Do you consider yourself to be a Growth Minded, Action Taking Badass?    Because this is what happened with exactly that man who invested in this course-    The AVERAGE man sleeps with JUST 4 Women in his lifetime.    Now, a high body count isn’t necessary.    some men are happy with their wives of 40 years, having a body count of ONLY 1.    But.    if you’re a High-Value Man who wants to explore the field, learn more about women, & share Intimate experiences with the kind of women YOU desire?    ONLY then, keep reading.    If not?    STOP RIGHT HERE, and go back to searching for a wife who you can have sex with once a week (if you’re “lucky”)    If you don’t want to become better in bed,     No Problem.    Somebody else will.    Somebody else who has already invested in this course and is taking massive action on it.    That somebody could swoop your girl (or the girl you’re interested in) and make her addicted to HIS DICK instead of yours.    He could be talking to her RIGHT NOW as you’re reading this.    I’m NOT telling you this to scare you.    I’m telling you this because:         It’s a fact- women have 100s of guys in their DMs.        The solution to your girl talking to other guys is not to get jealous, but to get so good in bed that she doesn’t even have time to think about anybody else.    I’ve been where you are, and I’ve gotten out of it- just like I BELIEVE YOU WILL TOO.    Do you struggle with ANY of the following?        Virgin        Short penis size         Performance issues        Don’t know how to last long        sex gets boring after a while        not aware of her sexual fantasies        Don’t know the right techniques        not aware of her specific orgasmic spots        don’t know how to ask her about her fantasies        Don’t know how to make her cum using your fingers        don’t know how to talk and WHAT to say during sex        women don’t see you as somebody who’s great in bed        lack of good, consistent sex dries out the relationship        Don’t know the methods to make her wet on command        She doesn’t crave your dick as much as you would want        Don’t know foreplay processes that make her dripping wet        don’t know how to be sexual with your girlfriend in social situations         Your girl ‘isn’t capable’ of orgasming (fact- she is, you just don’t know how)        and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…    The Solution?    = THE BIBLE OF PLEASURE.    Q) IF you Invest What you Spend on ONE date With an Average Chick (only to have boring sex later that night) &-        Give women multiple orgasms        Never face performance anxiety again        Last longer than anybody she’s been with (or will be)        Make her completely submit her body and her pleasure to YOU        You Make her addicted to your D regardless of size        She starts BEGGING you to see her every night        You keep her on the edge with new techniques every night        You Enjoy the best sex of her and your life.    Would you say it was a good return on your investment?    Because that’s EXACTLY what these guys did…    Are You Making These HUGE MISTAKES IN BED?    1) Not lasting long enough    Most guys last only up to 15 minutes. This is a huge turn-off for women.    But through this course, you will learn techniques that make you last ALL NIGHT LONG!    Solution >>> Stronger & Longer Orgasms ($867 Value)        Exercises for longer 0rgasms that you can do at home        Destroy Premature Ejaculation & Performance Anxiety        The food of the sex gods        The correct vitamins every man should be taking for higher testosterone and lasting up to 30 times longer!    2) Pathetic or Non-existent Foreplay, which makes her P*ssy Shrivel    Most guys don’t stimulate her enough to make her wet. She’s not warmed up enough to fully experience orgasms.    Solution >>> The Foreplay Bible ($969 Value)        Step by. step from the moment she enters your house        How to activate the 4 phases of female arousal        Foreplay that will make her cum multiple times        How to set up your house in a way that already makes her wet.        She will be craving for your d!ck        She will fall head over heels in love with you.    3) Not knowing how to stimulate her strongest sex organ- the brain.        