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Trade Like a Professional by Eric Crown Sales Page

Trade Like a Professional by Eric Crown Sales Page

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Trade Like a Professional by Eric Crown Download

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Trade Like a Professional by Eric Crown torrent

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Krown Trading    Login Trade Like a Professional – The Art and Application of Technical AnalysisTechnical Analysis, Trading Strategies, Market Dynamics, Risk and Position Management MasteryThis course was designed after a decade of experience of learning the Art of Trading from several Master’s on NYSE Arca and CBOE. From there I synthesized the knowledge down and applied it specifically to the world of Crytocurrencies and designed my own unique Trading Strategies for the purpose of producing success over the long term.Now the first rule of learning ANYTHING and this especially applies to the Art of Trading is simple – Invest in YOURSELF!Let me explain..I am a strong believer in Human Psychology and the underlying principles of Evolutionary Psychology which has given me the upmost conviction that it is Investment of that which is valuable to us as human beings such as Time and Finances that creates value. Really, think about it, I’m sure you know someone who always seems to be complaining about their job saying things like ‘Oh I hate my job’ or ‘my job sucks’ or ‘if only I had a job that allowed me to be free and travel and make money passively I’d be happy’. Now while I’m sure that same person has been complaining for ages and ages has a direct connection to the world wide web or ,at the very least, a library. BUT while there’s a plethora of knowledge available for free in your local library on how to create an online business and achieve financial freedom they never even bother to consider using it.Well of course they don’t! They don’t have the ‘buy-in’ factor because they don’t believe it has value simply because they did not have to work for it! No investment = no value. Simple as that! Our evolutionary brains have been wired for hundreds of thousands of years since becoming anatomically modern homo sapiens to value that which we invest in.How about another example about the opposite scenario.. Have you ever had a relationship with a girl (or a guy) and as the relationship began to deteroriate you logically understood it probably was not the best idea to stay in it but emotionally you just couldn’t seem to detach. Well simply again, because you Invested Time and likely Resources into that relationship you valued it emotionally.It is by no mistake that this Program is designed to engineer that same sort of critical ‘Buy-in’ factor that makes learning a new skill such a the Art of Trading a nearly automatic process as your brain will be hyper focused and sponge like soaking up all the information included. In it’s entirety this Program is nearly 28 hours in it’s totality, however, you will most likely re-watch the modules multiple times over the years as your understanding of the materials includes takes on a new evolved meaning.Not only that but I wanted to reflect both the Time and Effort I put into the making of this Program visualized through the price.In this Program I will reveal all I know about the very strategies that I use and can verify has worked for myself in creating long-term successful trading habits.This Program has 40 Modules included that go over these very topics as well as *special access* to the Krown Trading Proprietary Stochastic and Krown Trading Proprietary DMI and access to the Hidden Members Only Channel on Discord:    Introductory Module        What is Technical Analysis        Why and by what method does Technical Analysis work        What ‘professional’ Technical Analysis looks like        How to make the most of this Program    Technical Analysis Tools and Advanced Applications        Candlestick Formations        Horizontal Support/Resistance        Volume Analysis        Candlestick Patterns        Exponential Moving Averages        Relative Strength Indicator        Stochastics        Volume Profile        Order Blocks        TD Sequential        Fibonacci Retracements    Interpreting Indicators        Market Cycles and Dynamic Interpretations            Bull Market            Bear Market            Consolidation            Market Fundamentals    Confirmation Trading        Entry and Exit        Advanced Strategies    Risk and Position Management        Determining Risk v Reward        Identifying Opportunity Cost        Leveraged Trading Strategies    Taking Profits        Defining Target Areas        Advanced Layering Strategies    Market Dynamics        Underlying Market Fundamental Analysis        Liquidity Pools        Institutional Order Flow        Market Sentiment        Driving Human Psychology    Bonus Modules        Setting Up TradingView        Complimentary Portfolio Tracking and Auto Balancing Spreadsheet        BitMEX Tutorial        The 21 Exponential Bonus Strategy        Daily Simplistic Moving Average Bonus Strategy        Macro Market Cycle Indicator Master Bonus Strategy        The Stochas-Ta-Cult Bonus Strategy        Advanced Stochas-Ta-Cult Bonus Strategy        Introduction and Tutorial to Deribit Exchange        Daily Ema + SMA Strategy        MACD Mastery        Bollinger Band Mastery        