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YouTube MasterCourse by Aurelius Tjin Sales Page

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​Aurelius Tjin’sYouTube‍Master CourseTurn What You Know Into a Profitable (and Binge-Worthy) Channel. Built For Non-Techies and YouTube Newbies.ENROLL NOWExtract Your Passion → Launch Your Channel → Monetize Your Knowledge99% of People Consume. Only 1% Create.If you’re reading this, you’d like to join the 1% by starting a YouTube Channel.Most people passively consume and lurk online.But it’s those who create online who unlock exciting opportunities.Posting videos on YouTube can be a catalyst for life-changing outcomes.Instead of…‍- Deferring to others, you become an authority.‍- Chasing opportunities, opportunities come to you.‍- Consuming other people’s stuff, you create your own.You don’t have to be an expert, coach, or teacher to have something valuable to say.Everyone has unique knowledge they can teach others.But launching an educational channel can be daunting.Because it’s one thing to grasp the technical side of building a channel – lighting, equipment, editing, etc.But what about the intangible?How do you overcome the fear of being on camera?Of feeling like you’re not worth watching? Or develop the discipline to publish videos weekly?Hi I’m Aurelius Tjin.I’m a creator on YouTube with over 100,000 subscribers, simplifying digital tech for creators and entrepreneurs.Over 16 years I’d accumulated lots of knowledge — but I’d always wanted to do more with it. I then realized that teaching what I knew could positively impact someone’s life.YouTube seemed perfect. It’s a platform that favours longer form content as opposed to short 15 second videos. It could reach thousands, accelerate the growth of my personal brand, and lead to a sustainable online business.The only problem? I had no clue what I was doing.Like you perhaps, I started on YouTube posting very sporadically with no clear strategy or purpose.Video ideas would come on a whim, I would record it, post it up, and stop there. The cycle would repeat again and again.Not only was the technical sides of making videos so overwhelming and confusing, but the mental aspects was another hurdle to deal with. The self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fearing what others think, were playing in my mind.The idea of showing my face on screen — plus expecting people to care about what I had to say — seemed far fetched….and my analytics reflected this:Things Started To Turn.Despite feeling defeated, I kept going as I reminded myself why I started YouTube in the first place. I went back to my ‘Why’ i.e. – to help and inspire others through their journey as a creator or entrepreneur.I’m so glad I didn’t give up because after a year, things started to turn:With each and every upload, my channel grew more and more each day.Although I only work part-time on my YouTube channel as I have other online businesses, it has brought many opportunities along the way.    Paid sponsorships from Canva, Alibaba, Epidemic Sound, VidIQ, Hostinger, and have secure long-term partnerships with some of the brands I love.    Speaking at Thinkific’s Amplify 2022 Summit.    YouTube ad revenue increased every month as more views = $.    Hitting 100,000 subscribers on my second year.    Passive income giving me more time to spend it with my family and build new businesses.I Started Making a Real DifferenceAs grateful as I am to have reached this point, what has been also been fulfilling was the people I have been able to help, including some of these amazing subscribers…Now I Want To Help YouOne thing I wish I had back when I started was someone who would tell me precisely things like:→ Here’s how to identify your exact audience→ Here’s how to setup your channel→ Here’s how to setup your camera→ Here’s what to say on camera→ Here’s how to edit your video→ Here’s how to trigger the algorithm…all in layman’s terms.That’s when I thought, what if there were a course that takes a beginner by the hand, walking them through the steps to starting, growing and monetizing an educational YouTube channel from scratch?And that’s when created this course.Introducing…Aurelius Tjin’sYouTube MasterCourse.Across 15 Modules and 100 lessons, you’ll be guided on every step to start and grow a thriving educational YouTube channel.This course teaches you the exact strategies I used to grow my educational channel from 0 to 135K + subs.You’ll get video lessons, templates, checklists, and access to a private members only community to stay accountable and meet like-minded creators going through the same journey.What You’ll Learn in YouTube MasterCourse Develop a Winning YouTube MindsetContent, gear, editing, the algorithm is one thing, but success on YouTube first starts with the mind. We will go through developing a winning mindset as a YouTube Creator and overcome barriers stopping you from succeeding.