69 word-for-word phrases that heighten her orgasm and your pleasure in bed        The 3 different types of dirty talk with guidelines on when, how, and in what tonality you need to speak them        Guaranteed to make ANY girl wet the moment she hears it        The 3 categories of sexual, bedroom talk        How NOT to talk in bed (99% men make this mistake and it’s a huge turn off)        Make her wet through vivid imagery        Intensify her orgasms through your words        Learn the 3 different types of dirty talk, and 69 EXACT LINES to use on the command        Solution >>> Dirty Talk Mastery ($866 Value)    4) Constantly playing with the Clitoris like a child (and that too, the wrong way)        Why most women don’t 0rgasm and how to fix this        The correct mindset and sub communications that convey your sexual power        Step-by-step moves so you don’t have to think about it        Master her G-spot, A-Spot, Deep Spot, and much, much more.        Orgasms that send shivers down her spine, and make her sweat like she’s in a sauna.    Solution >>> Obsessive Oral Orgasms ($797 Value)    5) Mechanical, Boring, Predictable Sex        Great positions for deeper penetration        Intimacy increasing positions        Positions that allow you both to cum together at the same time!        Positions that excite her and bring in a ton of variation into your sex life        Some of the positions include- The 0rgasm Chef, Gateway to Heaven, Golden Ride, The Hangover, and many more!    Solution >>> Sex Positions that Send her Ballistic ($936 Value)    6) Weak, Loose, and Wrong Techniques and Posture        Discover how to own her orgasms.        The correct way of stroking (everybody does this wrong)        The 10-1 stroke        How to last all night long without even pulling out        how to have her dreaming about you for weeks after        The Forbidden secret technique which gives her unlimited pleasure.        How to hit her pleasure spots every single time        The key to giving her wild 0rgasms    Solution >>> Techniques that Make Her Cum on Command ($1077 Value)    8) Haven’t tried Anal before? Women have refused you for Anal Sex?        The horrible way most men explore anal and why they fail- (and how to fix this)        Discover the forbidden method of making ANY woman BEG YOU to put it in her ass        Make her completely submit her body and her orgasms in your control.    Solution >>> Addictive Anal Sex ($1145 Value)    7) Not being able to make women Squirt?        Squirting is INSANELY PLEASURABLE for women        Exercises to increase her squirting        Supplements for your girl to squirt better        The actual process & correct motion        95% of Men have NEVER been able to make a woman squirt        Yes, every woman can squirt (There’s one secret method which I teach inside)    Solution >>> Make Any Woman Squirt ($945 Value)    The truth is, most men are satisfied with ‘she never complains’.    But, since you follow me and are in this space of game and self-actualization, I know you’re not ‘most men’    This course will be your edge.    When you learn the hacks inside this course, She’ll give her body and her mind, completely present, and become fully YOURS.    It’s only open for those men who are dedicated to becoming every woman’s ‘BEST EVER’    While most guys are out there sticking to boring positions like doggy, missionary, and cowgirl, you will have the secret sex positions that will make her go ‘Woah, this is NEW. He is different.’    ‘Finally, somebody who can make me orgasm’    WARNING: You might have to hire a bodyguard because of all the women that will stalk you and do anything to experience one night with you. Word travels fast in Ladyland.    Our friend Mark Cunningham has summed it up just about perfectly-    ‘When you know how to truly please a woman, you won’t have any problem getting women, your problem will be keeping them at arm’s length.’    Here’s a shocking fact-    The reason why most Relationships Fail is NOT because of Infidelity,    but because of pathetic sex life.    You aren’t able to satisfy her sexual needs, which sends her hormones haywire, reducing the ‘Attraction and Love’ between you two.    This could be your marriage saver.    This will build your reputation in your college as a sex god.    Women will look at you with DESIRE in their eyes.    Men will look at you with RESPECT and admiration.    And if there’s one thing we can all agree with, It’s that-    ‘Women sleep with Men whom other Men admire and other women desire.’    You want your women to WORSHIP YOU.    It gets to a point where she’s 100% confident that whatever you do, is going to be so amazing that she can’t help but want to experience it.    She submits fully because she knows that you’re the best lover she’s EVER going to find.    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:    Q) I have a lack of sexual experience. will this help?    This course is perfect for every man who wants to become every woman’s best lover. You may be a virgin, or you may already think you are the best- your mind is about to be blown away.    Q) I have ED and performance issues. Is this the right option?    