WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado

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WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado Torrent Sales

WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado Torrent Sales

Sample Download ​WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado



Download WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado

Download WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado

WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado Torrent

WiFi Money Machine by Alexander Cortes Jose Rosado Torrent

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​0 leftWiFi Money MachineByAlexander J.A Cortes    A Money Printing Device (Legal & Limitless) Running For You 24/7    Meet WiFi Money Machine    The proven process leveraged by Alexander Cortes and Jose Rosado to:        Create multiple six-figure sources of cash flow with zero drawbacks, and infinite leverage.        Conceive digital products people are excited about and pay for        Protect your future forever… even during the upcoming Worst Global Meltdown    It’s a kind of time-sensitive offer that could turn your ideas into paychecks.    So, if you’re:     A 9-to-5er…     An entrepreneur, a coach, a freelancer…     A content creator, a gym bro, a writer…    Or simply if you want to start to make it online…    This can be your chance to start to get sales notifications morning, noon, and night.    But there’s a little detail.    This page will disappear soon…    Let us explain.    A Huge Financial Collapse Is Coming…    And it’ll be worse than the 2008 crash and the 2020-2021 recession.    Economists say it can explode in the next three months.    Others affirm it’ll happen before the next presidential election.    For some, the crash is already here.    It doesn’t matter when it happens.    According to the analysts, the meltdown will be rough…    People like Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, said, “Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.”    This meltdown will be harsh.    Especially to those who depend on one source of income…    So, on this page, we’re going to talk about the upcoming crash.    And how it threatens your 4 Fs.     Your family     Your finances     Your freedoms     Your future    And it doesn’t matter what your country is.    Nevertheless, here you’ll find the 3 keys to prepare.    Even more important, here you’ll find…    3 Keys To Prepare And Prosper During Tough Times    We don’t have the slightest interest in scaring you (that’s what TV is for).    We’re here to share with you the info you can use to protect yourself from the collapse.    Does it sound improbable and pessimistic?    Well, you’ll understand in just a moment.    We want you to see the signs, the keys, and then decide for yourself.    The truth is that if you are interested in having more time, money, freedom… and living without worrying about the future…    This is going to be one of the most important pages you’ll read in a long time.    So, read it carefully until the end.    That way you can make your own conclusions and act accordingly.    Here are the 3 signs were on the verge of One of the Biggest Meltdowns of the Century:    1st Sign Of The Upcoming Meltdown: Your Money Loses Value Every Second    According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.        Gasoline is 42.7% more expensive than last year.        Apparel is 4.2% more expensive than last year.        Meat is 6% more expensive than last year.    But if you zoom in, you’ll see beef prices peaked at 12.2% and the price index for:         Fish        Eggs        Meats         Poultry     All increased by 8%.    Now your money buys:         Fewer eggs         Fewer steaks        Less gasoline     And each minute that passes, everything has a higher price.    2nd Sign Of The Upcoming Meltdown: Unemployment Is Sky High    And keep in mind we are not even counting in this equation:        The rising prices of food        The imminent wave of unemployment.        The fall in the purchasing power of money.    (To name a few).     Yep, it doesn’t seem well.    But remember I’m not here to spread the panic.    It’s more about helping you prepare.    And look, there’s no doubt you can still get a job in today’s economy despite so many small and medium businesses closing.    But inflation makes a “secure 9-5 job” with fixed income an interesting place to stay.     Because you work every day giving your effort, time and literally your health without any significant increase in your income.     3rd Sign Of The Upcoming Meltdown: The Shortages    Shortages are one of the biggest signals of the collapse.    The news doesn’t talk much about it.    But the shortage of certain items produces another shortage.    And then another.    It’s an endless loop.    Now… it’s not a big deal if someone can’t get their Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte due to shortages.    But it’s a different thing if we talk about important items:        Medicine        Food         Fuel        Computer chips        Wood    The consequences of the scarcity of those items can be atrocious.    