️ Transform Knowledge Into OpportunitiesYou have knowledge, skills or expertise you want to share on YouTube but want to know how to present it to your audience. You will get templates, structures, checklists, and plans to turn your knowledge into YouTube videos.Have a Clear Plan To FollowImagine knowing exactly what videos to make and having months of content planned out. You’ll set up the foundation of your channel — niche, branding, content pillars, and more so you can go from purposeless to purposeful. Master the Technical ElementsYou’ll be guided on what gear to use based on your level: Starter, Intermediate or Advanced. You can very well start with zero budget.You’ll build a streamlined workflow so you can plan, record, edit, and publish videos. You’ll understand how the algorithm and metrics works. Present With ConfidenceGo from awkward and cringey to clear, calm, and confident. You’ll learn tips and strategies to present your videos and tutorials that engages your audience and makes an impact. Build a Real BusinessYouTube is more than just posting videos. When you treat YouTube as a business vs a hobby, you’ll see yourself as more than just a ‘YouTuber’. It can bring in new opportunities to diversify your income online instead of relying on ad revenue from YouTube.Course Modules & LessonsSpanning across 15 Modules and 100 lessons, you’ll be guided on every step to start and grow your YouTube channel.Below you’ll find the exact modules and lessons contained in the YouTube MasterCourse. 98% of the lessons are in video form and include downloadable worksheets, plans, and templates.Module 1: Introduction    Lesson 1: Welcome to the course!What you’ll learn, how the site works, how to make the most of this course, and members only community access.Module 2: The YouTube Success MindsetPerfectionism, The Comparison Trap, and Imposter Syndrome can make YouTube a huge challenge — before you even start posting. Develop a resilient mindset so you can begin making videos you’re proud of.    Lesson 1: Introduction    Lesson 2: Overcoming the fear of being on camera    Lesson 3: How to not worry about what others think    Lesson 4: How to overcome imposter syndrome    Lesson 5: The Comparison Trap    Lesson 6: Beat Perfectionism    Lesson 7: The Plateau of Latent Potential    Lesson 8: Start With ‘Why’    Lesson 9: Redefine ‘YouTube’Module 3: Find Your NicheWhen you focus on one group of people, you’ll have an easier time becoming a thought leader. Define your niche with a proven, easy-to-follow framework to start creating compelling videos.    Lesson 1: Introduction    Lesson 2: The YouTube ‘Ikigai’: The 4 factors to determine if a niche is worthwhile.    Lesson 3: Create an ideal audience avatar    Lesson 4: Define your niche    Lesson 5: The pros and cons of niching downModule 4: BrandingBuild a successful brand on YouTube that feels authentic to you. Through some fun exercises, we’ll go through the process of finding your brand’s unique voice and identify your ‘weirdness’, quirk or flaw and use it as an unfair advantage in your videos. You’ll develop your core values, create a one-page brand identity, and figure out your brand’s color scheme.    Lesson 1: Introduction    Lesson 2: Brand World Cloud (Exercise)    Lesson 3:  Create your one-page Brand Identity (Exercise)    Lesson 4: How to create your brand color scheme    Lesson 5: How to identify your ‘weirdness’ and learn to embrace and own it.    Lesson 6: The pros and cons of niching down    Lesson 7: Develop your core values and stay true to yourselfModule 5: The One-Page YouTube PlanWithout a strategy, you’ll be going in with no purpose and goals. So in this module, you’ll be creating a one-page YouTube plan that lays out the key components about your YouTube business on one page. You will get a printable copy of the One-Page YouTube Plan as well as a more detailed format in a Notion template.    Lesson 1: Create your One-Page YouTube Plan    Lesson 2: One-Page YouTube Plan: Printout approach    Lesson 3:  One-Page YouTube Plan: Digital approachModule 6: Setup Your YouTube ChannelYou will be guided on how to name your channel, design your channel banner, write your About/Description page, organize your channel’s playlist and more.    Lesson 1: How to name your channel. Personal or business name?    Lesson 2: Choose the right YouTube account    Lesson 3: Create a new YouTube channel    Lesson 4: YouTube Channel customization settings    Lesson 5: Finding your way around YouTube Studio    Lesson 6: How to design a YouTube channel banner / cover art    Lesson 7: Overall channel settings to configureModule 7: Content 101Say goodbye to writer’s block and a disorganized workflow. We’ll walk through the creation process from start to finish — including keyword research, topic angles, and scripting — demystifying it all. You’ll stay consistent by using my Master YouTube Content Calendar and never run out of ideas! And what about scripting your videos? You’ll get my exact video structures. Simply fill in the blanks!    