Most guys have performance issues because they don’t know the right techniques and hence, they are all in their head about sex. Don’t worry- I teach you the step-by-step moves that will remove ALL DOUBT from your mind and allow you to truly enjoy with your woman and give her the best night of her life 🙂    Q) I have a small penis and I fear it’s not enough to please any woman. Will this help?    First, stop worrying about things you can’t control- it will get you nowhere.    Next, realize that 99% of women are NOT interested in penis size; what they are interested in are ORGASMS.    Using the techniques given inside, you will be able to make women cum multiple times before you even penetrate her.    This course will give you extreme sexual confidence, knowing that you can give ANY woman the BEST NIGHT of her life.    Q) My girlfriend/wife rarely sleeps with me anymore. Will this still help?    Nobody told you this, so let me be the deliverer of bad news. She doesn’t sleep with you anymore because you’re not fulfilling her sexual needs. This is also the #1 cause of failed marriages, NOT infidelity. Don’t be selfish, become a lover she can brag about to her friends and you will need breaks from sleeping with her (she’s never going to leave you alone haha)    Q) “Man, this is too expensive”    Let’s put this into perspective:    The average cost of eating out per year- $3,008 (Source- Bureau of Labor Statistics)    The average cost of coffee per year- $2,006 (Source- Amerisleep)    Average Cost of Simping per year- Lost count (Source- look around you)    On top of that, settling for the wrong woman will cost you millions more in drama, lost time and opportunity, destroyed friendships, and god forbid divorce.    This course will SAVE you millions over the course of your life. Fewer dates because she’ll directly want to come over = less money wasted + toxicity from the wrong woman.    Q) Will this show up on my bank account or is my privacy secured?    YOUR PRIVACY IS 100% SECURED. This will show up on your bank account as ‘GUM.CO’, so nobody will ever know what you’re up to haha 😉 [I’m not a corporation, I’m a regular guy just like you so I take everyone’s privacy VERY SERIOUSLY]    Don’t think of this course as a use and throw.    Think of this as a LIFELONG TOOL that you can use to make EVERY WOMAN want you inside of her, ALL.    THE.    TIME.    Note- Only 10 copies are available per week, this is to ensure only the top 0.01% of men know about these hacks.    I’ll keep it real, as always.    I could charge $10,000 for the gold inside because I know the impact that the ability to f*ck women goooood & have a great sex life has on a Man.        More confidence and higher self-worth = more women want to be around you & access to more business deals & social circle that plans cool shit every week.        Unlimited access to women = unlimited access to men (they want to be around a man who has the keys to the kingdom)        Big dick energy (women can just sense it- the best example is Pete Davidson)    But…I won’t be charging $10,000.    I won’t even charge $1,000.    If you invest in this RIGHT NOW, You get LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL this gold + ALL future updates at NO extra cost, all for ONLY $169.    If you think $169 is a lot of pay to SAVE MILLIONS in Divorce, Alimony, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Child Support, and God knows what else when you have to settle for the wrong woman,    DON’T buy this.    BUT If you want your women to say-        ‘Where did you learn that!?’        ‘Oh my god, I can’t get enough of you!’        ‘When are we seeing each other again!?!?’    Only then can I allow you to get access to all the sexual hygiene, positions, techniques, bedroom and house etiquette, and proven methods to boost sexual performance and become her ‘best ever!’    Because let’s be real here…    You don’t want every guy to know about these techniques, do you?    Click ‘I want this’ if you’re ready to experience this newfound POWER.$169The Original EditionThe Foreplay BibleObsessive Oral OrgasmsStronger & Longer OrgasmsSex Positions that send her BALLISTICMake her Cum on CommandSquirting MasteryAddictive Anal SexBONUS:Dirty Talk MasteryFREE Consultation Session w/ MR!ALL FUTURE UPDATES32 ratings    Lifetime Access to Practical Techniques That Will Make Women Keep Coming Back For More!    Checkout    The Bible of Pleasure: Become Her ‘Best Ever!’

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

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NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

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Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

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