Do you remember the toilet paper shortage?    Well, imagine something like this but at a bigger scale.…    But before it happens.     Let us show how you can thrive.    So How Can You Thrive During These Weird Times?    There are some proven options you can start to follow right now.    These options can help escape the great meltdown no matter your previous experience, your age, or your location.    And even if we were to start over, here are the exact three key steps we recommend and follow:     Key #1: Make Your Name Your Sales Agent    Regardless of where you are now in a 9-5 or just starting your business, there are ways to earn more.    One of the best ways is to become a problem solver.    Ok, as you know, almost everyone talks about this.    Now, what fewer people say is the fact that:    Some problem solvers are doing good while others win big.    The difference?    Those who win big know how to turn their names into weapons.    Everything gets easier when you do:     People want to hire you.     You get deals without effort.     You never have to act like a pushy salesman.     You’re perceived as an expert and an authority.    Do you know what this means?    And what has to do with the recession?    Well, the answer is simple:    You’ll never have to worry about money.    You’re in a 9-5 and they want you to “downsize” you?    You laugh and quit.    Your side projects still haven’t made the takeoff?    You wait or pivot in the direction you want.    Do you want to retire your parents and move abroad?    You wire them the money with a smile on your face, send a message, and buy that plane ticket.     Key #2: Make Your Ideas Earn Money For You    Once you’ve mastered the business of being yourself, cool things happen:     You get deals     You get partnerships     You enter circles unknown to most people.    In other words:    You expand your levels of success and influence without getting busier.    Imagine building something great without compromising your time…    Well, the easy and purposeful way is by:    Exploiting your knowledge.    And packing it in a way you can sell limitless pieces of your expertise.    All of this can be yours when you learn:     The detailed process to pack and sell our knowledge.     How to make it in the creator economy.     A proven blueprint to turn you ideas into digital assets you can sell.    But there’s a 3rd key you can follow to prosper before and after the big recession.     Key #3: Become A Digital Real Estate Landlord    Quick question:    Do you know how some of the biggest investors increased their fortunes?    Yes, buying in the middle of the crisis.    When the numbers turn red, and the people sell everything…    Investors buy and buy cheap.    This is common in real estate.    After all, getting properties in the middle of the crisis has advantages.    I’m telling you this because it’s the 3rd key to becoming recession-proof.    Oh, don’t you have the money to invest in land and properties?    Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.    We’re talking about a certain kind of real estate you can build in your spare time.    It’s digital real estate…    The idea here is to pile up a stack of digital real estate.    And make it work for you.    It’s one of the most profitable and rewarding things you can do.    And there are many ways you can become a real estate landlord.     So you can build your own personal digital empire.    Of course, this something many successful digital landlords have done without guidance.    But at the expense of countless hours and making mistakes.    But if you want to save time and advance fast…    And get the entire recipe in full detail…    Here’s How You Can Use The 3 Keys Right Away    We are Alexander and Jose.    We’ve partnered to create something that can put a steady flow of dough directly into your pockets.    That’s what we do.    We help people to become the best version of themselves.    We get people into better physical, mental, entrepreneurial, and financial states with our strategies, and we’ve made millions for ourselves and our clients..    All while having a great time.    But we’re not here to tell you about what we have done.    We’re here to tell you what we can do for you now.    Look:    We mixed our systems to create something that let you: Turn your ideas into constant paychecks.     Leverage your knowledge infinitely.     Turn your ideas into new sources of income.    And we’ve packed all of it into one comprehensive package.    To date, it’s one of the most complete program we’ve created.    So much so that we are convinced this can have a crucial role for the rest of your life.    Introducing    WiFi Money Machine: 3-Week Cohort    A 10-year shortcut to building a successful digital product business    WiFi Money Machine is a 3-week cohort where we show you our proven step-by-step process of building a successful digital product business.    It’s a simple system to become a digital real estate landlord.    