Lesson 1: Introduction    Lesson 2: The Master YouTube Content Calendar    Lesson 3: Create your Content Pillars    Lesson 4: Keyword research tools: Which one to use?    Lesson 5: Content Brain Dump {Exercise}    Lesson 6: How to do keyword research to find winning keywords: My Process    Lesson 7: How to decide which keyword to use over another    Lesson 8: When you SHOULDN’T care about keywords    Lesson 9: How to script and structure your videos for success    Lesson 10: The Content Ratio    Lesson 11: Action Plan: Let’s plan out your first 5 videosModule 8: How To FilmWhether your budget is $0 or $5,000, find the right gear combo for you. Get the ultimate breakdown on filming onscreen and offscreen tutorials and talking head videos — from audio, lighting, microphones, camera settings, editing software and much more.As entrepreneurs, educators and teachers, we want a setup that gets the job done and makes recording videos at any time easy to do with no friction.‍You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes of my full recording process so you can say ‘Ohh…that’s how you do it!’ You’ll see my stuff ups and how I get back in focus. What do you look at when recording? How do you position yourself on camera? How do you stop saying filler words like ‘Ummm’, ‘Ahhh’, and ‘You know’? It’s all covered in this jam-packed module.    Lesson 1: Introduction    Lesson 2: The Starter Gear Setup($0-$40 budget)    Lesson 3: The Intermediate Gear Setup (Under $1000)    Lesson 4: The Advanced Gear Setup ($3K-$5K). The exact gear I use to record videos    Lesson 5:  Gear setup for professional screen tutorials    Lesson 6: How to setup your studio + tour of my YouTube studio    Lesson 7: Comparing different lighting and what each do    Lesson 8: 7 tips to setting up your studio    Lesson 9: Screen recording software to make screen tutorials (and what I use)    Lesson 10: Sony ZV-1 camera settings    Lesson 11: Sony A7C or A7III camera settings    Lesson 12: My complete recording process. A behind-the-scenes of how I record videos    Lesson 12: How to talk to the camera: Presentation and speaking tips to go from awkward to confident.Module 9: How To EditAs a father and husband, I can’t be spending days editing my videos and making it all ‘cinematic’. That’s why I use my simple 4-phase editing workflow to make YouTube videos.‍You will learn my simple 4-phase editing workflow to make YouTube videos that pack a punch and deliver your message clearly and succinctly for your audience.    Lesson 1: Introduction. Universal editing techniques no matter what video editor you use    Lesson 2: How to organise your videos. My exact file and folder structure    Lesson 3: 6 video editors you can use (free and paid)    Lesson 4: How I edit my video. Follow my 4-phase editing workflow    Lesson 5:  How to process your audio. Using this free tool and a few clicks, your audio will sound pro    Lesson 6: Editing techniques to cut mistakes so your video looks and sounds smooth.Module 10: How To Design Thumbnails That Get ClicksYou can make the greatest video you’ve ever made before but you have less than 3 seconds to capture you’re audience’s attention with your thumbnail. Thumbnails are so crucial on YouTube which is why I dedicated an entire module to guiding you through designing thumbnails that get clicks.    Lesson 1: Introduction: The ‘Art’ of thumbnail design    Lesson 2: The Psychology of thumbnail design. Understand this and you’ll make scroll-stopping thumbnails    Lesson 3: The Simple 3-4 Rule to design thumbnails that attract    Lesson 4: Tools for designing your thumbnails    Lesson 5:  How to take photos of yourself for your thumbnails (complete demo) including 6 example poses and expressions to take    Lesson 6: How to design your thumbnails step-by-steps without being a designer    Lesson 7: A tool to preview your thumbnails so they look good on desktop, tablet, and mobileModule 11: How To Publish Your VideoYou’ve scripted, recorded, and made a thumbnail for your video. But before you hit that ‘Publish’ button, you’ll want to know how to craft your video titles and description that’s not only catchy (not click-baitey) but is also optimized to rank your video for your keywords.    Lesson 1: Introduction: The ‘Art’ of thumbnail design    Lesson 2: Upload your video    Lesson 3: How to craft video titles that don’t scream ‘Clickbait!’ but still get views.    Lesson 4: How to write your video description that attract YouTube Search without keyword stuffing.    