Accumulation/Distribution Indicator Mastery        Krown Trading Stochastics (Proprietary Indicator)        Long Term Trend Slope Analysis & Strategy        The Three Hour Stochastic Strategy        Krown Trading DMI + Strategy        Trade & Account Manager Excel Tool        Divergence Entry & Exit MasteryIn addition, ALL members of this Program gain exclusive access to our private Discord community.This is a curated group of highly dedicated individuals who have not only invested their time and finances but, more importantly, their passion towards learning and succeeding within this skill. This group is where I and the members of this community convene to share ideas and talk about the specific strategies and setups discussed within the program, as well as, points of clarification from the Program itself. I triage my time and attention towards helping the members of this community first and I update my thoughts on the market and things I am seeing first within this channel as well.To gain access to this exclusive Tribe send a private message to me on Discord with the email you have signed up with. What Others Are Saying!(Photographic Source + MANY MORE REVIEWS! –…)’I’ve watched through the whole course once so far. It was really great man. Much better than I expected or hoped for. Worth every dollar. ‘ – Tiels (Discord)’Krown just finished off the 7th module and I couldn’t have imagined the course would be so good!’ – SeniorCitizen (Discord)’Krown !!! my man… just bought your course/program today. I have to say this: your program should be banned so the plebs won’t be able to get it 🙂 (just kidding)’ – Val Kremen (YouTube)’I already made the money back I spent on the course. It took less than a day. Cheers’ – Morgan Doel (YouTube)’Man the EMA module is king. One can make all kinds of gainz with it’ – Suhsi42 (Discord)’..I actually really understand that now as i continuously practice by trying to identify the candlesticks that the underlying meaning is what matters the most and I think that’s a realtly good aspect taught in the module.’ – Millen Tan (Discord)’Loving the course dude. Stacking them chips!’ – Hdiesel (Discord)’Easy to understand, straight to the point! Great course to start with!’ – Daan Kouwen (YouTube)’The EMA part of your module should cost more than my college education.’ – Greg Meyle (YouTube)’Hey brother been making my way through the course and so far I gotta say the EMAs and RSI modules are absolute GOLD man. Just with the info from those two modules alone I’ve upped my account by 27%.’ – Joe W. (FaceBook)’Krown i’m loving the program. it’s really helped me define a strategy that’s been working.’ – Gumble (Discord)’I have been looking for something to stabilise my lifestyle for a while as I am constantly touring to make a living. Krown’s course offers in depth analyses of indicators and his personal experience and take on the market. As I am learning to deal with myself through this wild ride, I feel like Krown’s course has been a solid stone on which I could lean on to make decision… It is very detailed and will most likely take me a while to master, but I can say that I could make the tuition fee within a week of starting the course… I am still my worse enemy but at least now I can establish where I went wrong and correct my mistakes for the future… This course totally changed my views on the market. I would also like to thank Krown personally in making this available to everybody… Become your own boss, learn to deal with yourself, develop your strategy and fucking go for it! ‘ – Quebequer (Discord)’Hahaha the course is amazing bro! Thank you so much! I was just messing with you. I can’t wait to start trading.’ – Emmanuel (Teachable)’my latest epiphany :the only reason I survived as a trader in the last couple of years without @Krown course/program is because it was a fuck’n bull market.’ – Nemo (Discord)’EMA strategy gave a powerful bull signal a few hours before this breakout.. What I’m learning from your course and live stream will help me make a lot of money over the next few decades. Appreciate the work that you do’ – Mike O (Discord)’Yo Krown! The course just keeps on getting better. Recommended to one of my crypto grps based on my impressions so far. Awesome work dude’ – Speed Junkie (YouTube)’listen Krown, I’m in you program and I’m very happy that I participate in your program. This is the first time that I can bring some patient in my trades.’ – Cryptonair (Discord)’On another note. Up 10% this week by strictly following your strategies. Probably could be up a lot more, but have only been trading when In front of the computer…’ – Pumpkinparty000 (Discord)’i am up 10 % today, just using the RSIema on the 15 mins with stochastics. your courses, are freakkin awesome ! eventually i ll get to your level where i just take big trades every week or so. i need to buiuld up my confidence first ! ) but fck yea man, put those courses to 10K man, they are worth that’ – Romain Mornfall (Discord)’Hey Krown, great TA course. Going through it right now. What time is your next stream?’ – MH06_91 (Discord)’hey krown, my name is angelo and i purchased your TA program several weeks ago. just wanted to say that you did a great job in putting that together! it was hands down the best purchase i’ve made in a VERY long time! and thanks for all the free content/wisdom you provide in your live streams…i’m a big fan and i always tune in to both daily!’ – theywillkillyou (Discord)’This TA program is da shiz’ – Andrew ‘Pugalicious’ Rall’Just got the program yesterday, I’m on Module 5, it just keeps getting better and better, I regret not getting it sooner.’ – Thomas Cobb (YouTube)’Hey Krown loving the course so far, just got to put it into practice now.’ – William Jones (Discord)’Hi Krown. I take this opportunity to send a BIG thank you for all your great material. I really appreciate the way you are and I am proud to be a member of the Cave!’ – CryptoMeo (Discord)’Just want to say thank you. I’ve been running through the modules these past few nights just to see what I’m in for. There’s some very good stuff in there! Really looking forward to starting for real, and putting some of this to practice. Again, thank you so much. You da man! ‘ – Shaul (Discord)’Krown another one makes it back after 1 day’ – A.K. (Discord)’Course is worth every dollar and only done few modules – THX’ – CaRma (Discord)’Hey man! It’s been exactly one month since I last messaged you and that’s when I really dived into your course and so far 8x my account since then.’ – Joe W. (Facebook)’Whoop whoop, my first 1000% is in the pocket thanks to you Krown.’ – Adil Achkif (YouTube)’Also since using the TA in your course I’m up about 40% in my mex account. Definitely made some bad trades that I’ve learned from so going forward I think I could do even better. I held onto losing trades for way to long in the past. Getting a lot better at letting go.’ – Eric Landstein (Discord)’Krown first few videos done, well made very well made. Thx for making them.’ – DaunKuan (Discord)’When I first started trading I got rekt 3 times. Then I found Krown’s programs, signed up for his TA program, and since then made back all the money I lost plus currently sitting at 10x BTC gain.’ – Playawon (Discord)Frequently Asked Questions1. How long will I have access to this Program for?- Once payment is completed, the Program is YOURS for LIFE! This also includes any updates made to the program!2. If I use the 2, 4, 6 or 10 month payment plan will I have access to the content now or after I make the final payment?- You will be granted access as soon as the first of your payments is processed!3. Will I get access to any special indicators?- Yes, you will receive direct access to my very own Krown Trading Stochastic (Proprietary Stochastic Indicator) and Krown Trading DMI4. Are there refunds or money back guarantees for this program?- No, due to the nature of the content after it is viewed refunds cannot be processed.Your InstructorEric CrownEric CrownFor as long as I can remember I have been enamored with ‘Trading’ and the resulting lifestyle. As a young teen I was enamored by the excitement and electric nature of the business. Ever since I was 11 years old I would spend my summers at the Pacific Stock Exchange (PCX) learning the Equity Options business. Years and years of spending time on the Floor until I took a 4 year hiatus to study at the University of Oregon while earning a Bachelors of Economics.However, soon after graduating I felt it was my true calling to become a Professional Trader. My adult life has been spent on the Floors of major U.S. Options Exchanges learning the Art of Technical Analysis and the Art of Trading from several of the best Traders in the world. During almost a decade of Market Making in Equity Options on both New York Stock Exchange ARCA (NYSE Arca) and Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) I learnt from the very best of the best to make Trading as a living a reality for my post-college self. After years under these Master’s mentor-ship I felt ready to take the reigns and begun coming up with my own evolved strategies unique to myself. A couple years later, I ventured my way forth into the realm of trading Cryptocurrencies which is where I spent my time now as I feel the opportunity and excitment is unmatched by any other traditional venue of trading.It is my purpose in life to not only be an ever Student in the Mastery of Trading but to also share the ideas, thought processes and strategies that have led to my success with those that desire a similar lifestyle to my own.With that said.. Welcome to Krown Trading!Course CurriculumWelcome – an Introduction    Start    Module 1 – Welcome to the Program, an Introduction (14:29)    Start    Prelude – Discord + Proprietary Indicator Access (5:29)Indicator Mastery    Start    Module 2 – Candlestick Formations Mastery (55:56)    Start    Module 3 – Horizontal Support and Resistance Mastery (53:36)    Start    Module 4 – Volume Mastery (36:35)    Start    Module 5 – Candlestick Pattern Mastery (50:17)    Start    Module 6 – Exponential Moving Averages (52:31)    Start    Module 7 – Relative Strength Indicator Mastery (68:45)    Start    Module 8 – Stochastics Mastery (50:01)    Start    Module 9 – Order Block Mastery (79:22)    Start    Module 10 – Volume Profile Mastery (38:58)    Start    Module 11 – TD Sequential Mastery (31:13)    Start    Module 12 – Fibonacci Mastery (25:12)Trading Strategies Mastery    Start    Module 13 – Risk and Position Management Mastery (42:26)    Start    Module 14 – Confirmation Trading Mastery (44:46)    Start    Module 15 – Profit Taking Mastery (26:18)    Start    Module 16 – Leveraged Strategy Mastery (19:41)    Start    Module 17 – Opportunity Cost Mastery (18:33)

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

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