It’s a mix of the strategies we’ve used with success every single day.    We’re talking here about pure actionable knowledge.    And we’re not here to show you how to “Create and push” like other people do.    After coaching tons of people who have tried those old methods…    One thing is clear.    Those courses and guide only show the surface.    They never explain how to:    Create digital products people are eager to buy.     Sell digital products in a way people thank you for letting you buy.     How to streamline the process to save time and money.    Truth is…    The old methods always rely on pure luck and guesswork.    That’s why when you finally create your info product…     You’re invaded by fear and uncertainty     You don’t know if people will love it.     You don’t know if anyone will buy it (besides your cousin and a couple of friends).    Then you try to push your ebook or course and nothing happens.    That old way is not just ineffective.    They’re actually tiring and frustrating.    Of course…    It’s possible to get results without relying on luck.    All you need is to follow our process.    One Million Reasons To Get Started Right Now… Like, Literally, Today.    As you may know…    For some people, the idea of creating digital products can cause profound pain.    We must confess…    Before we created this system, creating digital products was a nightmare.    And, like many others, we dreaded to sit in front of our PC.    For long periods of time we were:    Overwhelmed over a blank page trying to figure out what to write.    Toying with the plan of something but without an idea of how to start.    Afraid of spending hours creating a product not making any sales.    Feeling lost without the technical skills to publish.    Clueless about which software to use.    Having doubts about self-publishing and self-promoting.    But above all…    We dreamed about having an online instrument capable of making us an extra $100, $500, $1000+ on a random day…    Of course, I wanted a taste of those who some call:    “A simple way to make an online income”.    We had no clue.    But despite the difficulties, we persisted…    And good things started to happen:    Now, to be clear, these result aren’t out of pure and blind persistence    It’ not coincidence we’ve made over 7-figure in digital product sales.    We’ve built a system.    A system you can copy-paste from us.    A system that you can own forever today.    Sneak Peek Of What’s Inside: WiFi Money Machine Is A Digital Business MBA In A Box.    Cohort + Video Course + Templates + Community    We’ll show you how to:     Market yourself     Create products     Sell prolifically    You’ll also get 100+ templates and resources.    And we’ll show you everything that matters and how to use it.    Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get    WiFi Money Machine Video Course    Over 5 hours of content on how to build a brand and create and sell digital products.     Module 1 – Online Business & Personal Brand        Why saturation is a myth and why you’ll always have people who buy your products        Proven ways to gain followers on any social media platform        Effortless content creation     Module 2 – Creating Your Digital Products        How to create info products effortlessly        Why do info products sell so much even during the biggest crisis?        How to earn money from free ebooks and courses        How to create highly lucrative digital product business with ease     Module 3 – Modern Marketing        Marketing VS Content        How to create a market that buys        Mimetic Marketing: get attention and become an authority        How to become a cult leader (the good kind)        Planning your marketing campaigns     Module 4 – Setting Up Your Product Page    A head-ache-free process to use Gumroad to sell your digital products.        How to set up your profile        How to read your analytics        How to send emails with Gumroad        How to create an affiliate program        How to automate your email marketing        How to add your products to Gumroad    Module 5 – Launch Plan        How to launch and promote your digital products with our “plug-and-play” system and templates        How Alexander Cortes made a million dollars selling info-products (and the sales lesson behind their success)        How you can sell pricey ebooks people are happy to buy        Setting up your Waitlist to get sales before the official launch        The hype builder: unusual ways to get people excited for your products        Affiliate Matrix: how to get people to the affiliate for your products        Launch Map: Jose Rosado’s project management system to launch products effortlessly    3 Live Q&A With Alexander and Jose    Sessions: 3x live Zoom sessions over the course of 3 weeks every Monday at 12:30 pm EST.    Session length: 1 hour + optional after hours    Content availability: All live sessions will be recorded and available forever.    3 Live Workshop With Invited Guests    Personal Branding with Ed Latimore    Ed Latimore grew up poor in the projects to gaining over 160K followers on Twitter and becoming multiple six-figure authors and running successful $100K product launches.    