Lesson 5:  Upload settings. What to pay attention to and what to completely ignore.Module 12: Understand The YouTube AlgorithmYouTube works in mysterious ways. It’s one thing to make a video, design your thumbnail, have all the keywords in place but it is up to the YouTube algorithm based on viewer experience to decide whether a video’s worth recommending or not. Find out key performance indicators to put you in favor of YouTube’s algorithm to get recommended on YouTube’s Homepage, Suggested, and more.    Lesson 1: Introduction: The ‘Art’ of thumbnail design    Lesson 2: The most important algorithm factors you need to know    Lesson 3: How to trigger the algorithm and get your videos recommended and suggested by YouTube    Lesson 4: When you should NOT care about keywords, metrics, and the algorithm.    Lesson 5: Not letting the algorithm control youModule 13: YouTube Analytics Deep-DiveYouTube Analytics doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll learn how YouTube Analytics works so you know what to look for and make improvements to grow your channel based on real data.    Lesson 1: Finding your way around YouTube Studio’s Analytics.    Lesson 2: Metrics That Matter: What to look for to grow your channel.    Lesson 3: Measuring Your Success. Download my YouTube Goals and KPI’s template.Module 14: How To Monetize Your YouTube ChannelTurn what you know into sustainable income. We’ll explore not only monetization from your videos, but from brand deals, affiliate marketing, and more.    Lesson 1: Introduction    Lesson 2: AdSense: How to earn from ads on your videos and requirements to meet    Lesson 3: Affiliate marketing: Exactly how to earn from promoting other people’s products or services    Lesson 4: Brands and sponsorships. How to attract the right brands, structure and negotiate your fees, and propose to brands. Sponsorships was my number one revenue source for my channel in 2021. When you know how to negotiate, it can be a serious money-maker.    Lesson 5: Digital products. Create and sell eBooks, guides, online courses, and the platforms to use.    Lesson 6: Email marketing. Start building an email list to not put all your eggs in one basket.    Lesson 7: Services. Offer consulting or coaching calls. How to setup your consulting page to start selling and booking clients.    Lesson 8: Koji link in bio. A simple platform to creating tip jars, offer video requests like Cameo, and sell digital products.Module 15: Growing, Systematizing, and Time ManagementWhen starting out, you are the videographer, producer, director, video editor, designer, marketer, writer, social media manager, and a thousands other roles. Juggling everything yourself and working long hours in the long run is not sustainable, especially if you want to spend more time with family or work on even bigger things.In this module, we will cover strategies on how to work ON your business instead of being IN the business wearing all the hats. We will go through how to streamline your workflow for the most amount of productivity.    Lesson 1: Build your team: Where to hire a video editor.    Lesson 2: Pivoting to other topics.(More to come)BONUSES AND GOODIES Aside from the 15 comprehensive modules, you’ll receive bonus material to take your channel to the next level. Master YouTube Content Calendar. The exact system I use so you can stay organised, know what you’re going to post, and more importantly, stay consistent.‍ Script Outline Templates. Use my proven script structures for your how-to and even product review videos.‍ Video Title Templates and Starters. A one-pager containing video titles that work especially well for educational channels.‍ Video Description Template. This structure integrates YouTube SEO so you can get a higher chance of ranking for your keywords. In addition, it includes sections to maximize monetization for you.‍ Ultimate Recording Checklist. Download the checklist, make modifications based on your workflow, and simply follow when you start recording. Mini Mastermind: 4 Steps To Conquer Imposter Syndrome presented by Dr. Aasiyah Ghazi. I personally invited Dr. Aasiyah Ghazi to share a presentation on how to overcome imposter syndrome. This is especially for women suffering from self-doubt and barriers that stop them from achieving their full potential. Private access to the members only Community. Thing of this place as a home. A home where you can meet others in the same boat. same boat. It’s a place where you can stay accountable. A place where you can ask questions about the modules and lessons in the course so you’re never stuck. A place where you can get honest feedback from myself and the community about your latest video or thumbnail image.‍ Lifetime Access to the YouTube MasterCourse. YouTube is a long game and the platform evolves. You’ll be able to refer to this comprehensive course countless times, on any device, whenever you need, and at your own pace because not everyone can commit through an intense 8-12 week program.