Content Creation with Shreya Pattar    Shreya Pattar is a 21-year-old full-time English Literature student who runs a successful multi-six-figure content creation agency figures and sells tens of thousands of dollars in digital products to her 40K Instagram followers and 100K+ connections on LinkedIn.    Instagram Domination with Steven Mellor    Sick of his 9-to-5 job, Steven set the goal of growing his Instagram page. He went from 0 to 100K+ followers in under a year, quit his jobs, and make a full-time living online selling courses, offering consultations, and living a free life.    100+ Templates    Over 100 templates to save time and money and run successful product launches on social media and email.        50 social media posts templates        15 email marketing templates        30 memes templates        10 sales & marketing templates    Lifetime access to the WiFi Money Hub    You’ll get instant access to the WiFi Money Hub, our private Discord channel.        Meet your mentors        Connect with like-minded people        Get your questions answered    Cohort Structure    Sessions: 3x live Zoom sessions over the course of 3 weeks.    Session length: 1 hour + optional after hours    Content availability: All live sessions will be recorded and available forever.    Community: Lifetime access to a private Discord server, the WiFi Money Hub.    Instructors: Alexander Cortes and Jose Rosado.    Session #1: Nov. 15, 12:30PM EST – Social Media Domination    Session #2: Nov. 18, 12:30PM EST – Personal Branding with Ed Latimore    Session #3: Nov. 22 – Planning Your Digital Empire    Session #4: Nov. 27, 10:30am EST – Content Creation with Shreya Pattar    Session #5: Nov. 29, 12:30PM EST – Distribution    Session #6: Dec. 2, 12:30PM EST – Instagram Domination with Steven Mellor    ‘What If I Can’t Attend The Live Sessions?’        All live sessions will be recorded and available forever        And you’ll have access to the WiFi Money Hub community    Meet Your Instructors    Alexander Cortes    Alexander is a personal trainer, writer, and solo entrepreneur.    His entire life has been enthralled by the power of the mind/body and the potential of human beings.    He’s sold nearly $1,000,000 in eBooks in the last 3 years.    Jose Rosado    Jose Rosado is a multi-six-figure business owner who works from a country most can’t place on a map, The Dominican Republic.    Today he makes his living selling digital products and coaching others on how to achieve similar results.    Invited Guests Instructors        Ed Latimore        Shreya Pattar        Steven Mellor    What Founders Say (Early Reviews)    Join Our November Cohort: Build Your Own WiFi Money Machine    Much of the info you’ll get here was only available for our coaching clients.    Keep in mind they made a huge investment to access this material.    But today you don’t have to pay that much.    So, how much?    Let’s see…    We could sell WiFi Money Machine easily for $4997.    Which is a good number.    And considering all the bonuses we’ve included…    We could have sold this for $1997    But we want to give you the tools so that you can:        Set up your WiFi Money Machine.        Create and sell digital products        Turn your ideas into products you can sell infinitely    For this reason, we decided to offer WiFi Money Machine today for just:    One-time payment of    $297    Yep, it’s a crazy price.    For this reason…    The price will go up to $397 on Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021.    Get started today.    Just hit the ‘I Want This’ button below to joinSold out, please go back and pick another option.576 sales30 ratingsAvailable to stream instantlyWatch link provided after purchase    WiFi Money Machine is a 3-week cohort where we’ll show a 10-year shortcut to building a digital product business.    Cohort    3 live sessions with Alexander and Jose    Workshops    3 live workshops with invited instructors    Video Course    5 hours of video content    100+ Templates    Social media posts, email marketing, memes, marketing, and sales    WiFi Money Hub    Lifetime access to our Private Discord community

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

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The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

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You get all the content immediately; You don’t have to wait.

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We are confident provide for all of you an excellent service. If you have any problems, please contact us via Live chat. If we are not online, send us an email at [email protected] We will solve the problem quickly as possible!

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NO, you don’t need to get a premium subscription or download torrent software.

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Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

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