‍ENROLL NOW’I’m only a few months into my YouTube journey, and I can already see the impact from his help!’I’ve been growing my brand and business online with Aurelius’ help for about a year now and the impact that his knowledge and beneficial tips have had to my business has been incredible.I started my YouTube journey not really knowing what to do, where to start, what I needed, and he was able to simplify the process for me and give me the tools I need to be successful on YouTube.I’m only a few months into my YouTube journey, and I can already see the impact from his help!Matthew DuffyBaker Professor, Content Creator @ Sourdough’His system for creating content makes it easy’Aurelius has taught me that the key to building a successful YouTube channel is consistency and persistence. Aurelius’s insight on how long it can take to get monetised helped me reset my own expectations and timelines so that I can focus on persistence over time rather than hoping on the one viral video. His system for creating content makes it easy to plan and execute consistently.Michael LeDesigner, YouTuber @ is This Course For?YouTube MasterCourse is For You If… You’re eager to turn your skills, passions, or expertise into an educational channel. Your unique knowledge lights you up — but you want to do more with it. You’re here to make a positive, tangible impact on someone’s life through teaching. You’re determined to get out of your own way. You’re familiar with pesky thoughts like, “No one will listen to what I have to say” or “I’m not good enough.’ You might have imposter syndrome or self-doubt, but you’re not going to let it stop you. You see YouTube as a long-term investment. You understand that success on YouTube happens over time, not overnight. You’re ready to put in the hours to turn your channel into a sustainable, long-lasting business. You’re overwhelmed and desperately need clarity. YouTube doesn’t have to be complicated. You want to come up with a game plan that’ll allow you to show up online with purpose, clarity, and confidence.YouTube MasterCourse is NOT For You If…  You’re looking to become a filmmaking pro. YouTube MasterCourse covers gear, recording, and editing, but it is not a filmmaking course. You’ll be making uncomplicated videos with the aim of teaching others (not creating aesthetic masterpieces). You just see YouTube as a way to get influence and make (lots) of money. Sure, YouTube can get you both these things — but that isn’t the point.   You’re wishy-washy about showing up. YouTube is fun, but you have to be disciplined about posting if you wish for your channel to grow.Enroll in YouTube MasterCourse Today Cohort 1 Starts Now!Let’s summarize what you are going to get:    15 modules containing 100 step-by-step videos    Bonuses including templates, checklists, and plans    Private access to the members only Community    Lifetime Access to the YouTube MasterCourse    Instant access so you can get started right awayAs a special introductory pricing for the launch of YouTube MasterCourse, you can enroll today for:$297$497Enroll in YouTube MasterCourse TodayENROLL NOWCohort 1 and special offer will strictly end on April 11th, 2022 @ 11:59PM.The price will be raised for good from $297 to $497 after the launch.FAQDo I have to be an expert or teacher to launch an educational channel?How is the course delivered?I’m busy. Really busy. How much time will this take?Is it possible to have a successful channel without showing my face?How much access do I get to Aurelius?There are a million YouTube courses out there. What makes yours different?If this is a self-paced course, why am I being asked to join a cohort?How much money should I expect to spend to set up my channel?Is there a clear roadmap I can follow? YouTube is already overwhelming.Can I get a refund if this course doesn’t end up being for me?Copyright © 2022 Aurelius Tjin. All Rights Reserved.Terms & Conditions | Privacy & GDPR

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FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

FAQ Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

How and when will I receive the product?
Immediately after the payment, you will get a link to download the product (like a google drive folder). The link will be sent to your email account immediately, and you can always get the link on your account history too.

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The course is 100% completed and updated (includes ALL videos, pdfs, files, screenshots, everything); after you pay, you get a link to download the course Immediately.

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Forever. You bought the course, and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever.

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